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TEST THE SPIRIT - written by Tanis Harms
TOPIC:        when you hear something, test it
.             for yourself to see if it is true
SCRIPTURE:    2Pet.1:19-21, 1Thess.5:19-22, Jude 1:3
Style:        allegory/conversation: someone is
.             challenged not to believe everything one
.             hears, like “this ice-cream sundae is
.             the very best,” sometimes you have
.             to taste before buying it
Cast:         PERSON 1 - 3
Set & Props:  sunglasses, ice-cream sundae, spoon


(PERSON 1 enters wearing sunglasses.  PERSON 2 waves.
PERSON 1 walks up to them.)

P 1   Why are YOU so happy?

P 2   Life is great!

P 1   Seriously, life is dreary, and dull –

P 2   You’re not - really seeing
.     the entire picture, it’s great –

P 1   No – seriously.  Life is dark.
.     There is no hope.  I know from experience.

P 2   Ah, can I just – help you out here for a moment.

P 1   Whatever.

(PERSON 2 reaches over and takes the sunglasses off
of PERSON 1.)

P 2   So, how’s that?

P 1   Oh.

(PERSON 1 spends a moment looking around.)

P 1   Oh!  Wow!  It’s – so much better.
.     It is - brighter.  I guess the darkness
.     was just my personal perspective.
.     Wow, I wonder what else I’ve been missing?

(PERSON 3 walks by eating an ice-cream sundae,          2
mm’ing and aw’ing.)

P 3   This is the best ice-cream sundae ever!

P 1   Really?

P 3   Yeah, you’ve got to get one.

P 2   (skeptically)  Is it - expensive?

P 3   Ssssure... but TOTALLY worth it.

P 1   It’s that good, huh?

P 3   Worth every penny!

P 2   I don’t know.  Where did you get it?

P 3   Oh, ahhh, from the corner store,
.     over there.  (pointing)

P 2   I’ve heard stuff about that corner store.

P 3   Hey, you can’t believe everything you hear.

P 2   Exactly.  And - what I heard - came from
.     a reliable source.

P 1   Come on, let’s go!  I want to get one.

P 2   You don’t - maybe just want to –
.     taste it first?  I mean, before you go
.     and spend all of that money?
.     Once you buy it, that money is gone.

P 1   Are YOU going to taste it?

P 2   No, I’m good.

P 1   Why don’t you want to taste it?

P 2   I know of a great restaurant that sells
.     a great sundae, and I’ve heard bag things  –

P 1   I know – bad things about the corner store.

P 2   I just have enough information –
.     to know that I don’t have to try it.

P 1   Well, I definitely want to try it.                3
.     (to P3)  Do you think - I could have a try?

P 3   Oh, ahhhh, I really want it all – for myself.

P 1   Just a bit?

P 3   It’s mine!

P 1   Ah, well, maybe it isn’t worth it then -

P 3   All right.  Okay.  Here, have a taste.
.     But, beware, it will really – change your life.

(PERSON 1 takes a taste, then makes a horrible grimace.)

P 3   Huh?  Am I right?  What do you think?
.     Isn’t it awesome?  The best I’ve ever had!

P 1   It’s – horrible.  I mean, it looks – so good, but –
.     it’s the worst thing I’ve ever tasted.  Ever!

P 3   Your loss.  Are you sure you don’t want any more?

P 1   I’m sure!  Just because it looks good-

P 3   Are you VERY sure?  Because it – really is
.     an acquired taste – you know.  Here,
.     have another taste.

P 1   No, I don’t care what you say,
.     but I do NOT need another taste.
.     I KNOW that tastes bad.  Without a doubt.
.     And you just said it was expensive.

P 3   And it is worth it.  You get used to the taste.

P 1   Why would I want to?

P 3   Hey, your loss.

P 2   I know a great restaurant –

P 3   (while walking away)  Not interested.

P 1   I am.  I trust your tastes way more than
.     that person’s.

(PERSON 1 & 2 exit.)