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.                                – written by Tanis Harms
TOPIC:        miracles, authority of Jesus, salvation
SCRIPTURE:    Matthew 9:1-35
Style:        drama/conversation:  people who have been
.             healed by Jesus, discuss their experiences
Cast:         PERSON 1 (young man), P 2 (male)
.             P 3 (young woman), P 4 (male or female)
Set & Props:  


(PERSON 1, 2 and 3 enter as a group and stop to talk.
PERSON 4 enters from the other side, and comments as if
he/she has just seen something and is commenting more
to himself/herself than the people around him/her.)

P 4   Ah, who does that Jesus think He is,
.     anyway?  What a bunch of nonsense!

(PERSON 1, 2 and 3 hear this and look at PERSON 4.)

P 3   What are you talking about?

P 4   Jesus!  He’s over there again,
.     doing His tricks.

P 2   Why do you think they’re only tricks?

P 4   Some kid was ranting and raving
.     like a maniac, when Jesus supposedly
.     cast the demons out of him.

P 1   Was his name Zedekiah?

P 4   That may have been his name.

P 1   (to group)  Awesome!  Jesus has
.     healed Zedekiah!

P 4   Are you in on it too?

P 3   In on what?

P 4   The trick?  The sham!  This guy                   2
.     could easily fake being demon-possessed.
.     Then Jesus, or anybody for that matter,
.     could tell the demons to come out–
.     and then the person just has to act all normal.

P 1   Zedekiah has been demon-possessed
.     for a few years now.  The High Priests
.     have tried to help him before,
.     but then it would only get worse again.

P 4   Maybe he wasn’t really demon-possessed.
.     Maybe he was just a little crazy.

P 3   Noooo, I saw him a few times.  Very scary!

P 4   I just don’t believe you - or what I saw.
.     YOU don’t buy into this, do you?

P 2   I really do.  I believe that Jesus
.     is the Son of God.

P 4   Without any proof?

P 2   There’s lots of proof.  Are you blind?

P 4   I’m not blind, are you?

P 2   Actually, I WAS.  I was born blind,
.     and was reduced to being a beggar on the streets.
.     Me and this other guy, who was also blind,
.     we’d stick together for safety.
.     Anyway, we would hear people on the streets
.     talking about how Jesus could heal diseases
.     and things.  So then one day,
.     we heard Jesus walking by –

P 4   If you were blind, how’d you know
.     it was Jesus?  Huh?

P 2   We heard all the people talking to Jesus,
.     and then – we heard Him speak – we just knew.
.     In our hearts – we sensed that there was
.     something very different about this Man.
.     So we got up and tried to follow the voices.
.     Jesus heard us calling out to Him and He stopped
.     and healed us, just by touching our eyes.
.                                                       3
P 4   Come on, you expect me to believe that?

P 2   Hey, that’s your choice.  I KNOW I was blind,
.     and now I see.  And my family has seen
.     the difference.  I’m not just talking about
.     the physical change, they have noticed
.     how my whole life has changed.

P 4   Well, sure.  Whatever.

P 1   Not “whatever.”  The same thing happened with me.

P 4   You were blind too?

P 1   No.  I was paralyzed.  My entire life.

P 3   He was.  He couldn’t walk at all.

P 1   So when my friends saw the boat
.     coming back to town, with Jesus in it,
.     they carried me to the shore to wait for Him.
.     When they landed, other people were
.     also waiting for Him.  But Jesus saw me and
.     told me that because of my faith
.     “my sins were forgiven.”  Well,
.     this angered the scribes.  So Jesus told me
.     to rise up, take my bed, and go home.
.     This was to show everyone that He had
.     the authority on earth to forgive sins.

P 4   Aw, come on!  So Jesus is saying that
.     His reason for healing people is just
.     to prove to everyone that He can forgive sins?
.     Do people even care about that?

P 1   You know, years ago, if you would have asked me
.     this question, I might have said that
.     the most important thing to me - would be to walk.
.     But now that Jesus forgave my sins,
.     this new life change in me – is WAY better
.     than having the use of my legs.

P 4   Oh please.  So if you had to choose
.     this new life, or being able to walk –
.     you’d chose the new life.

P 1   Definitely!  Being able to walk is nice,          4
.     but having a personal relationship with God –
.     well – there is just no comparison.

P 4   I don’t believe it.

P 2   Yeah, we kind of get that.  I guess
.     in order to be saved, you have to realize
.     your need for help.  When you have issues,
.     like being blind or paralyzed, you see
.     the physical need for help.  But I saw
.     my spiritual need for help.  We are sinners,
.     and can’t have peace in our hearts
.     as long as sin is still there.

P 3   Where there is sin, there is death.
.     But I know that Jesus can save us from death.

P 4   Ha!  That’s outrageous!  How could
.     you even know this?

P 3   I was dead.  I was physically dead.

P 4   Ah, yeah, sure.

P 3   I was.  I had become very sick, and then – died.
.     As in - passed away.

P 4   Maybe you weren’t really dead.

P 3   My dad is a synagogue official.
.     So he’s been around quite a few dead people,
.     and he’s not the kind of man to jump
.     to conclusions.  Despite what the Pharisees
.     were saying and thinking, he went to find Jesus,
.     knowing that Jesus could raise me up.  Jesus came
.     and just took my hand, and I – woke up.

P 4   So you WERE just sleeping.

P 3   Ahhhhh – heavenly sleep – if you want to
.     call it that.  Jesus told the people
.     that I was just sleeping, and everyone laughed
.     at Him.  They all KNEW that I was very dead.
.     They were already starting the funeral
.     process.

P 2   Jesus can heal you, too.                          5

P 4   I don’t need healing.

P 1   Sure you do.  You are paralyzed - not going
.     anywhere with your life - unable to help yourself.

P 2   And you are certainly blind, because you
.     do not see what is right in front of you.
.     You do not understand the bigger picture.

P 3   And you are dead in your sins.
.     Believe in Jesus, and He will give you life.
.     No one else can do this.

P 4   Well, it’s something to think about.

(PERSON 4 begins to walk away in the direction he/she
had original intended, but stops to think, then goes back
to where he/she had come from [where Jesus would be].
P 1, 2 and 3 look at each other, then follow P 4.)