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ROLLER COASTER COURAGE – written by Tanis Harms
TOPIC:        courage in God
SCRIPTURE:    2 Tim.1:7
Style:        allegory/conversation:  facing the biggest
.             roller coaster ride in the world,
.             TOM’S friends try to calm his fears
.             with reassurance
Cast:         TOM, MARK, CARY (change names if you need),
.             PARENT with little KIDS
Set & Props:  box/bag of popcorn, trashcan


(If you have, add quiet sound effects of a carnival
with the rumbling of a roller coaster.  
This can fade down or out once the actors start talking.
MARK struts on ready to take on the world.
CARY enters behind, cringing with excitement,
but a little nervous.  MARK looks up and pretends
to watch a roller coaster zipping over him.)

MARK   Wow!  Look at that.  The largest, fastest,
.      craziest roller coaster in the world.

CARY   Eeeeeee.  I’m – scared – but excited.
.      Let me just emotional prepare myself.

(CARY takes a few meditative breaths.)

MARK   Well, I can’t wait.  Let’s go.

(As MARK waves for them move go, he notices that
TOM is not with them.)

MARK   Where’s Tom?

(CARY shrugs and they both look around for TOM.)

CARY   I don’t know.  He was right behind me.
.      Oh, there he is!  Hiding – over there –
.      behind the popcorn vender.

MARK   Tom?  (reacts as if he finally sees Tom)
.      TOM!  Get over here!
.                                                      2
CARY   Do you think he’s too scared?

(MARK sighs, then marches off stage, reentering while
dragging TOM behind him.  TOM holds on to a box/bag
of popcorn.  As they come to a stop, TOM nervously
shakes so much that the popcorn spills out of the box.)

MARK   What’s wrong with you?  You said you were
.      committed to going on the roller coaster ride.

TOM    Ah, I’ve – got to eat my popcorn first.

(TOM tries to stuff popcorn into his mouth,
but he’s so nervous that popcorn flies everywhere
except into his mouth.)

CARY   I’m sure it would work better if you
.      actually got some of that into your mouth.

MARK   Seriously, just spill it!

(Standing by a trashcan, TOM nervously fumbles and
just drops the entire box of popcorn into the trashcan,
but this is more by accident.  Looking down, TOM freezes,
with a look of nervous dismay.)

MARK   I actually meant – “spill the beans” – as in -
.      “out with it” – as in – “what is wrong?”

CARY   It’s the ride of a lifetime!  You have to do it.

(TOM sinks to his knees and cowers behind the trashcan.)

CARY   Look, I’m scared too.  But – I’m still
.      going to go on the biggest, fastest,
.      craziest roller coaster in the world.

TOM    You don’t understand – I’m REALLY scared.

CARY   Nothing is going to happen, except a big
.      head-rush.  (pulls TOM to his feet)

TOM    (wilts and gasps)  We could all die.

CARY   We are not going to die.

MARK   Tom, you’re a grown man.  You can do this.      3

TOM    No one in their right mind would EVER do this.

(TOM, MARK and CARY freeze in expressive poses as
PARENT/S walk by with a bunch of little KIDS
all jumping with joyful excitement, saying things like,
“Yay, we get to go on the roller coaster.”
“I can’t wait.”  “This is going to be so awesome!”
They should be exclaiming this and walking by even as TOM
is still saying “do this.”  There should be no time-gap.
Right after they have passed by, TOM, MARK and CARY
relax in their poses.  TOM is sheepishly embarrassed
as TOM and CARY look at him with disappointment.)

CARY   Those kids are going to go on the roller coaster.

TOM    But – that’s just because - they’re so young!
.      They just don’t know yet - all the possible
.      dangers that await.

CARY   It’s totally safe!  See?  The engineer who
.      designed this ride, has put in safety features –
.      like – very strong bars and belts and padding –
.      to protect each person.  So it doesn’t matter how
.      weak a person is – as long as they obey
.      the safety rules – they’re going to be kept safe.

TOM    Anything could go wrong.

MARK   Except that the engineer has thought of all
.      the possible issues that COULD go wrong, and has
.      designed the roller coaster in such a way as to
.      prevent all of those things from going wrong.

TOM    But – machines wear out.

CARY   The engineer has everything inspected – everyday.
.      And look –  (points in several directions)
.      there are employees standing around – watching!
.      Waiting to help out at any sign of trouble!

TOM    You have so much faith in this engineer!

CARY   The engineer designed this ride so that people
.      can have fun – and NOT worry.

TOM    Maybe I’m just too logical.                      4

MARK   Whaaaaat?

CARY   Logical?  Then let’s look at this logically.
.      Are you safer standing right here, where you are?

TOM    I think so.  I mean, I KNOW!...  I think.

(KIDS happily skip and rush past suddenly with PARENT/S
rushing by to keep up, cheering and yelling things like,
“That was so awesome!”  “I want to do that again!
while TOM dodges back and forth with a look of terror,
afraid of getting trampled.)

CARY   There’s just as much danger standing right here.
.      You might as well go on the ride and
.      have the thrill of a lifetime.

TOM    I don’t know.

CARY   Okay, well, then, observe the people on the ride.
.      See how much fun they’re having?  And notice
.      the smiles and excitement as they exit the ride?

TOM    I – think I now see what you mean.

CARY   Are you going to join us, then?

MARK   It’s your choice.  I mean, if you don’t,
.      I’m STILL going on this ride.  (exits)

TOM    (to CARY)  So, you’re not at all scared?

CARY   A little bit, yeah.  But I’m still going. (exits)

(TOM thinks, then claps his hands with determination
and exclaims as he exits.)

TOM    Okay, let’s do this!