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UNITY      - written by Tanis Harms
TOPIC:       unity
SCRIPTURE:   2 Chron.30:12, Ps.133:1, Jh.17:23,
.            Rom.15:5-6, Eph.4:2-3, 4:11-13; Col.3:14
Style:       allegory/conversation:  people move
.            closer or further away from each other
.            depending on what they say or
.            how they say it.  The more Godly,
.            the closer to each other they get.
Cast:        PERSON 1, 2, 3, 4, NARRATOR
Set & Props: - 2 long poles or ropes crossed over
.              each other,
.            - something visible at the center
.              to tie them together


NAR.  When speaking of unity, think of God
.     as being the hub of a wheel, and
.     us Christians are on the spokes of the wheel.
.     The closer we get to God,
.     the closer we get to each other.

(PERSON 1-4 stand at the middle of each “spoke” –
each having their own spoke.)

P1    Everything should be done my way.

(PERSON 1 moves to outside end of his/her spoke.)

P2    We should consider what
.     everyone else has to say.

P3    We should also consider
.     what the Bible has to say
.     and then pray about it.

(PERSON 3 moves closer to the hub.
PERSON 2 looks at 3.)

P2    I believe you have the gift of leadership
.     and would be good at heading this ministry.

(PERSON 2 moves closer to the hub. PERSON 4 to 3.)
.                                                    2
P4    Just don’t mess up like you did
.     on the last project!

(PERSON 4 moves further away from the hub.)

P3    I thought you had forgiven me on that.
.     (arrogantly)  You have offended me deeply
.     and I’m really disappointed in you.

(PERSON 3 moves further away from the hub.)

P4    I don’t know why I said that.
.     Please forgive me.

(PERSON 4 moves closer to the hub.)

P3    (angrily turning up nose)
.     Why are you talking to me about this?
.     It was all settled.
.     It’s all in the past.

(PERSON 3 moves further from the hub.)

P4    Unfortunately, I guess we’ll have to
.     just agree to disagree.
.     I still love you, and any time
.     you want to talk, I’m here.

(PERSON 4 moves closer to the hub.)

P1    You know, I realize
.     I DON’T have all the answers,
.     and that there can be more
.     than one way of doing things.
.     I know I could really learn from you.
.     I love all of you and apologize.
.     And I want to work things out.
.     So how can I help?

(PERSON 1 moves closer to the hub.)

P3    It’s evident that most of you
.     are not mature enough.
.     Maybe I should just do it myself.

(PERSON 3 moves to the end of the spoke.)
.                                                    3
P2    It is too big for just one person.
.     This should be a group effort,
.     and I really believe we should be
.     praying for unity here.
.     How we work this all out
.     and get the job done will be
.     an example of Jesus and His love.
.     We need to be patient and forgive
.     each other when we make mistakes.
.     Remember, we’re all capable of making mistakes.

(PERSON 2 moves closer to the hub.)

P1    Perhaps we should also get back
.     to the real purpose of this project,
.     and what our motives should be.
.     Isn’t it to glorify God and not ourselves?

(PERSON 1 moves toward the hub.)

P3    Wow! Being humbled is not an easy lesson.
.     And arrogance is wrong.  I am NOT better
.     than anybody else.  Please
.     forgive me for my critical spirit.

(PERSON 3 moves toward the hub.
ALL are huddled in the middle.)

P2    Now, let’s see to this project.

NAR.  The closer we move toward God,
.     the closer we move to each other.
.     That - is unity!