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RECHARGING - written by Tanis Harms
TOPIC:       Holy Spirit’s empowerment
SCRIPTURE:   Rom.15:13-19, Eph.5:18
Style:       drama/conversation:  a parent explains
.            to a child how a rechargeable battery
.            operates, which can be likened to
.            the Holy Spirit's power in us
Cast:        PARENT, CHILD
Set & Props: remote-control car


(PARENT and CHILD play with a remote-control car.
It suddenly stops.)

CHILD   It stopped!  We need to put in a new battery.

PARENT  Actually, this car has a rechargeable battery,
.       so we just have to recharge it.

CHILD   But it needs a battery.

PARENT  It already has a battery.  The battery
.       is always there.

CHILD   So we don’t have to put in a new one?


CHILD   But what’s wrong with the battery then?

PARENT  Nothing.  The battery is still good.  We just
.       used it up - we let it run out of power.

CHILD   So NOW what do we do?

PARENT  We are going to have to plug it in for a while.

CHILD   Then what?

PARENT  Then we will be able to play with the car again.

CHILD   Will it happen again?

PARENT  Oh yes.  We need to keep plugging it in
.       so that it can recharge.

CHILD   But when it’s plugged in, we cannot play        2
.       with the car.

PARENT  No, but it is worth the wait, isn’t it?

CHILD   Yes it is.

PARENT  And just like this remote-controlled car,
.       that’s how it is for Christians.
.       The Holy Spirit is kind of like
.       this rechargeable battery.
.       He’s always in us.
.       We just have to remember to recharge.

CHILD   How do we recharge the Holy Spirit?

PARENT  Well, the Holy Spirit doesn’t need
.       to be recharged.
.       But the Holy Spirit’s power in US
.       needs to be recharged.
.       In other words – WE need to be recharged!
.       And that can happen by doing things
.       like reading and studying the Bible,
.       praying and going to church.
.       It's kind of like –
.       plugging in to God.

CHILD   Interesting.  So I guess
.       we could go plug everything in right now?

(PARENT and CHILD carry the remote-control car out.)