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SUFFERING IS EXPECTED – written by Tanis Harms
TOPIC:        suffering for the sake of the gospel
SCRIPTURE:    2 Cor.1:3-11; Col.1:24-29; 2 Tim.1:7-12;
.             1 Pet.4:12
Style:        drama/conversation: a person explains
.             to a relative how they are feeling called
.             to go into missions despite
.             the many dangers
Cast:         PERSON 1 & 2
Set & Props:  small table, missionary display, pamphlets


(PERSON 1 sets up a small missionary display on a table,
then straightens a few pamphlets in front of that.
PERSON 2 enters and sees and approaches PERSON 1.)

P 2   Hey, I heard the news, but I just couldn’t
.     quite believe it.  But now I see -

P 1   It is true.  Are you here to offer support?
.     Of course, financial support is needed, but
.     prayer support is MOST important.

P 2   I’m here to offer friendly support.

P 1   That’s good, too.

P 2   As a friend, I’m here to talk you out of it.

P 1   Well that is - not helpful at all.

P 2   This decision is not – reasonable – at all.

P 1   Why wouldn’t you think so?

P 2   Because it’s crazy!

P 1   Now, what is so crazy about going to
.     another country to spread the gospel message?

P 2   It’s dangerous, for one.  Especially –
.     going to THIS country!  This is insane.
.     You could be killed.
.                                                       2
P 1   I could be killed here.

P 2   But this will only raise your odds.
.     Have you seen the statistics on how many
.     missionaries are killed each year?

P 1   The odds???  Do you really see this
.     as me gambling with my life?

P 2   Well, not really gambling.  But, yeah,
.     gambling.  If you were going to do
.     something stupid like - walking down
.     a dark alley and flashing wads of money,
.     you’d up your chances of being mugged.

P 1   But that would - NOT - be a WISE thing to do.
.     AND that would be like - testing God.

P 2   Right, so that’s exactly what you’re doing
.     by going to this country – even if it is
.     to spread the gospel.

P 1   How is spreading the gospel NOT wise?
.     And how are you testing God by
.     spreading the gospel?

(PERSON 2 crosses their arms and thinks.)

p 2   Okay, but maybe it’s HOW you are going
.     to go spread the gospel.

p 1   You don’t think I haven’t prayed a LOT
.     over this decision?  I have been called to go.
.     It is God’s will for me to go to THIS country.

P 2   But this country!  It’s like – throwing pearls
.     before the swine.  Have you checked out
.     the statistics on this culture?
.     So few of these people actually leave
.     their religion for Christianity.

P 1   Even if just one person comes to know
.     the Lord, there is rejoicing in heaven.

P 2   Then there are the statistics on how many
.     missionaries are living way below poverty level.
.                                                       3
P 1   By whose standards?  God will provide
.     all of my needs.

P 2   And how many missionaries suffer health issues
.     because of the shabby healthcare and
.     dangerous insects? –

p 1   Where do you get this stuff?  You can’t
.     believe everything on the internet.
.     And even if these statistics are correct,
.     so what?

p 2   Well, I guess, all I can say is,
.     I’m really going to miss you.

(PERSON 2 gives PERSON 1 a hug.)

P 1   Look, 2 Timothy 1, verse 12 says,
.     “For this reason I also suffer these things,
.     but I am not ashamed;  for I know whom I have
.     believed and I am convinced that He is able
.     to GUARD what I have entrusted to Him
.     until that day.”  We are going to suffer
.     for the sake of the gospel no matter where we are.
.     And God has everything under control.
.     When it is my time to go be with Him,
.     it doesn’t matter where I am.  And if there
.     is still something I need to do here on earth,
.     God will see to it that I stick around.

p 2   But why must it be YOU?

P 1   Well, ah, all of us are called.  Not all to
.     the same place, but to do the same thing.
.     We will all suffer for the sake of the gospel.
.     That is a promise, and it should not come
.     as a surprise to any of us.

P 2   Aren’t you scared?  At all?

P 1   If I was putting my trust in the statistics
.     of the internet, yes, I’d be afraid.
.     But I am putting my faith and trust in God’s words,
.     and the promises of God, who is all-knowing.

P 2   Hope you’re strong enough to handle this.
.                                                       4
P 1   And if I was putting my trust in my own strength,
.     I would be afraid.  But I am trying very hard
.     to put all of my faith and trust in God,
.     who is all-powerful.

P 2   Uh, that really does put it into perspective.
.     I’m just relieved then, that it’s you and not me.

p 1   So what about you?

P 2   You’re so not funny.

P 1   I’m not joking around.  What are you willing
.     to do for Jesus?  How far are you willing
.     to go to let someone know about the
.     saving power of Jesus?

P 2   About... 50 miles, maybe?

P 1   I’m not necessarily talking about physical
.     distance.  What about in your actions
.     or in conversation – with your neighbor –
.     or the black sheep of the family?

P 2   Hey, now you’re talking – WAY too close
.     for comfort.

P 1   Okay, so why are you so concerned
.     about comfort?

P 2   I get the feeling that my priorities
.     are not exactly in the right order.
.     I suppose I need to research this.

P 1   I’d suggest that the Bible is the only
.     resource you need for that.

P 2   Yeah, I’ll be checking into that.

P 1   Great, and you’ll be praying for me?

P 2   Sure.  I mean, yes, I will definitely
.     be praying for you.