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THANKSGIVING - written by Tanis Harms
TOPIC:         being thankful
SCRIPTURE:     Philippians 4:6
Style:         drama/conversation:  people discuss
.              how one could be thankful all the time.
Cast:          PERSON 1 & 2
Set & Props:   2 Bibles


(PERSON 1 and 2 enter carrying Bibles.)

P1    That’s impossible to do!

P2    (casually)  What are you talking about?

P1    That – being thankful stuff.  From that verse.

P2    You mean Philippians 4:6?

P1    I think so. You know it? –

P2    “Be anxious for nothing but in everything
.     by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving
.     let your requests be made known to God.”

P1    That’s the one.  There’s no way I can
.     be thankful for everything.
.     You’d be nuts to be thankful for everything.
.     I mean really, how can I be thankful
.     for losing my job? Or – if I got cancer –
.     I’m supposed to be thankful for that?

P2    The verse doesn’t say you have to be thankful
.     FOR everything.  It says to be thankful
.     IN everything... meaning – even WHILE bad things
.     are happening.

P1    But thankful for what?

P2    The things that God has done and is doing
.     and will do in your life.

P1    What is He going to do?
.                                                  2
P2    Okay, so you just lost your job.
.     During this time, how can you be thankful?

P1    But I don't feel thankful.  Not at all.

P2    It's not based on how you are feeling.
.     It's a command.  You can choose to just –
.     react to your situation, or you can
.     choose how you will act in your situation.

P1    Okay.  So what was the question again?

P2    As you are now unemployed, how can you be thankful?

P1    Uhhh, I guess I could be thankful that
.     I DON’T have cancer and still have my health.

P2    Good point.

P1    And I can be thankful that I have
.     friends like you.  Especially if
.     I need anything, you’d be there for me.

P2    Yeeaah.

P1    And I’m thankful you have a spare room
.     in your house in case I lose my apartment.

P2    Ooookay!  AND - you could be thankful
.     how God will help you find a new job –
.     Not only are we to be thankful about
.     how God has provided, but how He’s GOING
.     to provide.  And HOW He answers prayer.

P1    Heyyy, are YOU feeling anxious?

P2    No-no.

P1    Not just a little bit?

P2    Come on.  I’ll feel better once we’ve prayed
.     and asked God to help you get a job.

P1    And thank Him for how He's going to
.     help me find a job.

P2    You're catching on.                          3

(PERSON 2 puts an arm on PERSON 1’s shoulder
as they exit.)