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STRATEGY OF THE DEMONS - written by Tanis Harms
TOPIC:       temptation, spiritual warfare, Bible, prayer
SCRIPTURE:   Job 1:6-12; Eph.6:12
Style:       allegory/conversation: demons hurl balls
.            of paper at people which represent different
.            temptations in their lives.
.            They choose to pick it up or not.
Cast:        DEMON 1 & 2, CHRISTIAN 1 & 2
Set & Props: Bible, balls of paper


(DEMON 1 enters.  DEMON 2 comes in from other side.
Seeing DEMON 1, he approaches.)

D 1   Hey! A fellow-demon!  So,
.     one of Satan’s commanders sent you?

D 2   Yeah, heard you have a tough case.

D 1   I’m working on it.  This church got
.     a new pastor who’s leading
.     a lot of people to Jesus.

D 2   No problem.  I’ve worked
.     a lot of big cases before.

D 1   Really?  Ever been stationed near Israel?

D 2   A few times.  Never been a commander though.
.     And never worked directly under Satan.

D 1   (nods with understanding)
.     So what would you recommend?

D 2   (points off to the side)
.     Is that him over there?

D 1   As you see, he’s got a few guardian angels
.     surrounding him at the moment.

D 2   And I recognize one of them.
.     I really don't want to mess with him right now.
.     Hmmm... (thinking)  Okay, from my experience,
.     this pastor probably loves his flock and -
.     well - probably loves everybody.
.     One of those people-lovers.
.                                                       2
D 1   I hate that.

D 2   Me too.  But there’s a bit of pride
.     that can creep in and open the door
.     for us to really go to work.
.     If we can just get one of his new converts
.     to fall into a sinful pattern, chances are
.     this pastor will rush in and try to pick up
.     all the pieces.  We could really wear him out
.     that way.  Meanwhile, if we could find
.     one of those long-timers, a pious Christian
.     with really high standards, it’s pretty easy
.     getting THEM to be extra critical –
.     that would throw a huge wrench into the works.

D 1   You don’t want to just concentrate
.     on the weaker people in the church?

D 2   No-no.  Sometimes Christians have a harder time
.     forgiving MATURE Christians for making mistakes.
.     They become so disappointed in each other,
.     they have a hard time trusting God ever again.
.     I’ve seen churches split because of that.

D 1   Okay, I see where you’re going.  Very clever.

(CHRISTIAN 1 enters with hands stuck in pockets.
DEMON 2 nods in their direction.)

D 2   How about him/her?

D 1   He’s been a Christian a few years
.     but doesn't take it very seriously.
.     His fleshly desires are so weak
.     on their own, it’s not worth the effort.

(CHRISTIAN 1 trips as they walk off.)

D 1   See, didn’t even have to do a thing.

D 2   Nice!

D 1   That, and he has friends that help
.     lead him astray.

D 2   Okay.  Next.  What about that one?

(CHRISTIAN 2 enters reading a Bible. HE/SHE stops
to read more in depth.)
.                                                       3
D 1   I’ve been observing this one.  Fairly
.     new Christian who actually has been leading
.     a few people to Jesus, but doesn’t know
.     the Bible that well yet.  And you
.     know those types - they see pretty much
.     everything in black and white, and put
.     very high demands on themselves, so
.     they CAN get over zealous and preachy.

D 2   Perfect.   You’re catching on.
.     So let's throw pride – in relying on his
.     own understanding - at him.

(DEMON 1 tosses a wad of paper at CHRISTIAN 2’s feet.
CHRISTIAN 2 doesn’t even notice.)

D 1   Or, we could start with the typical basics –
.     envy.

(DEMON 1 tosses another wad at HIS/HER feet.)

D 2   How about lust?

(DEMON 1 tosses out another wad.  CHRISTIAN 2 still
doesn’t notice.)

D 1   I just remembered, he first met the pastor
.     for counseling.  For... anxiety issues.

D 2   Worry!  Excellent.  And let's add
.     discouragement and doubt to the mix.

(DEMON 2 tosses out a wad.  CHRISTIAN 2 finally
looks down.  Seeing the wads of paper, HE kicks them
out of the way and goes back to reading.)

D 1   Can’t believe it.  Hey! How about –

D 2   No!  I think I know what you’re thinking,
.     and I like it.  But we don’t have permission
.     to carry that out on this person.

D 1   Can’t believe it.  Well... what about
.     gossiping?

D 2   Good thinking, but not that outright-
.     back-stabbing-lying-kind of gossip.
.     It needs to be that – “I’m only sharing this
.     with you because I’m concerned” kind of gossip.
.                                                       4
(DEMON 1 tosses out yet another wad.  CHRISTIAN 2
stops to look hard at the wad, then picks it up
to study it closer.  CHRISTIAN 2 closes his eyes
and bows his head in prayer.  Shocked, HIS eyes
jolt open.  CHRISTIAN 2 shakes his head and
tosses the wad aside.  HE goes back to studying
the Bible while exiting.)

D 2   Tough case.  I really hate it when they pray
.     about everything.  Not much we can do then.

D 1   Oh-oh! Here come some extra guardian angels.

D 2   Better move on for now.  Come on.

(DEMON 2 leads DEMON 1 off.)