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TEACHING ALWAYS – written by Tanis Harms
TOPIC:        training up your children
SCRIPTURE:    Deuteronomy 6:4-9
Style:        drama/conversation: teens in
.             a Sunday School class discuss their lesson
.             without a teacher present and discover
.             that their parents are doing a good job
.             of raising them after all
Cast:         PERSONS up to 15  (NOTE:  if you have less,
.             combine the lines, if more, divide them up)
Set & Props:  chairs for everyone,
.             big purse, watch, Bibles,
.             lesson books  (which can be the script
.                           if it’s too much to memorize)


(TEENS sit in semi-circle waiting.
SOME are very quiet,
OTHERS speak in low tones and chuckle.
TEEN 1 rushes in.)

T1    Hey everyone, I just was told that
.     Mrs. Manuel is having a baby.

T2    We know, dude, we saw her every week –
.     getting bigger and bigger –
.     right before our eyes.

T1    No-I mean-she was just rushed
.     to the hospital.

T3    Oh, I hope everything’s okay.

T4    So what are we supposed to do
.     for Sunday School?

T5    Do they have a substitute?

T6    I overheard that Mr. Smith had to rush over
.     to fix someone’s emergency plumbing issue.

T7    He had to work on a Sunday?

T8    Hey, he’s not the type to just let someone’s      2
.     house get filled up with oozing water.

T9    Yeah, he’s going to do whatever it takes
.     to help.

T10   He’s just cool – like that.

T11   Okay, but what does that mean for us?

T12   It means, we get a break!

T13   We could play a game.

T14   Knowing us, things will get out of hand,
.     and then someone will come to check up
.     on us, and then we’ll all be in trouble.

T15   Because – of course – you KNOW all
.     our parents are going to find out about it.

T1    Yeah, don’t want to disappoint the parents.
.     Okay, so what should we do then?

(TEEN 1 finally sits down and everyone looks at TEEN 1.)

T1    Why are you all looking at ME?
.     Just because I brought the news,
.     doesn’t mean that I’m in charge.

T4    Ah, yeah, I kind of think that’s how it works.

T2    (eagerly)  You want ME to lead?

T3    No!  I mean, no offense, but – (nicely)  no.

T4    No matter what we decide, we’ll
.     probably get into trouble.

T5    Now why do you say that?

T4    Because, every Sunday when we get home,
.     Dad looks at me sternly and says,
.     (mimicking Dad)  “So what did you learn
.     in Sunday School today?”

T6    Yeah, mine does that too.
.                                                       3
T7    My mom does that, and she WAITS
.     until I think of something.

T8    My mom will somehow know what
.     we actually studied in our class that day;
.     so if I DON’T get it right,
.     I get the lesson – all over - AGAIN.

T9    So we should at least go over the main point.

T10   Yeah, that way, we will at least
.     have something to say when we are asked –
.     the question.

T11   So who’s going to lead us?

(ALL look at TEEN 1.)

T1    Again, why do you think I should be
.     the one in charge?

T2    Dude, I think it just falls to you.

T12   (dramatically)  It is your destiny.

T13   (correcting)  It is your calling.

T1    I didn’t hear anybody calling.

T12   (tries to throw voice)  Dude-this is your destiny!

T1    I know that was you!

T14   We could hold nominations and a vote.
.     I nominate Andy (or Andrea).

ALL   (holding up their hands)  I second that-

T15   (to P )  I think you won.  Besides,
.     you’re the only one who brought
.     your Bible and lesson book.

T1    None of you brought your Bible
.     and lesson books???!!!

T2    Are you scolding us already?
.                                                       4
T1    Come on, guys, don’t your parents make you
.     take your Bible and lesson books?

T3    I left mine in the car.

T4    (meekly)  Sorry.

(ALL look sheepish except for TEEN 5.  TEEN 1 sees
her big purse.)

T1    Gloria, do you have a Bible
.     in that big purse of yours?

T5    Yes.

T1    Get it out, please.  I’m not doing this alone.
.     (stopping to shake his/her head)
.     Seriously, I can’t believe your parents
.     don’t tell you to take your Bibles
.     and lesson books.

(ALL sheepishly pull out their Bibles and lesson papers
from behind their backs.)

T1    That’s better.  You know, church is
.     the ONE place it SHOULD BE COOL to have
.     your Bibles!  Anyway, okay –
.     (gets teacher-like, looks at lesson book)
.     Our scripture reading today is
.     Deuteronomy 6:4-9.
.     (waits while everyone finds the scripture)
.     Okay Gloria, anytime you’re ready.

T5    (finds the scripture and reads)
.     "Hear, O Israel!  The LORD is our God,
.     the LORD is one!”

T6    Stop!

T1    Already?  What’s wrong?

T6    I have a question.  Why should we care
.     about what God says to Israel?

T7    Yeah, Israel is God’s chosen people
.     from long ago.
.                                                       5
T8    And so are we – when we become Christians –
.     we are God’s chosen people.

T9    But not EVERYTHING said to the
.     nation of Israel applies to us, like,
.     things about their land and stuff.

T10   And the old little laws.

T11   Old little laws?

T10   Yeah, you know, all that stuff about
.     what they can or cannot eat.
.     Then the New Testament says -
.     that now we can all eat anything.

T11   I could eat anything right now.  I’m hungry.

T12   The nursery has animal crackers!

T13   Seriously?  You can’t be that desperate.

T14   I think we’re off topic already.

T15   Yeah, I still don’t have anything I can
.     tell my parents about this lesson.

T1    Continue reading, Gloria.

T2    We still didn’t answer the question.

T3    Okay, so - the principles or – BIG laws –
.     that were given to Israel still apply to us today.

T4    I hope there isn’t too much to remember.

T5    Well, here it is.  (reading)  "You shall love
.     the LORD your God with all your heart
.     and with all your soul and with all your might.
.     These words, which I am commanding you today,
.     shall be on your heart.”

T6    That’s it?

T5    I still have 3 more verses to read.

T7    But that’s the main lesson?  To love God –        6
.     with everything we’ve got?

T8    When you think about it, it really does
.     sum up everything.

T9    Yeah, if you love God, then you love others,
.     and then you won’t do things like – fight with
.     your brothers and sisters – or anybody else.

T10   Or talk bad about them.

T11   Or lie to them.

T12   Or steal.

T13   And if God is, like, your ultimate Parent,
.     then you would WANT to obey Him, and
.     not want to disappoint Him.

T14   The cool thing about God is that He is perfect.

T15   And remember, God SEES everything, and knows
.     everything, even what you are thinking.

T2    My mom thinks she does.  I mean, she thinks
.     she knows what I am usually thinking.

(ALL look at TEEN 2.)

T2    (sheepishly)  She’s just guessing, of course...
.     Although, I guess, she’s usually right.

T3    Okay, so is that the lesson then?
.     That we love God –
.     with everything we’ve got?

T1    Gloria still has a few more verses to read.

T5    (reading)  "You shall teach them diligently
.     to your sons –

T4    Stop!  What about the daughters?

T6    I’m pretty sure that’s implied.

T4    So why not just say “children”?
.                                                       7
T6    I don’t know.  I’m sure God gave us
.     our brains to figure these things out.
.     You know, use logic.

T1    Reading on, then.

T5    So,  (reading)  "You shall teach them
.     diligently to your sons and shall talk of them
.     when you sit in your house and when you walk
.     by the way and when you lie down
.     and when you rise up.  You shall bind them
.     as a sign on your hand and they shall be
.     as frontals on your forehead.
.     You shall write them on the doorposts
.     of your house and on your gates.”

T7    This sounds more like a lesson to our parents.

T8    Except, we shouldn’t tell them about
.     these verses.  I mean, I don’t exactly
.     want Bible verses written on my forehead.

T9    Can you just imagine?

T10   I’m NOT trying to picture it!  I mean,
.     Mom following me down the school hallway
.     quoting scriptures?

T11   Do you really think that’s what it means?

T12   We’re in trouble.

T13   Yeah, I’m pretty sure my Dad has read
.     those verses.  He’s read through the Bible
.     many times already.

T14   And has your dad ever done anything like THAT?

T15   Mine sure hasn’t.

T1    Maybe it’s one of those principle-things again.
.     If we’re supposed to love God with everything
.     we’ve got, then maybe our parents are supposed
.     to just teach us whenever they can.

T2    That would be a drag.
.                                                       8
T3    Maybe not.

T2    You’re talking crazy, right now.

T4    Maybe not.

T5    They ARE the parents.  Their job is to help us
.     grow up and know how to live.

T6    For the world, that would mean - how to survive.

T7    for Christians, that would include – how
.     to survive - but by using Christian principles.

T8    Which could include everything about life.
.     I think.

T9    Okay, so let’s think about it.
.     What ARE all the areas of life.

T10   Getting along with people.

T9    That’s definitely in the Bible.
.     Mom is constantly telling me to
.     (mimicking)  “treat others
.     as you’d have them treat you.”

T10   And if I come home from school and talk
.     about how someone was being a bully to me,
.     after he speaks with the teachers and
.     the principle, Dad tells me to forgive,
.     and to love that person –

T9    Because don’t forget, “when you are nice
.     to your enemies it is like pouring
.     hot coal over them.”

T11   And there’s food!  Sorry, I’m still hungry.

T12   My parents make sure that we always pray
.     before we eat.

T11   Hey, I’m not saying that I’m NOT thankful.
.     I am.  I’m very thankful that we always
.     have food to eat whenever I get hungry.

T13   Do your parents apply biblical principles         9
.     to school?

T14   Oh yeah!  I’ve learned to pray for
.     knowledge and wisdom.

T15   And to do everything to God’s glory.

T14   At the same time, though, they say that
.     the most important thing in life
.     is to live for God.  It doesn’t matter
.     what kind of job I get when I grow up,
.     it just matters that I live for God.

T15   And do everything to God’s glory.

T14   (mimicking)  “Success isn’t getting rich,
.     it’s doing God’s will in God’s strength.”

T1    So what about our future jobs, then?

T2    Mom says, “Get one!”  And then something about
.     the sloth from the book of Proverbs.

T13   Yeah, “if you want to eat-you better work.”

T4    Dad tells me that no matter where I work,
.     ultimately, God is my boss.
.     I’m really working for God.

T9    Oh, I get that speech when I’m supposed
.     to do a good job washing the dishes.

T10   I usually hear my mom singing while
.     she housecleans.

T11   Every morning, my mom asks me what
.     I’m concerned about for that day,
.     and then prays with me –

T12   Out loud?

T13   Every morning?

T11   Yeah.  Why?  Is that crazy?

T3    No... not at all.
.                                                      10
T4    Kind of cool, actually.

T11   It’s so I will learn to give all my concerns
.     to God, because we are not supposed
.     to worry about anything.

T6    I guess our parents ARE always teaching us.

T7    And obviously, we DO listen.

T2    Even when we pretend we aren’t.

T8    I suppose we’d be crazy NOT to listen
.     to their advice.

T9    Yeah, they’ve - “been there-done that.”

T10   So it really does make sense to
.     obey our parents.

T12   As long as WHAT they teach us doesn’t
.     go against what God teaches.

T13   I guess that’s why my dad keeps reading
.     through the Bible.

T14   Okay, so what’s the main point to this lesson?
.     I want to get it right.

T15   To love God with everything we got.

T6    And for parents to teach their children this -
.     whenever they can.

T2    Meaning - that the children should be learning
.     from their parents – whenever they can.

T5    I wonder if Mrs. Manuel has had her baby yet?

T7    Someday we’ll be parents –

(ALL look at TEEN 7 and freeze in a moment of
silent terror.)

T7    Probably.  SOME - day!

(ALL unfreeze with a sigh.)                            11

T1    Then we’ll be the ones teaching THEM.

(ALL look at TEEN 1 and freeze in a moment of
silent terror.  TEEN 1 stays frozen only for a moment,
then quickly looks at watch.)

T1    Ha-ha-ha – Hey!  Class is over.

(ALL unfreeze with relief.)

T1    (teasing)  And I’ll tell all your parents
.     that you all behaved very nicely today.

(ALL laugh and talk quietly with each other
as they exit.)