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WORKFORCE EFFORTS – written by Tanis Harms
TOPIC:        all Christians are expected to witness
SCRIPTURE:    1 Chron.16:9; Ps.71:14-18; Matt.28:19-20;
.             2 Tim.2:11-4:5; Heb.13:1-22
Style:        allegory/conversation:  business managers
.             organize and discuss how marketing their
.             company is everyone’s job, but then
.             expect only the administrative assistant
.             and the janitor to do all the real work
.             (NOTE:  to make the message more poignant
.             that sometimes we expect a few to do a lot,
.             you can have more managers.  And you can
.             choose to split up those lines or not.)
Set & Props:  table, chairs, papers, laptops,
.             notebook, pen, broom


(MANAGERS 1 to 2 gather around the table.)

M. 1     Are we ready to implement our new strategy?

M. 2     I’m fairly confident that this plan will work.

M. 1     Let’s call in (WORKER’S NAME).

(WORKER enters.)

M. 1     Oh, there you are.  We were just going
.        to call on you.

W.       Good timing?  Look, we’re friends, right?
.        And you know what I’m capable of doing.
.        I know how it all works, and I’ve proven myself,
.        haven’t I?  I’ve paid my dues, and I know
.        that I’m ready to join all of you up here
.        in the big leagues.  I deserve this break!

M. 2     You know, you’re right.

W.       So you’re going to promote me?

M. 2     Yes!  Welcome to the board of directors.
.                                                      2
W.       Thanks!  (shakes hands with MANAGERS 1 to 2)
.        Okay, so what do we have going so far?

M. 2     Well, we’re ready to implement our
.        next strategy.

M. 1     Call in – ah – who do we have that’s available?

W.       Margie?

M. 1     (looks out and calls)  Margie!  Could you
.        please join us?

(A young ADMIN. enters with notebook and pen.  
Sitting down, she gets ready to take notes.)

M. 1     We are ready to implement our next strategy.
.        As you all know, we are all responsible
.        in getting the word out.  We must present
.        a unified front in our approach and efforts.
.        And statistics show that word-of-mouth
.        is the best method of marketing.

M. 2     I have prepared graphs and charts to illustrate
.        the benefits of the strategy “word-of-mouth”
.        versus just “owning the products and services.”
.        One can clearly see the success rate of how
.        a company’s reputation can be marketed
.        at a much faster rate.  So Margie- YOU-
.        will be responsible for getting the word out.

ADMIN.   But...  all on my own?  I – I thought –
.        this was a unified effort?

M. 1     It is.  We are all unified and in agreement
.        that this will be our strategy.

ADMIN.   But – I’m very busy with running the office-

M. 2     Nonsense.  I’m sure you will do an awesome job.
.        You always do.

ADMIN.   I’m a little – scared – about doing this.
.        Especially if I’m all alone.  I – I really
.        don’t feel very prepared or equipped for this-

W.       We’re all here to back you up.                3

M. 2     And as you can see from this spreadsheet
.        that we’ve prepared, WE can see that
.        you should be available between these hours,
.        and these hours over here.  You just
.        need to make very sure this time counts.
.        It’s that easy.

(JANITOR enters in the background and moves across stage
while sweeping the floor.  WORKER sees JANITOR and
waves him in.)

W.       There’s Max.  He only cleans the building.
.        I’m sure he can take on more.

(JANITOR approaches, unsure of what to do.)

M. 2     (to WORKER)  You’re a great recruiter.
.        So glad we brought you on board.

M. 1     Sit down-sit down.  Join us in our efforts
.        to market our company.

(JANITOR sits down while clutching his broom.)

JANITOR  I- I don’t know that much about marketing.

M. 1     Do you ever brag about working for this company?

JANITOR  Sssure.  It’s a great company to work for.
.        I mean, the big boss is great.

M. 1     Exactly!  That’s all we really need you to do-
.        tell people about how great the big boss is.
.        And more importantly, how great this company is.

JANITOR  But, what if they ask more questions?

M. 1     What do you mean?

JANITOR  Well, they might have questions about
.        the services available, or, or the products.
.        I don’t know much about that.

M. 2     All we ask is that you let people know about
.        the company, and bring them to us.
.                                                      4
W.       It really isn’t that difficult.  In fact,
.        I can give you a few lines to use
.        that have worked for me in the past.

ADMIN.   In the past?

W.       Yes.  I’m working with the board now.
.        I’ll be way too busy.

ADMIN.   But you all don’t talk to people?  Like,
.        you never talk to people outside the company?

M. 1     Look, we’re the experts, here.  We’re very busy
.        figuring out all the angles about how to get
.        the best results, so we will let you know
.        what is expected.  And we’ll keep training you
.        along the way.

JANITOR  If you’re the experts-

M. 2     You really shouldn’t offend us by asking
.        these sorts of questions.  WE know things
.        from years of experience, so we don’t
.        expect you to understand everything.
.        You just need to trust and respect us.

M. 1     Now – go out there and sell.  Sell-sell-sell!

(JANITOR and ADMIN. get up nervously as they are shooed
out the “door” by everyone else.  MANAGERS and WORKER
exit in the other direction while speaking.)

M. 1     Let’s just hope they can deliver.

W.       Just don’t put TOO much pressure on them.

M. 2     Well then, meanwhile, let’s start looking at
.        alternative strategies for the next time.