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TAKING GOD’S NAME IN VAIN - written by Tanis Harms
TOPIC:        taking God’s name in vain
SCRIPTURE:    Exodus 20:7
Style:        allegory/conversation:  a woman uses
.             her husband’s name as a swear word
.             and exclamatory expression
.             until it doesn't mean anything
.             and he doesn't respond anymore
Cast:         TINA, TIMOTHY
Set & Props:  chair, end table, sewing kit, phone


(TINA enters.  As she walks to the chair to sit down,
she stubs her toe on the chair leg.)

TINA   (loudly)  Timothy James Hutchenson!

(TIM comes running out.  TINA hops around in pain.)

TIM    You called me?

TINA   No.  I just stubbed my toe on the chair leg.
.      Timothy!  It hurts so much.

TIM    Well, did you want me to get you some ice
.      or something?

TINA   No, I’m fine.  It’s just pain.

(TIM leaves as TINA sits down and picks up her sewing.
TINA gets frustrated when she cannot thread the needle.)

TINA   (loudly under her breath)
.      Timothy James Hutchenson!

(TIM enters with hands out.)

TIM    What?

TINA   Nothing, I just can’t seem to
.      thread this needle.

TIM    But then - why say my name?

TINA   Ahhh, I don’t know.
.      It’s something to say, I guess.
.                                                       2
TIM    Then, could you please find something
.      ELSE to say, perhaps?
.      Or just – groan – or whimper.

TINA   Oh, sure.

(TIM leaves.  TINA gets the needled threaded and
begins to sew.  Jabbing herself, she jumps.)

TINA   Oh Tim!

(TINA continues sewing and jabs herself again.
In pain, she waves her hand in the air.

TINA   Oh Tim-Timmy!

(TIM walks out and studies TINA.)

TIM    Are you okay?

TINA   Yeah, I just keep jabbing myself
.      with the needle.

TIM    And are you blaming me for that?
.      Because it sounds like you are blaming me.

TINA   N-nooooo.

TIM    You’re still saying my name.

TINA   I said Tim and Timmy.

TIM    That’s still my name, though.
.      They are just DIFFERENT versions
.      of my name.

TINA   Oh, I guess so.  (sarcastically)  Sorry.

(TIM leaves while shaking his head.  
TINA continues sewing.  Studying her work,
she realizes that she has sewn the material
she’s been working on to her pants.)

TINA   Oh Tee!  I can’t believe this.
.      TeeeEEEEE!

(TIM stomps out.  TINA looks at TIM and shrugs.)

TINA   I didn’t say your name.
.                                                       3
TIM    But you were going to.
.      I still know what you meant.
.      You just started using my name,
.      but then just said my first initial.

TINA   Fine-fine-FINE.  I don’t know why
.      you’re getting so upset.

(TIM leaves with a sigh.  TINA tries to cut the material
away from her pants, but the phone rings.
TINA answers it.)

TINA   Hello, this is Tina...
.      This is Angela?!  Oh, Timothy!
.      It’s been such a long time.
.      I can’t believe it.  Oh, Tim...
.      Really?  Oh, Timmy!
.      That’s exciting – no way!

(TIM steps out to listen in on the conversation
without much reaction.  Finally realizing
he is really not being summoned, he rolls his eyes,
waves TINA off with disgust, and leaves.)

TINA   Oh – Tee!  Awesome!  That would be great...
.      Timothy James Hutchenson, so soon?...  
.      Well, that shouldn’t be a problem.
.      Give me an hour.
.      I need to pick up a few things first...
.      Okay, see you soon.  (hangs up)
.      Tim!

(TINA ignores the sewing attached to her pants
and gets up yelling out.)

TINA   Tim!  Timothy!  Timothy James Hutchenson!  
.      I need you to drive me to the store.
.      We’re getting some company in an hour.
.      Tim!  Why don’t you answer when I call?

(TINA marches off stage.)