.           all rights belong to Tanis Harms –
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.           - written by Tanis Harms
TOPIC:        obedience, God’s provision
SCRIPTURE:    Exodus 13:1-Deut.34:32
Style:        fantasy/conversation:  BROOK and DARREN
.             time travel back into Bible times
.             to imagine what it must have been like
.             for Israelites wandering the wilderness
Set & Props:  Bible;  staff


NOTE:         ONE TIME INTRO:  when doing this skit
.             outside of the series, use this


(DARREN and BROOK enter.  DARREN carries a Bible.)

BROOK         So the Israelites are going home
.             to the Promised Land?

DARREN        Ready for imagination time travel?

BROOK         Yes.  I want to see them get home.

(DARREN holds the Bible up, while he and BROOK
both open the Bible together, eyes wide, excited
and looking around wondering what will happen.)


(MOSES enters and slowly walks along and stops.)

DARREN        Here’s Moses, now.  Leading the Israelites
.             away from Egypt and their slavery.

BROOK         He’s moving very slowly.

DARREN        Well, he does have about two million people
.             and all their animals - following him.

(MAN rushes on and catches up to MOSES.)
.                                                       2
MAN           Moses, why are we going this way?
.             Wouldn’t there be a shorter, easier way?

MOSES         God knows there are wars in those places
.             and does not want us to be afraid.
.             AND He wants to keep us safe.

MAN           And just how will you KNOW which way to go?

MOSES         God is leading us with the pillar of cloud
.             by day, and the pillar of fire by night.

MAN           Oh, I just thought the cloud was there to
.             keep us cool, and the fire to keep us warm.
.             But – why are we stopping now?

MOSES         We have been traveling for some time.
.             God has told us to set up camp right here.

MAN           But why HERE? Why right beside the Red Sea?
.             If the Egyptians come,
.             we will all be trapped – and then killed.

DARREN        (reading)  Actually that was God’s plan,
.             because God knew - Pharaoh was going
.             to change his mind and send his armies
.             out to get the Israelites back.

BROOK         Oh no!  But why?  Will they be killed?

(DARREN turns a page.  MAN points off stage.)

MAN           See!  I told you!  Here they come now!
.             What will we do?  We’re as good as dead!
.             Oh why did we ever leave Egypt?
.             Did you just bring us out here to die?

MOSES         Do not fear!  Stand by and see
.             the salvation of the Lord which He will do
.             for you today; for the Egyptians you see
.             right now – you will never see again.
.             The Lord will fight for you while you
.             keep quiet – and - move forward.

MAN           Into the sea?  We cannot swim.

(MOSES lifts up his staff and stretches out             3
his hand toward the sea.  MAN watches in amazement.

MAN           The sea - is parting.

BROOK         (pretending to see)  Whoa – so cool.

MAN           (to offstage)  Come on, honey!
.             We’re all supposed to walk across!

(WOMAN rushes in, and her and MAN go to other side.)

BROOK         So now what?  Will the Egyptians
.             chase the Israelites forever?

(DARREN turns a page.  MOSES walks “over” and joins
MAN & WOMAN.  MOSES stretches out his hand over the sea.)

DARREN        (reading)  The two million, plus, people
.             made it safely to the other side... THEN
.             while the Egyptian army was crossing over,
.             God let the waters crash down
.             on top of them.  The entire army was gone.

(MAN and WOMAN jump for joy, celebrating.)

MAN           (to MOSES)  Seeing such awesome power!
.             We now trust God, and Moses as our leader.

WOMAN         Let’s make up a song to praise God
.             and tell about this story.

DARREN        (reading)  And news of this got out
.             to the other nations, so that those nations
.             trembled in feared.

BROOK         So things are going well.

(DARREN turns a page.  Weary, MAN goes up to MOSES.)

MAN           (grumbling)  Moses.  We have been wandering
.             in the wilderness for three days now.

WOMAN         (joining in)  The water in this place
.             is bitter, and we are dying of thirst.

(DARREN turns a page.  MOSES falls to his knees to pray.)
.                                                       4
DARREN        (reading)  Moses prayed, and God showed him
.             a tree and told him to throw it into
.             the water.  The water then became sweet.

BROOK         So God not only protected the Israelites,
.             but God also provided for them.
.             They must have been very grateful for that.

(DARREN turns a page.  MOSES stands up as MAN and WOMAN
complain to him.)

MAN           It’s been over a month now!  It would
.             have been better to die in Egypt where
.             we had pots of meat, and lots of bread.

WOMAN         Did you just bring us out here to die?

BROOK         (hopefully)  Are we there yet?

(DARREN turns a page.  MOSES kneels in earnest prayer.)

DARREN        God heard their grumbling, so
.             every evening, God sent them meat, and
.             every morning, God sent bread from heaven.

(MOSES stands up.  MAN and WOMAN look over the ground.)

WOMAN         I know what quail is, but - what is THAT?

MAN           (picks some up and tastes it)
.             Tastes like wafers and honey.

WOMAN         Let’s call it - manna.

MAN           But if I have to have this every day,
.             I’m going to get so tired of it.

WOMAN         I can try different things.  One day
.             I’ll boil it, next day I’ll bake it-

MOSES         It is bread from heaven.  Only gather as
.             much as you need each day.  Do not gather
.             more than that and leave it until morning-

DARREN        (reading)  This was a test to see
.             if they would obey.
.                                                       5
BROOK         Let me guess, some people did NOT obey?

(DARREN turns a page.)

WOMAN         Ew!  What has happened!

DARREN        (reading) If they kept any manna overnight,
.             it would breed worms and it would stink.

BROOK         But what’s happening to the manna left
.             on the ground that was not gathered?

DARREN        (reading)  The afternoon sun is simply
.             melting it away.

MOSES         Tomorrow is the Sabbath and a day of rest,
.             so today, on the sixth day of the week,
.             gather twice as much as you need
.             so you have something for tomorrow.

BROOK         Let me guess, some people did NOT obey.

(DARREN turns a page.  WOMAN and MAN complain to MOSES.)

WOMAN         Where’s the manna?

MAN           There’s nothing to eat?  I’m so hungry!

MOSES         You were supposed to gather double -
.             yesterday.

WOMAN         But last time we did that, it went bad.

MOSES         God will bless your obedience.
.             It will not go bad on the Sabbath.

BROOK         Did they ever learn to obey?

(DARREN turns a page.)

WOMAN         There is no water here!  I’m so thirsty!
.             We are all going to die.

MAN           And all our animals will die, too.
.             We need water!  And we need it now!

(MOSES falls to his knees in prayer.)                   6

MOSES         What am I to do to these people?
.             They are ready to stone me.

DARREN        (reading)  God told Moses to take
.             some elders with him to a rock
.             and strike the rock with his staff.
.             And there was water.

BROOK         Why not pray FIRST instead of complaining?

(DARREN turns a page.  MAN points off stage.)

MAN           Look! We’re being attacked by those people!
.             NOW we are all going to die!

MOSES         (to MAN)  Go and fight.  I will pray.

(MAN exits while MOSES raises his arms in prayer.)

DARREN        (reading)  The tribe of Amalek – attacked.
.             But as long as Moses’ arms were raised
.             in prayer – the Israelites would win.

MAN           (enters)  Victory!  We won!  We won!
.             (seeing MOSES)  I suppose we only won
.             because God was with us?

WOMAN         (to MOSES)  Now, what are you going to do
.             about the living conditions?

MAN           Exactly.  Our neighbors are being
.             such a pain.

MOSES         WHAT am I to do?

(MOSES exits, leaving MAN and WOMAN wondering.)

DARREN        (reading)  Moses’ visiting father-in-law
.             suggested that Moses select elders
.             to help with the small problems
.             so that Moses would have time and energy
.             to deal with the bigger problems.

(MOSES enters.  MAN and WOMAN approach.)

WOMAN         (to MOSES)  Now, what are you going       7
.             to do about the living conditions?

MAN           Exactly.  Our neighbors are being
.             such a pain.

MOSES         Those men over there will help you
.             with those kinds of problems.

(MOSES points offstage.  MAN and WOMAN exit, wondering.)

BROOK         Are they going to learn to obey soon?
.             Will they ever get along?

(DARREN turns a page.  MOSES kneels in prayer.)

DARREN        (reading)  When they reached Sinai,
.             God had given Moses the Ten Commandments –
.             and other laws - which help people
.             get along with God and each other.
.             And God said He would lead them
.             to the Promised Land and protect them
.             as long as they obeyed.

BROOK         Well?  Did they?

DARREN        The people SAID that they would obey.

BROOK         But?

DARREN        (reading)  While Moses was on the mountain
.             getting the stone tablets and instructions
.             from God, the Israelites thought that
.             Moses was taking far too long.

BROOK         Oh-oh.  What did the people do now?

(DARREN turns a page.  MOSES exits.)

DARREN        (reading)  The people asked Aaron
.             to make them a false god - to worship.
.             So they collected gold and made
.             a statue – an idol - of a golden calf.

BROOK         WHY?  Why would they do that?
.             That is breaking the very
.             first commandment.
.                                                       8
DARREN        (reading)  God was so angry and wanted
.             to kill them all, but remembered
.             the promise to Abraham, Isaac and Israel.

BROOK         Did God let them get away with that then?

(DARREN turns a page.  MOSES enters and faces offstage
to speak to the people.)

MOSES         Whoever is for the Lord, come to me!

(MAN and WOMAN quickly rush on to stand beside MOSES.)

DARREN        (reading)  The people who did not
.             choose God, were killed.

BROOK         Where there is sin – there is death.
.             Only being on God’s side
.             and having God’s forgiveness will save us.

MOSES         After atoning for this great sin,
.             our journey to the Promised Land
.             will continue.  God has warned us
.             not to make friends with the enemies
.             or they will influence us in a bad way.
.             We must drive them all out of the land
.             and keep obeying what God has told us.

DARREN        (reading)  God had given Moses all the laws
.             to follow, which Moses passed on to
.             the people and wrote down in scriptures.

BROOK         And did they learn to obey?

(DARREN turns a page.  MAN and WOMAN look to MOSES.)

MAN           I miss Egypt where there was all that
.             yummy fish and pots and pots of meat!

WOMAN         Did you just bring us out here to die?

MAN           We want more meat!

BROOK         Are we there yet?  Oops!  I mean,
.             God is already supplying them food.
.             Why would they complain?  So what happened?
.                                                       9
DARREN        (reading)  God sent them so much quail
.             for an entire month until they were sick.

BROOK         That should stop the complaining!
.             We should be thankful for what we have.

(DARREN turns a page.)

WOMAN         Are we there yet?

MAN           You said that we were almost there.

MOSES         It is just over the river.  I have sent
.             twelve men, one from each of our tribes,
.             to go into Canaan, the Promised Land.  They
.             will look around and report back to us.

BROOK         What did they see?

(DARREN turns a page.)

DARREN        (reading)  They saw that the land WAS
.             flowing with milk and honey just as God
.             said, but the people living there were big
.             and very strong with fortified cities.

MAN           We do not stand a chance against
.             those people!  We will lose every war!

WOMAN         We cannot go there! We will all die!

BROOK         Was it really that scary?

DARREN        (reading)  One of the spies,  Caleb,
.             as well as Joshua, stepped forward to say
.             that they should still go into the land
.             because they could still win – because
.             God was with them.

MAN           No!  We could never win.  We’ve heard about
.             those people.  They are like giants.

WOMAN         We will all die!  You could have left us
.             in Egypt to die instead.

MAN           We want a different leader!
.                                                      10
BROOK         Did they go into the land?

DARREN        (reading)  No.  In fact, God said - ONLY
.             Caleb and Joshua would ever get to see
.             the Promised Land.  Everyone else who was
.             alive at that time was going to die in the
.             wilderness.  Because of their lack of
.             obedience, they were now going to wander
.             the wilderness for 40 more years.

BROOK         Wait – you said only Caleb and Joshua.
.             What about Moses?

(DARREN turns a page.)

WOMAN         I’m thirsty!

MAN           Where is our water!?

MOSES         (angrily stomping out)
.             What am I to do with these people!!!

DARREN        (reading)  God told Moses and Aaron
.             to SPEAK to the rock, but instead,
.             they got so angry, they disobeyed
.             and HIT the rock to get water.
.             And because of that – God said to Moses
.             that Moses would not be able
.             to go into the Promised Land.

BROOK         What? I mean, of course, no one is perfect.
.             But Moses was one of the greatest prophets
.             EVER!  (sighing)  So... what happened?

(DARREN turns a page.  MAN and WOMAN exit.)

DARREN        (reading)  They all wandered the wilderness
.             for another 40 years.  Whenever the
.             Israelites complained and disobeyed,
.             God would discipline them.  Whenever
.             they obeyed God – things would go well.
.             Eventually everyone who had come out
.             of Egypt had died, except for Moses,
.             Caleb and Joshua, and all the people
.             who had been born in the wilderness
.             during that time of wandering.
.                                                      11
(DARREN turns a page.  MOSES enters.)

MOSES         I am 120 years old today.
.             I am no longer able to come and go.
.             And God has said to me,
.             “You shall not cross the Jordan.”
.             It is the Lord your God who will
.             cross ahead of you and help you defeat
.             the enemies.  Remember everything
.             you have learned and experienced
.             while in the wilderness.
.             And most importantly,
.             remember to love and obey the Lord.
.             Then God will bless you,
.             as He promised in His covenant to us.
.             Joshua will be your new leader
.             who will take you into the Promised Land.

(MOSES exits.)

DAREN        (reading)  After teaching and blessing
.            the people, and praising God,
.            Moses climbed up Mount Pisgah where
.            God let Moses see the Promised Land
.            with his own eyes.  And then Moses died.

BROOK        (dabbing her eyes)  I’m – a little sad.
.            But at least Moses got to see it.
.            All of this just goes to show you –
.            we need to love and obey God.

(INCLUDE ENDING:  unless going right into the next skit.)
.                                         (STILL TO COME)
(DARREN closes the Bible.)

BROOK         So will the Israelites go into
.             the Promised Land NEXT TIME?

DARREN        We will just have to wait and see.