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ZIP CODE   - written by Tanis Harms
TOPIC:       security, Holy Spirit, gospel message
SCRIPTURE:   Eph.1:11-14, John 10:28, Titus 3:5
Style:       allegory/spoof on commercial: a promoter
.            explains to a person the only way
.            to have their soul delivered to heaven
Set & Props: white envelope, desk, seal,
.            box labeled “heaven” with a slot,
.            paper (one side black, other side white)


(PROMOTER walks on like he’s doing a commercial.)

PROMOTER  If you want something delivered
.         at the right time, to the right place –
.         you need to do it – God’s way.
.         Let us liken God’s deliverance
.         with the postal service.  The letter
.         represents a person’s spirit and soul.

(PROMOTER steps behind the desk. PERSON walks up.)

PERSON    I’d like to arrange to go to heaven.
.         Here is my spirit and soul.

(PERSON holds out the paper showing the black side
to the people.)

PROMOTER  You DO know that a soul in this condition
.         cannot be delivered to heaven?
.         Sin cannot enter into heaven.

PERSON    Yes. I was made aware of this.
.         But maybe if I just got the zip code,
.         I could deliver it myself –

PROMOTER  There is no short cut.  Sin cannot
.         enter into heaven.  Your soul’s condition
.         has to be completely changed.

PERSON    What is the cost to have this changed?

PROMOTER  It is free.  Paid for by the blood          2
.         of Jesus Christ.  All you need to do
.         is admit your sins, ask for forgiveness
.         and accept Jesus as your personal Savior.
.         He will deliver you from sin.

PERSON    I admit my sins and ask for forgiveness,
.         and ask Jesus to be my personal Savior...
.         Why isn't anything happening?

PROMOTER  God knows if you are really serious or not.


(PERSON walks away.  Stops and looks up.  Then returns.)

PERSON    I truly believe now.  I do admit my sins
.         and ask for forgiveness, and ask Jesus
.         to be my personal Savior.

(As PERSON hands PROMOTER the paper, PROMOTER quickly
folds the letter so that the white side is out.
PROMOTER places the letter into the white envelope.)

PROMOTER  Your soul has been changed and is now placed
.         in an envelope already addressed for heaven.
.         And it is sealed - this represents the seal
.         of the Holy Spirit.  Nothing can open
.         this letter until it reaches heaven.

(PROMOTER places a seal on the envelope.
Then takes the envelope and places it into
the box’s slot marked “heaven”.)

PROMOTER  You are now going to heaven.
.         Nothing can stop your spirit and soul
.        from being delivered to heaven.  Nothing!

PERSON    What if I do something really bad?

PROMOTER  All your sins have been forgiven.
.         You were sealed with the Holy Spirit.

PERSON    What if I change my mind?

PROMOTER  You were forgiven and sealed
.         through God’s power.
.                                                     3
PERSON    I cannot change that?

PROMOTER  You cannot undo what God has done –
.         with your own measly power.
.         Nothing can snatch you out of God’s hand.
.         Not yourself – nothing!  It is guaranteed.

PERSON    Thank you.

(PERSON leaves. PROMOTER turns to the people.)

PROMOTER  So if YOU want to be delivered to heaven,
.         God’s way is the only way to go.