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READING OF THE WILL – written by Tanis Harms
TOPIC:        eternal inheritance and rewards
SCRIPTURE:    Matt.19:29, 25:34; 1 Cor.3:10-15;
.             Eph.1:11-14; Col.3:24; 1 Pet.1:3-5
Style:        allegory/conversation:  a father reads
.             the will of inheritance to his children,
.             differentiating between them and
.             someone who refused to be adopted.
Cast:         FATHER, PERSON 1-5 (change the names to
.             be gender and internationally appropriate)
Set & Props:  folder with papers


(FATHER enters followed by PERSONS 1-4.  FATHER leads
the way across the stage, then stops to face PERSONS 1-4.
PERSON 5 enters but stops before center stage to watch
the group and sulk, as if PERSON 5 is unable to get
any closer.)

F    I have determined that it is time to read my will,
.    and for you to receive your inheritance.
.    It gives me great joy to have you all here with me.
.    (to P1)  Abiel!

(PERSON 1 steps forward slightly.)

F    You became my son at a young age, but eventually
.    you decided to do things your own way, very often
.    getting yourself into serious trouble.
.    Even though I remained your faithful father
.    with outstretched hands, you avoided coming to me
.    for guidance, and you were not interested
.    in maintaining a close relationship with me.
.    But your running away is over, and you are here
.    with me now to live in my estate.

(PERSON 1 steps into FATHER’S open arms and they
hug genuinely.  PERSON 1 now has a peaceful smile
on his face as he steps back.  PERSON 2 steps
forward slightly with a big smile of joy.)

F    Samaira, you became my daughter at a much later age
.    in life, but you worked for me with such love
.    and enthusiasm, even going where many people
.    feared to go.  Not only is there a place for you
.    in my estate, but you have earned rewards.
.                                                       2
(PERSON 2 hugs FATHER joyfully, then steps back.
PERSON 3 steps forward with timid joy.)

F    Lena, you became my daughter when you were
.    a young adult.  You tried to stay in touch with me
.    whenever it fit into your busy schedule,
.    but only came to family gatherings maybe once
.    or twice a year.  Although you were very busy,
.    you still seemed to drift in life, never really
.    finding the true richness and contentment
.    that I could have provided for you.  But you
.    are here, and this gives me great joy.

(PERSON 3 hugs FATHER with an appreciative smile,
then steps back.  PERSON 4 steps forward.)

F    José, you became my son when you were a teenager.
.    You resisted temptation to join the gangs
.    and stood up to them, even telling them about
.    your new hope in life.  You eagerly worked for me
.    and kept in close contact with me every day,
.    always seeking out my advice and guidance.
.    And with joy, you served your brothers and sisters
.    helping to organize the family gatherings,
.    and in love reached out to anyone in need.
.    Well done, my son.  Besides your home in
.    my estate, you have earned many rewards.

(PERSON 4 hugs FATHER, then steps back with the others.
As PERSONS 1-4 exit, all with the fond kind of love
family members could have for each other, FATHER
looks back at PERSON 5 who uses big hand expressions.)

P 5  What about me?

F    What about you?

P 5  I should be able to live in your estate.
.    I’ve lived a good life.  I’ve been good enough.

F    You didn’t want me to adopt you.

P 5  Come on, just look at the children you have.
.    Some of them were down-right hypocrites.
.    Who wants to be part of that?  I’m way better
.    than a lot of your children.

F    Even though my children disobeyed, and needed
.    disciplining at times, they made me their father.
.                                                       3
P 5  A lot of them didn’t deserve that at all.

F    And those are the ones who realized MOST of all
.    that they needed my love and guidance.
.    Even though I love you, and have done nice things
.    for you, you didn’t WANT me to be your father.

P 5  I don’t need you as my father.

F    To live in my estate, you NEED to be my child.
.    I wanted to adopt you, but you rejected my offer.

P 5  Riiight.  But I want to live in your perfect
.    estate now!

F    You have to be my child to get an inheritance.

P 5  You could make an exception.  Remember, you would
.    give nice things to your children, and then once
.    in a while, you’d give me something really nice.

F    But you do not love me, or even appreciate the fact
.    that I did some nice things for you.  You want
.    nothing to do with me.

P 5  I love your estate.  Come on, you’re a nice guy,
.    you’re very generous.

F    I am.  That’s why I offered to adopt you.

P 5  (angrily)  I hate you!  Can’t you hear me?
.    I want to live in your estate!

F    I live in my estate, so I will always be there.
.    Again, you wanted nothing to do with me.
.    And so, that is your choice.  You will now
.    have nothing from me... which includes every
.    good thing that I provide.  The time has come
.    and you made your decision.

(FATHER exits to join FAMILY.  PERSON 5 exits in
other direction, stunned and angry.)