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WOULD YOU HELP ME? – written by Tanis Harms
TOPIC:        helping others
SCRIPTURE:    Acts 20:35, 1 Thess.5:14
Style:        drama/conversation: a reporter tries
.             to interview people on the street
.             about their reasons for helping
Cast:         REPORTER, PERSON 1-5
Set & Props:  microphone


(REPORTER stands at center stage with a microphone.
PERSON 1 rushes past and REPORTER gets their attention.)

R    Hi!  I have a microphone!  And I’m asking for help-

P1   Sorry, don’t have time.

(REPORTER turns around, imploring them to stop and talk.)

R    But- Why?

P1   I have things - I need – I want – to do, and
.    I really doubt that you could ever help me.

R    Oh.  Okay.  Sure-

(REPORTER turns forward, realizing this futility.
PERSON 2 approaches with a swagger.)

R    Hello.  I’m asking for help today.

P2   Oh, am I going to be on TV?  How do I look?
.    Do I look okay?  (checks their breath)
.    Is my breath okay?  I’m so excited.
.    Okay, so what exactly is the question?

R    Would you help me?

(PERSON 2 puts an arm around the REPORTER and poses.)

P2   Of course I would help you.  You are so awesome!
.    I simply love you.  Why wouldn’t I help you?

R    Would you help someone else?                       2

P2   I don’t know.  Who are they?

R    Well, it could be – anybody...

P2   Hmmm, well, I couldn’t just help someone
.    I didn’t know.

R    But, you don’t know me, and you were willing
.    to help me.

P2   But – you have a microphone.  And a camera.
.    That’s why.  I don’t know what else to say.

(PERSON 2 wanders away, wondering what went wrong.
REPORTER sees PERSON 3 approaching.)

R    Hi, I am asking the question – would you help me?

P3   How long will it take?

R    I don’t know.  Not long.

P3   How much will it cost?

R    Probably not much.

P3   Because, I do put aside some money to use
.    for random charity cases.

R    That’s great.  So you would help me then?

P3   Well, if there’s someone else who could help you,
.    then I could save the money for someone else
.    who could REALLY use it.

R    So you would help someone else?

P3   Do they REALLY need the help?  I mean, maybe
.    their luck will change.  Or maybe, they won’t
.    even appreciate my help.  I can’t work with that.

(PERSON 3 throws up an “I-give-up” hand.  
REPORTER sees PERSON 4 approaching and sadly asks...)

R    Hi, I am wondering if you would help me?
.                                                       3
P4   If you have problems, it’s only because you
.    asked for it.

R    I did?

P4   Yeah.  What’s your problem?

R    Maybe someone mugged me.

P4   Your fault!

R    How do you figure?

P4   You were in the wrong place, doing something wrong.
.    Were you showing off your money and looking all
.    helpless?

R    I don’t think so.

P4   That’s your problem.  You are not thinking.

R    So you would NOT help me.

P4   I am helping.  I just gave you some great advice.

R    Ah, thank you?

(PERSON 4 exits with smug expression.  PERSON 5
approaches and notices that REPORTER looks distraught.)

P5   Hi.  Are you okay?

R    What?

P5   Do you need any help?

R    I didn’t ask yet.

P5   But, well, you look like you could use some help.

R    I DO need help.

P5   Well, why don’t you turn your microphone off
.    and tell me what it is.  

(PERSON 5 escorts REPORTER off stage.)