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TEMPLATE OF LOVE – (script eg.) written by Tanis Harms
TOPIC:        unconditional, sacrificial love
SCRIPTURE:    John 15:13, Ephesians 5:1-33
Style:        allegory/conversation:  different people
.             go shopping for a template of love
.             in order to realize compatibility.
Cast:         SALES CLERK, MAN, WOMAN 1-2
Set & Props:  booth, could have sign ‘Templates of Love,’
.             at the left:   4 heart shapes
.              (big; wonky-shaped; tiny; tall & narrow)
.             at the center: 1 or 2 stars
.             at the right:  2 crosses – all the same


(SALES CLERK stands behind the booth of templates
as MAN and WOMAN 1 walk up.)

S.C.  Good day, may I help you?

MAN   Yes, ah, we THINK we’re in love.

(MAN and WOMAN 1 hold hands or something like that
to demonstrate mild affection.)

W 1   Yes, exactly, but we’d like to know for sure.

MAN   Something that will help define our feelings.

W 1   Right, so we’d know if we’re even compatible.

MAN   Actually, we would also like to find out
.     if this is TRUE love and can we base
.     our marriage on what we have.

(WOMAN 1 looks at MAN and “aw’s” her feelings.
SALES CLERK waves a hand over the heart shapes.)

S.C.  Okay, well, may I interest you in these hearts,
.     over here.  We have many various shapes and sizes
.     to suit every feeling.

MAN   And what kind of love is this one?

S.C.  Oh, well, it’s very personalized,                 2
.     designed to fit every feeling you might have.
.     It’s that love – when you look into each
.     other’s eyes – and you just know that this
.     is the one!  Love at first sight.
.     These hearts will help illustrate the chemistry -
.     that certain something about how much
.     the other person cares at that moment –
.     because you want to be able to feel all of those
.     warm fuzzy feelings, and have that special –
.     sparkle in the eyes.

W 1   Ooh, how romantic.

(MAN picks up the biggest heart and holds it out.
WOMAN 1 “aw’s” at the gesture, then picks up the fairly
big heart that has a wonky-shape.  MAN looks at it
then puts his heart next to hers.  It’s not a great fit.)

S.C.  It’s not a perfect match, but it’s pretty close.

MAN   But – why is yours all - wonky like that?

W 1   (gasps)  Ah, well, you remember?

MAN   No.

W 1   (offended)  You should!  Last night when we
.     went out for dinner, you were a bit -snarly.

MAN   Yeah... but I just got some bad news from
.     my family.

W 1   Still, you didn’t have to take it all out on me!
.     It really ruined the evening.

MAN   I just thought YOU of all people could have been
.     a little more understanding.

W 1   Wow!

(WOMAN 1 throws a disgusted look to the SALES CLERK.
SALES CLERK jumps in and rises to the situation.)

S.C.  I might mention to you NOW - that everything
.     from this part of the table is exchangeable –
.     at any time.  There is no cut-off date.
.                                                       3
W 1   Good to know!

(WOMAN 1 studies the hearts.  MAN points to the crosses.)

MAN   What’s that - over there?

S.C.  Oh, you probably wouldn’t be interested in that.
.     It’s non-refundable.

MAN   But I can exchange THIS?!  (motions to his heart)

S.C.  Yes, at any time, and as many times as you wish,
.     because here at Templates of Love, we understand
.     how quickly feelings can change.

W 1   Well, then... in that case.

(WOMAN 1 picks out a long, narrow heart and holds it up
to MAN’S big heart that he still holds in his hands.)

MAN   This seems LESS compatible.

W 1   Well, I’m just very angry right now.  I mean,
.     my love stretches out a bit, but the door
.     seems to be – closing – perhaps.  Unless
.     you can do something to prove to me
.     that I should open it a little more.
.     But I need convincing.  LOTS of convincing.

(MAN is saddened and looks back at the table,
then points at the crosses again.)

MAN   Please, I’d really like to know more about
.     THAT template of love.

S.C.  As I said, it is non-refundable.

MAN   I’m still very interested.

S.C.  It also costs a lot.

MAN   How much?

S.C.  Everything.  It requires everything from you.
.     One hundred percent!  It is a lot of constant work.

MAN   Okay...  Tell me more.                            4

S.C.  (cautiously)  Okay, well, this love is perfect
.     and pure - unconditional and sacrificial.
.     It is not based on what you get, but what
.     you give.  It is not self-centered, and it is
.     completely unselfish.  This love involves
.     making a decision to love someone else –
.     no matter what – it is a dedicated commitment.
.     This love is - until death.  And it is all based
.     on God’s eternal agape love.

MAN   (puts down his heart and picks up a cross)
.     This is what I want.  This is what I’ve been
.     looking for.

(MAN holds up his cross with great happiness.
WOMAN 1 rolls her eyes, then picks out a very tiny heart
to hold up to compare her template with MAN’S cross.)

W 1   (shrugs, curt but bland)  I guess not.

MAN   No, definitely not.  I really want someone’s love
.     to be exactly the same as mine – and
.     NOT exchangeable.  It would be great if -
.     YOU would want that kind of love.

W 1   Are you serious?  You’re just going to have to
.     go on without me.

MAN   And that’s okay.  Because with this, I don’t
.     NEED to find someone - in order to FILL my needs,
.     NOW I have THIS unfailing love to completely
.     lean on.  THIS - LOVE - fills me completely.

W 1   That doesn’t even make sense.  If that love
.     requires you to GIVE, then what in the world
.     could you ever GET out of it?  Huh?

(MAN goes to stand at the other side of the stage.
WOMAN 1 steps to the back in a huff to pace then
strikes an angry pose as she watches WOMAN 2 approach.)

W 2   Hi, I’m single - and looking for love.
.     I just thought I should prepare myself.
.     You know, find out what it is, so I’ll be able
.     to recognize TRUE love when I come across it.
.                                                       5
S.C.  We have a wide array of hearts, which come
.     in many shapes and sizes to suit your come and go
.     feelings.  Or, we have this one here, the star.
.     It is highly valued amongst single people,
.     but married people choose this one as well.
.     So you can be the star of your own life,
.     letting others know that you want to be worshipped,
.     and be the center of attention.  You are
.     looking for flattery and complete adoration.
.     Nothing less will do.

W 2   No, I don’t think that one’s for me at all.
.     I mean, I’m not THAT great of a person.
.     And that’s certainly a lot of pressure
.     to put on the other person, don’t you think?

W 1   Oh!  I’ll take that one!

(WOMAN 1 jumps forward to exchange her tiny heart for
a star.  WOMAN 1 looks over and comments to WOMAN 2.)

W 1   Don’t waste your time with the hearts,  just
.     take the star.  It’s almost impossible to find
.     satisfaction these days.  Might as well just
.     look after yourself!  Keep yourself numero uno.
.     (exits proudly with her star)

W 2   (points to the crosses)  What about these?

S.C.  Non-exchangeable, non-refundable.  It will cost you
.     everything and requires lots of constant work.
.     This love is perfect and pure – unconditional
.     and sacrificial.  It is not based on what you get,
.     but what you give.  It is not self-centered,
.     and it is completely unselfish.  This love involves
.     making a decision to love someone else –
.     no matter what – it is a dedicated commitment.
.     This love is - until death.  And it is all based
.     on God’s eternal agape love.

W 2   Ohhhh, this is the one for me.  I know it.

(WOMAN 2 turns around while holding her cross in front
of her.  When she does, she sees MAN across the stage,
holding out his cross.  WOMAN 2 walks towards MAN
and they exit together with subtle smiles.)