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TRUST AND OBEDIENCE – written by Tanis Harms
TOPIC:        trusting God enough to obey
SCRIPTURE:    Job, 2 Cor.1:5-24
Style:        drama, conversation: a child has been told
.             to do a chore by the parent, but friends
.             question the child’s innocence and
.             the parent’s motives
Cast:         CHILD, FRIENDS 1-3, PARENTS VOICES 1-2
.             (if you have more or less actors,
.              you can divide or combine the lines)
Set & Props:  broom, cellphone


(CHILD enters from stage left and begins to sweep
the “patio” when FRIENDS come along from stage right.)

F 1   Hey, want to go to the mall with us?

C     (sadly)  Aw, can’t.

F 1   What’s up?

C     I have to sweep the entire patio.

F 1   What did you do?

C     What are you talking about?

F 1   Well, did you ask for this?

C     No.

F 1   Then you’re being punished for something.

C     No, kind of makes me wonder, though.
.     But I’m pretty sure I didn’t do anything wrong.

F 1   How can you be so sure?

C     (pauses to think)  Ah, let’s see.
.     I’m searching my heart, and soul,
.     and my memory...
.     Noooo, can’t think of anything.
.                                                       2
(CHILD continues to sweep.)

F 2   Then you’ve been forced into child slavery.

C     What?  No – I haven’t.

F 2   Are you having fun yet?

C     Not – really.

F 2   So, why don’t you just – run away?

C     Run away?

F 2   Yeah, run away from this work.

C     But my parents told me to sweep the patio.

F 2   But they are making you SUFFER.

C     Don’t you think I’d suffer more –
.     if I – ran away from the work?

F 2   If your parents make you suffer like this,
.     why would you want to obey them?  I say,
.     do whatever you want.  You might as well.

C     Look, I trust my parents.
.     I know they wouldn’t make me do
.     something that would be bad for me.

(CHILD pauses to look at a hand.  FRIEND 2 notices.)

F 2   Do you still trust them?  See!
.     You’re now getting horrible blisters.
.     Those are going to hurt!  So why do you
.     put up with this suffering?
.     I’d be sassing my parents right about now...

C     You are not going to talk me out of this.
.     I just keep praying that I will get
.     through it all...  Singing helps.

F 2   Please don’t make us hear that!

(PARENT calls from off stage left.)
.                                                       3
P 1   (voice calling from off stage)
.     I also want you to wipe down
.     all of patio furniture.

F 3   Wow!  I really pity you.  I mean,
.     just how much more can you take?
.     Notice, how good we’ve all got it.

P 2   (voice calling from off stage right)
.     Clare/nce!  Get home this instant!

(CHILD pauses briefly to look at FRIEND 3.)

F 3   Hey, I’m not worried.
.     I haven’t done anything wrong.

P 2   (voice calling again)  Clare/nce!
.     You’re in big trouble!
.     I saw the mess you made!

(FRIEND 2 guffaws, until PARENT 2’S VOICE calls again.)

P 2   (voice calling)  Bobbie!  You, too!

(FRIEND 2 becomes scared, then shrugs it off.)

F 2   It can’t be that bad.  Whatever.

P 2   (voice calling again)  You both
.     better be home in ten minutes,
.     or there will be huge consequences!

(FRIEND 1 checks a text on a cellphone.)

F 1   Oops, ah, I probably should get home, also.

P 1   (voice calling again)  When you’re done,
.     there’s one more thing.

(CHILD and FRIENDS freeze – waiting.)

P 1   (voice continues)  We’re going to decorate
.     the patio for a huge party we’re having
.     this weekend.  The whole family will be coming.

(CHILD smiles and begins to sweep faster.)
.                                                       4
F 1   Aw man!  You’re SO lucky!

C     Funny, you didn’t think so before.

F 2   (to F3)  Why can’t WE have a party?

C     Yes!  finished sweeping.
.     Time to wash down the furniture.
.     Huh, the suffering doesn’t feel so bad now.
.     See, I knew I could trust my parents.
.     Well, see you around.

(CHILD exits stage left with a big smile.  
FRIENDS 1-3 walk off stage right with gloomy faces.)