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SHOWING LOVE - written by Tanis Harms
TOPIC:         loving your neighbor
SCRIPTURE:     Acts 9:36-43
Style:         drama/conversation: Sunday School kids
.              figure out practical ways they can help
.              a hurting neighbor family
Cast:          TEACHER, KIDS 1 - ? (If you have less,
.              you can split up the lines.  If you
.              have more kids who want lines,
.              you can always add more lines.)


They all stand in a half circle.)

TEACHER  Hi kids, you all know the Wilson family.
.        Well, the mother is very sick.
.        And the father just lost his job,
.        which means he is going
.        to have to get two other jobs
.        in order to make all the payments.

KID 1    We should pray for them.

KID 2    Yes, let’s pray for them right now.

TEACHER  Okay... (all bowing their heads)
.        Dear Lord, please be with the Wilson family.
.        If it is Your will, heal the mother.
.        Help the father find a job.  And until then,
.        we thank you that you provide for all our needs.
.        And let us know if there is anything that
.        WE can do to help them.  All of this we pray
.        in Your precious name, we thank You.  Amen.

ALL      Amen.

TEACHER  And remember to keep them in your prayers
.        throughout the week too.

KID 3    Hey, what can we do to help them?

KID 8    Do you really think there’s anything we can do?

KID 4    My mom will be bringing them supper tonight.
.        I’m going to help make the dessert.
.                                                       2
KID 5    And my mom is going over with a group
.        to help houseclean this weekend.

KID 6    I know how to dust.

KID 5    Me too.  We can go with our moms and help!

KID 7    My dad says he’s going to help the father
.        with his resume and stuff.

KID 8    I could always help Jimmy Wilson with
.        his homework.

KID 9    Oh, I have some time this weekend.
.        I can mow the lawn for them.
.        Does anyone know how to weed?

KID 10   If someone shows me which are the weeds
.        and which are the plants, I can.

KID 11   Awesome.

(KIDS and TEACHER talk as they exit.)