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YOU DO KNOW THAT I LOVE YOU – written by Tanis Harms
TOPIC:        relationships, love
SCRIPTURE:    John 15:17; 1Cor.13:1-13; Eph.4:2-3;
.             Heb.10:24
Style:        comedy/conversation: an older couple
.             goes through the motions only to reveal
.             that they truly love each other
Cast:         GERALD, GERTRUDE
Set & Props:  table, 2 chairs, 2 newspapers
.             (which can have the script taped inside)


(Not in a good mood, GERALD enters and
goes to the other side of the table to sit down.  
GERALD curtly takes a section of the newspaper
which sits on the table.  Opening its pages and
holding it high, GERALD buries his head in the newspaper
so he cannot see GERTRUDE...)

(GERTRUDE enters and stops at the sight of
the hidden GERALD.  GERTRUDE cringes with anger, waiting.
GERALD ducks lower as he turns the newspaper page,
then continues his pretense of reading...)

(Eventually, GERTRUDE stamps an angry, pouty foot,
then sits down on the other side of the table,
grabbing the other newspaper pages on the table,
and buries her head in it...)

(GERALD and GERTRUDE both hold the newspapers and
slant themselves so that they are hidden from each other,
but the congregation can see both of them clearly.)

(GERTRUDE sighs...)

(A few moments later, GERALD rolls his eyes with
a really big gesture.  GERTRUDE speaks into her paper.)

GERTRUDE    Do not roll your eyes at me.

(Soon, GERALD grunts his disgust and shakes his head.)

(After a few more moments, GERTRUDE tsks disappointment.)
.                                                       2
(GERALD lets out a guffaw – something like a “Ha!”)

GERTRUDE    (sharply but quiet)  Gerald!

GERALD      (mockingly)  Gertrude!

GERTRUDE    (pleadingly)  Gerald.

GERALD      (questioningly)  Gertrude?

GERTRUDE    (whining)  Geraaaald.

GERALD      (mockingly)  Gertruuuude.

GERTRUDE    (giving up)  Oh Gerald.

(A bit of time passes, then GERALD clears his throat.)

GERTRUDE    Was that - a sincere apology?

(In a few seconds, GERALD clears his throat,
this time with a little more gusto.
GERTRUDE lowers her newspaper to peek over the pages
in GERALD’s direction, then puts the pages up again.
GERALD moves his pages to the side to glance her way.
Giving up, GERALD hides behind the pages again.
Finally GERTRUDE flaps her lips together –
like a horse sound.  GERALD speaks into his paper.)

GERALD      So you DO forgive me?

GERTRUDE    Did you want to talk?

(Suddenly, GERALD completely puts down his newspaper.)

GERALD      (lightly)  I thought we were.

(Slightly amused and curious, GERTRUDE lowers her paper
to stare at GERALD.  GERALD finally speaks.)

GERALD      You do know that I love you.

GERTRUDE    I know.  It’s just nice to hear you say it.

(GERALD stands, puts out his hand for GERTRUDE to take,
and they walk out together all doe-eyed.)