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YEAR-ROUND CHRISTMAS – written by Tanis Harms
TOPIC:        Christ’s birth celebrated every day
SCRIPTURE:    2 Timothy 2:8, 1 Peter 1:3
Style:        drama/conversation:  when kids
.             go to the home of someone’s grandmother
.             to help her out, they see that
.             her Christmas tree is still up and are
.             reminded of what Jesus’ did for them
Cast:         KIDS 1-10
.             NOTE: if you have more or less kids,
.             you can assign the lines accordingly
Set & Props:  decorated Christmas tree


(A decorated Christmas tree sits at lower stage right.
There is a doorbell or knock at the door.
KID 1 enters from stage left and crosses to stage right.
Pretending to open the door, which is “behind” the tree,
KIDS 2 – 10 step inside, toward the middle of “room”.)

K 1   Hi guys.  Come in.  Welcome to my grandma’s house.
.     Thanks for offering to help.  She appreciates this
.     a lot.  Could you just wait here a bit, I have to
.     finish getting Grandma her lunch and medication.

K 2   No problem.

K 3   Take your time.

(As KID 1 exits stage left.  KIDS 2 – 10 sigh, stretch,
scratch their heads and look around.  KID 4 turns and
notices the Christmas tree.)

K 4   Check it out, she still has her Christmas tree up.

(ALL look at the tree.)

K 5   Weird.  Who keeps their tree up all year round?

K 6   My mom just takes our tree and sticks it
.     in the closet.  That way, the next year,
.     she just has to pull it out again –
.     and it's already decorated.
.                                                       2
K 5   Right, but she still puts it away.  She doesn’t
.     just leave it in the living room, does she?

K 2   I don’t know, I think it’s kind of nice.

K 6   That’s because you’re weird.

(KID 2 waves off the tease, and ALL laugh.)

K 2   Seriously, I LOVE Christmas.  I wish it could be
.     celebrated all year round.

K 7   Getting presents every day would be awesome.

K 8   Our parents would go broke.

K 2   I don’t mean the part about getting presents.

K 9   So, what then?  Is it the food?  I definitely
.     love all the food.

K 8   Ah, Christmas would then have to involve
.     a tradition of exercising.  Lots of exercising.

K 2   No, it’s not the food.

K 10  You can’t just mean the decorations!

K 2   Why not?  The decorations are NICE!  Not because
.     they’re pretty.  I think it’s more because
.     they are reminders to us.

K 3   Reminders of what, exactly?

K 4   Yeah, because nature is a reminder to us
.     that God created the world.

K 2   But, Christmas is a reminder that Jesus actually
.     came down to earth many years ago.
.     That He left heaven just for us.

K 4   Well, seeing the symbol of the cross – that does
.     the same thing, right?  It’s a reminder that Jesus
.     came and died for our sins.

K 5   That’s true.
.                                                       3
(KID 2 touches a decoration of the nativity scene.)

K 2   I guess the nativity scene just reminds me
.     that Jesus came as a baby and grew up as a child –
.     just like we have to do –

K 6   Aaaaand???

K 2   Well, because of that, I know - that Jesus knows –
.     exactly what we are going through.  You know?

K 7   Noooo.  Not exactly.

K 2   Well... like, when I’m praying, and telling Jesus
.     that I’m having trouble getting along with
.     my brother, I know that Jesus totally understands
.     where I’m coming from.

K 8   Ohhhh, okay.  Yeah, I get that.

K 9   So you just like the nativity and manger scene
.     then?

K 2   And the Christmas tree, because it’s always green.

K 9   Especially when it’s artificially, like this one!

K 2   (laughing)  Yeah, but my point is, evergreens –
.     are ALWAYS green.

K 6   Where are you going with this?

K 2   So THAT reminds me of God’s promise that I have
.     eternal life - because I have asked Jesus
.     to forgive all of my sins.  The reminder is
.     a comfort and gives me assurance and confidence.

K 10  So just hang one of those pine tree deodorizers
.     in your room.

(ALL laugh.)

K 3   We’re just kidding of course.  I know
.     I’m always sad when we have to take down
.     our Christmas decorations.

K 4   Yeah, maybe ____’s grandma has something          4
.     here.

(KID 1 enters from stage left.)

K 1   What does my grandma have?

K 5   She has her Christmas tree up all year round.

K 1   Oh, yeah!  She got sick right after Christmas
.     and couldn’t take down all the decorations.
.     We can do that later, but let’s start in
.     the back yard.  There’s a ton of stuff to do there.
.     Thanks again for helping.

(KID 1 leads KIDS 2 – 10 out.  They all look back
at the Christmas tree with a smile as they leave.)