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X-RAY VISION - written by Tanis Harms
TOPIC:         God is all-knowing, God’s omniscience
SCRIPTURE:     Psalm 94:11; Matthew 6:8; 2 Timothy 2:19
Style:         allegory/conversation: a man can read
.              the thoughts of the women he meets
.              and tells one of them that eventually
.              they will get married to illustrate
.              how only God knows our thoughts.
Cast:          MAN, WOMAN 1, WOMAN 2,
.              NARRATOR (may be MAN or the Pastor...)
Set & Props:   candy and flowers


(MAN casually leans against the wall.
WOMAN 1 walks by with a snobby attitude.
MAN cocks his head at her questioningly.)

MAN       Why do you think I’m a nerd?
.         I’m not boring at all.

WOMAN 1   How did you know what I was thinking?

MAN       I can read your thoughts.

WOMAN 1   No you can’t.  What am I thinking RIGHT now?

MAN       You wish I were not here bugging you.

WOMAN 1   That’s too easy.  Anyone could have guess that.

MAN       You wish that I was be better looking.

WOMAN 1   Again – duh!  If you think you can read
.         my thoughts, tell me what I’m going to do.

MAN       You are going to pick up your best
.         and only girlfriend – Cristie Joy Mason.
.         After you help her find a really cute outfit,
.         you will drag her to a boutique to find four
.         completely different ensembles for yourself.
.         After shopping, you will grab a seafood melt
.         and diet Pepsi at your favorite café -
.         “Where Two Worlds Collide” –
.                                                       2
WOMAN 1   Scary!  What do you have?  X-ray vision?

MAN       As you walk away, you will just assume
.         it’s some sort of trick and coincidence,
.         but this will cross your thoughts until
.         the day you die – wondering – "what if?"

WOMAN 1   Whoa!  I’m outta here.

(WOMAN 1 rushes away.  MAN just smiles casually.
WOMAN 2 walks by.)

MAN       Hello.  Just in time.  I’m here to meet you.

WOMAN 2   Buuuut – I don’t even know you.

MAN       Well, I know you, and you think
.         I’m “kinda” cute.

WOMAN 2   (shyly)  Oh really?

MAN       Yes.  But don’t be afraid, this meeting
.         will be very brief.  I’m just here
.         to introduce myself so that you CAN
.         get to know me.  I know that you are
.         on your way to do some voluntary work.

WOMAN 2   Did my mom set this up?

MAN       I know you are intrigued, but a little
.         nervous that I might be an axe murderer.
.         So I’m going to tell you my
.         social security number and that my name
.         is Nicholas Brandon Malvern.
.         As soon as you have a coffee break
.         at the hospital, you will promptly
.         go and have a security check run and find that
.         I’m a very caring and responsible individual.
.         But not before I give you something
.         that you’ll appreciate because you just
.         had a tough day at the office.

WOMAN 2   And what is that?

(From behind his back, MAN pulls out flowers and
candy box.  MAN then gives WOMAN 2 a business card.)
.                                                       3
MAN       My business card with all the necessary
.         personal data.

WOMAN 2   Thhhhank you? Ahhhh –

MAN       I’ll phone you.  We’ll meet at Picasso’s,
.         because that is your favorite restaurant,
.         then see that new chick-flick
.         you’ve been dying to see.
.         There will be more dates
.         because we had lots of fun
.         and we really hit it off.
.         We’ll only date for
.         seven and a half months though.

WOMAN 2   Why only seven and a half?

MAN       That’s when I’m going to propose to you.
.         And you’ll say yes.  We’ll have
.         an August wedding and go to Sicily
.         for our honeymoon.

WOMAN 2   I’ve always wanted to go there.

MAN       We WILL fight, but we’ll always
.         work things out.

WOMAN 2   Good to know.

MAN       We’re going to first
.         get an Airdale Terrior,
.         and then have 2 children.

WOMAN 2   (saucily)  A boy and a girl?

MAN       I’m not going to tell you.  Some things
.         should remain a surprise – as you like say.

WOMAN 2   Sure, if you say so.

MAN       Now, you better get going or you’ll be late.
.         You know how Mrs. Watson gets
.         when you don’t show up to read to her.

WOMAN 2   Wow.

MAN       Until Friday.                                 4

(MAN waves as WOMAN 2 leaves and looks over
her shoulder at him.)

NARRATOR  People certainly cannot read minds –
.         but God can.  God knows all our thoughts,
.         God knows our future,
.         and God knows who belongs to Him.