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VALUABLE TIME – written by Tanis Harms
TOPIC:        spending time with each other and God
SCRIPTURE:    Rom.12:1-16, 2 Tim.2:15, Heb.10:25
Style:        allegory/conversation: child asks a parent
.             to schedule a time to be together because
.             they are just too busy.  Would we accept
.             this of God?
Set & Props:  table, chair/s, watch, story book, game,
.             Lego, scheduler, pen (or iPhone or laptop)


(CHILD sits right next to PARENT, as PARENT speed-reads
through a story book.  PARENT finishes reading in seconds
then closes the book and looks at their watch.)

P   Quick, we have time to play one game.

(THEY pull out something like Snakes and Ladders,
then play very, very quickly.  PARENT’S next line
is just an example – you can improvise this.)

P   You down, I go up, then down, then up, you’re down,
.   up, down, up-up-up, down, down again, I’m up then
.   down, you’re down-down-and-down – you win.

(PARENT looks at watch.)

P   Aaaaand - time is up.  Any quick question?

C   Is – is that it?

P   Is that your question?

(CHILD does a quick nod.  PARENT goes over what they
just did together very quickly - while holding up
a very simple, tiny Lego tower then puts it down.)

P   We built something with Lego-
.   We read a story, we played a game.
.   This was quality time!  It’s not about
.   the amount of time – it’s the ‘quality’ of time.
.   Right?  Quick, now!  Anything else?
.                                                       2
(CHILD sighs and stands up to sadly face PARENT.)

C   When can we do this again?

P   You’ll have to check with my assistant.

(CHILD’S face becomes much more saddened.
PARENT sighs.)

P   Give me a second here.

(PARENT pulls out scheduler of some sort and looks
through their schedule.)

P   Tomorrow is booked up, the next day – busy.
.   The day after that – I’m busy and booked up,
.   plus I have a few meetings which cannot be avoided.
.   Me – me – me-me, me-me-me, me-me-me-me – my and me -
.   Oh, and I’m due to schedule a dental and hair
.   appointment.  Does Saturday at 3 pm work for you?

(CHILD just stands there looking at PARENT.)

P   I’ll take that as a yes.

(As PARENT goes to schedule CHILD in, they freeze.
Then exit after NARRATOR is done and maybe lights dim.)

NAR.  Do we have time to schedule in our loved ones?
.     Do we have time to schedule in God?
.     Would we willing to accept this behavior –
.     from others?  Would we be understanding enough
.     to accept this same behavior – from God?