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SEEKING WISDOM – written by Tanis Harms
TOPIC:        God’s wisdom
SCRIPTURE:    Job 28:1-28; Prov.2:1-22, 9:10, 2:6;
.             1Cor.3:19; James 1:5
Style:        allegory/conversation:  kids look
.             for wisdom to help solve their issues
Cast:         KIDS 1-5 (if you have more or less,
.             reassign the lines)
Set & Props:  crumpled aluminum foil in fancy lidded box,
.             banana peel in fancy lidded box,
.             dirty-looking sock in fancy lidded box,
.             Bible in a plain lidded box
.             (each box has a tag with writing)


(PLAIN BOX is right in the middle of the floor.
FANCY BOXES are hidden behind things around the stage.
KIDS 1-5 enter. As they do, KID 5 trips over PLAIN BOX.)

KID 5   Oops.

KID 2   You should be more careful.

KID 1   (to K2)  Duh!  So why do you always
.       think you’ve got all the answers?

KID 2   I don’t!

KID 3   I think you do.

KID 4   (to K3) Wait?  So ah, do you think that
.       he/she THINKS he/she has all the answers, or
.       do you THINK he/she DOES have all the answers?

KID 3   Huh?  Well, now I don’t know I think.

KID 5   (to KID 2)  Where COULD a person
.       find all the answers?

KID 2   I don’t know.  What are the questions?

KID 5   Oh, ah, like, okay, I have this issue right now.
.       And I do not know - what I should do.
.                                                      2
KID 2   But what is the “issue”?

KID 5   Well, there’s this certain group of friends-

KID 3   Yeesss-

KID 5   And they want me to do something-

KID 3   Yeesss-

KID 5   And I don’t know that I should.

KID 3   Yeesss-

KID 5   (straight at K3)  So you think I should?

KID 3   NO!  I mean, I don’t know.

KID 2   What are they asking you to do?

KID 5   Something that I should not do???

KID 2   So what’s the problem then?

KID 4   If you know you should not do it,
.       then you already have your answer.

KID 5   It’s not that simple!  And here I thought
.       I’d find some wisdom by asking YOU guys.

KID 2   Maybe we can find wisdom somewhere else.

KID 3   (very excited)  LIKE A TREASURE HUNT!

KID 2   Oookay.  Let’s see what we can find
.       on a “treasure hunt.”

(KID 5 turns and trips on the PLAIN BOX.)

KID 5   Who PUT that there?!

(KIDS go searching and KID 1 finds first FANCY BOX.)

KID 1   Oh!  Look what I found!  A treasure box!

KID 2   And there’s a tag on it.  What does it say?
.                                                       3
KID 1   (reading)  Follow your heart’s content,
.       for it will bring you riches.

KID 5   You mean, just do what I FEEL like doing.

KID 2   What’s inside?

(KID 1 opens the box and holds up crumbled aluminum foil.
KID 3 jumps with excitement.)

KID 3   Silver!  We struck silver!  We’re rich!

KID 1   Ah, it’s only a crumpled up piece
.       of aluminum foil.

KID 3   Seriously?

KID 1   I guess we keep on searching.

KID 5   I didn’t like that bit of information anyway.
.       I’ve done things that felt good at the time,
.       and then later on, I just felt really bad.

(KIDS keep searching.  KID 5 trips over PLAIN BOX again.)

KID 5   Seriously!

(KID 3 finds the second FANCY BOX.)

KID 3   Score!

KID 4   What is it?  What does it say?

KID 3   (reading)  Do what pleases others,
.       and you will have many friends.

KID 5   You mean, I should do what my friends want,
.       or they won’t be my friends anymore.

KID 3   That is sometimes how it goes.

KID 4   What’s inside?

(KID 3 opens the box and holds up a banana peel.)

KID 4   Ew!  Empty promises!
.                                                       4
KID 5   Makes sense.  From my experience,
.       those kind of friends usually end up
.       dumping you later on, anyway.

KID 2   Well, let’s keep looking!

(KIDS keep searching.  KID 5 trips over PLAIN BOX again.)

KID 5   This thing keeps getting in my way!

(KID 4 finds the third FANCY BOX.)

KID 4   Found something!  And it says: (reading)
.       Just speak your mind and show ‘em who’s boss,
.       and you will be able to call the shots.

KID 5   You mean, just be rude.

KID 4   Or spread rumors about them.

KID 3   Or don’t do that thing, but say that you did.

KID 2   Lie about it, in other words.

KID 1   Or - seek out revenge.

KID 5   Wait-wait-wait-wait!  None of that
.       sounds like a very good idea, either.

KID 3   Okay, so what’s inside?

(KID 4 opens the box and holds up a dirty-looking sock.
KIDS hold their noses.)

KID 4   Ew!  Nasty!

KID 1   Get rid of that, quick!

KID 2   Let’s not give up, though.

(KIDS look around.  KID 5 trips over PLAIN BOX again.)

KID 5   This box seems to be everywhere!

KID 2   Should we check it out?  What does it say?

(KID 5 picks up the PLAIN BOX and reads the tag.)       5

KID 5   Inside you will find the words of wisdom to life.

KID 3   Sounds promising.

KID 2   We can only know - if we open the box.

(KID 5 opens BOX and pulls out a Bible. ALL stare at it.)

KID 2   I’m only thinking outside the box now,
.       but I’m kind of thinking that
.       you have to open the book as well.

(KID 5 opens the Bible.  Verses are all NAS.)

KID 5   (reading)  1 Corinthians 3:19(a)
.       For the wisdom of this world
.       is foolishness before God.

KIDS    Ooohhhhhhh...

KID 3   Do another one.

KID 5   (reading)  Proverbs 9:10
.       The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom,
.       And the knowledge of the Holy One
.       is understanding.

KID 3   Sounds cool.  Keep going.

KID 5   (reading)  Proverbs 2:6
.       For the Lord gives wisdom;
.       From His mouth come knowledge and understanding.

KID 3   Is actually starting to make sense?

KID 5   (reading)  James 1:5
.       But if any of you lacks wisdom,
.       let him ask of God,
.       who gives to all generously
.       and without reproach,
.       and it will be given to him.

KID 3   Can you imagine?  An endless source of wisdom?!

KID 5   Sounds good to me.