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TENSION BREAKERS - written by Tanis Harms
TOPIC:     tension in relationships
SCRIPTURE: Matt.5:23-24, Eph.4:25-32
Style:     drama/conversation: 3 people get to
.          the bottom of the tense feelings
.          and find that they are all
.          because of miscommunication
Cast:      PERSON 1, 2, 3, NARRATOR


(PERSON 1 walks in and notices PERSON 2.)

P1    Hey, how’s it going?

(PERSON 2 gives a curt nod and looks away.
PERSON 1 wonders at this, then approaches PERSON 2.)

P1    Say, I’m sensing some tension.
.     Have I offended you or hurt you in any way?

P2    Not really.

P1    But something is wrong.

P2    Well, I don’t want to nit-pick.

P1    Really, I want to know.

P2    Well, last Sunday at the fellowship meal,
.     you totally ignored me.  I just thought
.     you would sit with me.

P1    I wanted to sit with you.  I looked around
.     and couldn’t find you, and figured you
.     didn’t stay for the meal.  But you saw ME?

P2    Yes.  And it looked like you saw me, too.

P1    Wow!  No, I didn’t.  I wasn’t wearing my glasses.
.     Why didn’t you wave at me, or something?

P2    I don’t know.  You weren’t wearing
.     your contacts?
.                                                       2
P1    No, I ripped one of them.
.     I have to get another pair.
.     Anyway, I’m sorry about that.

P2    No problem.  I just thought you
.     were mad at me.

P1    If I was angry with you, I’d let you know.
.     And if you ever think something like that again,
.     why not just come and ask me about it?
.     So we’re good?

P2    We’re good.  Hey, I’ve got to run.
.     See you later...  just make sure
.     you’re wearing your glasses
.     so you can see me.
.     Hey - is Terry mad at me?
.     She's been acting really snippy.

P1    Ah, you should ask her about it.  See you.

(PERSON 1 leaves as PERSON 3 enters.)

P3    Hey!

(PERSON 2 pretends not to see PERSON 3.
PERSON 3 wonders at this reaction.
PERSON 2 fidgets a few seconds.
PERSON 3 feels uncomfortable and is about to walk away.
PERSON 2 sighs and approaches PERSON 3.)

P2    Hi. Hey, we need to talk.

P3    Ohhhhhh-kay.

P2    The other day you did something
.     that kind of hurt my feelings.

P3    Oh?  What did I do?

P2    Yeah, I was trying to talk with you
.     and you just brushed me off –
.     like I was scum.

P3    When was this?

P2    Three nights ago...                               3
.     I bumped into you at the mall.

P3    Oh, yeah.  Sorry about that.
.     I had just got a phone call
.     saying my mom was in the hospital.
.     I guess I was still in shock or something.

P2    Well, why didn’t you tell me?
.     I could have helped you –
.     or at least prayed for your mom and family.

P3    Sorry about that.

P2    No, I should apologize.
.     Man, and here I’ve been angry
.     at you all for nothing.
.     Anyway, right there, I should have
.     asked you if something was wrong.
.     So how’s your mom doing now?

(PERSON 2 and 3 walk off talking.)

NAR.  Tension in a relationship is most often
.     due to misunderstandings or miscommunication.
.     Deal with the person and the issue
.     as soon as possible before it can lead
.     to gossip, anger, or bitterness.