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QUEST FOR HEALING – written by Tanis Harms
TOPIC:        seeking Jesus’ healing at all costs
SCRIPTURE:    Lev.15:19-33; Mt.9:19-21; Mk.5:24-26;
.             Lk.8:43-48
Style:        drama/conversation: while being separated
.             in the “tent”, Elora, a woman who
.             has been hemorrhaging for years,
.             hears about how Jesus can heal,
.             and decides to seek Him out
.             despite the laws and many dangers
Cast:         ANNA (young teen);  BATIA;  ELORA
Set & Props:  either benches with blankets over them,
.             or hay bales to sit on


(ELORA lies on the floor with her back turned away.
BATIA sits in a corner and notices ANNA timidly entering
the tent.  ANNA looks around shy with a nod, then sits.)

BATIA    Hello.  My name is Batia.
.        You must be new to the area.

ANNA     I’m here visiting relatives.  But I did not
.        expect to be - “visiting” – the tent.

BATIA    This is your very first time - visiting a tent?
.        Ah, what did you say your name was?

ANNA     Oh, I didn’t.  My name is Anna.
.        And – yes, it is my very first time.

BATIA    Well, no reason to be ashamed.
.        This happens every month.

ANNA     I just do not understand why we have to
.        do all of this.  Why are we even called –
.        unclean – during this time.

BATIA    Ah, well, there are many other things
.        also considered unclean.
.        It is the state of the world.
.        As I understand it, God is holy.
.        And we must recognize and remember that.
.                                                     2
ANNA     I fail to understand.

BATIA    We cannot go before God in an unclean state.
.        Anything related to death – is unclean to God.
.        And when we have this time of month,
.        what is leaving the body is something dying.
.        There is a death.

ANNA     So weird.

BATIA    So we are to take this time to remember
.        how much God has done for us –
.        even though we are unclean people.  All of us.

ANNA     Maybe one day God will do something so
.        we can always be considered clean before Him.

BATIA    Well, until such a day, we do this.

ANNA     So it is a time of reflection.  Does God think
.        women need a longer time to reflect?

BATIA    Perhaps God is also letting us enjoy some
.        girl-time?  I like to consider this a tiny
.        vacation from all my housework and children.
.        Do not get me wrong, I love my children.
.        It’s just - when I return home after my week,
.        they love me that much more.

(ELORA groans.  ANNA notices this.)

ANNA     (to BATIA)  Oh, I did not notice her there.
.        Is she okay?

BATIA    Who, Elora?  (shaking her head and leaning in)
.        It’s a very, very sad story, really.
.        She is in a very bad way.
.        She has been hemorrhaging for twelve years.

ANNA     She has had her monthlies for twelve years?!

BATIA    Well, something like that.  Doctors have tried
.        to figure it all out.  And they’ve DONE stuff
.        to her.  Sounds more like they tortured her
.        and only made it worse...  Poor dear,
.        I don’t know how much longer she will last.
.                                                      3
ELORA    (struggles to turn around)  I’m not dead yet...
.        (to ANNA)  Hello, dear.

ANNA     Is there anything – uh - I can do?

ELORA    Oh, yes, I’d – love to hear –
.        what is happening.  What news do you have?

ANNA     What sort of news did you want?

ELORA    Anything...  I never leave the tent.
.        So any news lets me feel like
.        I’m still part of the community.

BATIA    I’ve caught her up with all the latest gossip –
.        Unless you know Maris – is there anything more
.        about her spat with her neighbor?

ANNA     Sorry, I-I have not met her yet.
.        (then thinking)  There is a Man called Jesus.
.        Some people say that He is our Messiah.
.        Our Savior.

BATIA    Ah, boring.  Man’s talk.

ANNA     It’s not boring.  He has a life-changing
.        message that He preaches...  to everyone,
.        men AND women.

BATIA    I hear that’s causing quite a stir,
.        especially since He has had conversations
.        with women - in public.

ANNA     But-

BATIA    Even with a SAMARITAN woman, no less...
.        I’d say He sounds like a man
.        who should not be trusted.

ANNA     He doesn’t speak to them THAT way.

BATIA  Oh?  You have heard Him speak?

ANNA     I have.  And He does miracles.

ELORA    What - kind of miracles?
.                                                      4
ANNA     I heard He changed water to wine.  And –
.        He has healed people.  Lots of people.

(ELORA tries to sit up, showing keen interest.)

ELORA    What sort of things can He heal?

ANNA     I-I suppose – He can heal anything.

BATIA    (observes the slight hope in ELORA’S eyes)
.        Well, even if He CAN heal you –
.        you are unclean.  How would you get to Him?
.        You must remain here separated from everyone.

(ELORA lays down again, thinking.  ANNA looks sad.)

ANNA     It’s too bad men cannot come here.

BATIA    Utterly hopeless, so just forget about it.
.        Besides, I think this sort of talk is dangerous.
.        I believe that Jesus is a dangerous man.
.        From what I hear, He is upsetting everyone.
.        We are not even sure where His powers
.        actually come from.

ANNA     Well, when He speaks, all He speaks about
.        is God.  And the way Jesus speaks about God,
.        it is very obvious that He is very close to God.
.        And I believe –His powers come ONLY from God.

BATIA    It could be a trick.

ANNA     I do not know how someone could pull off
.        such an elaborate trick.  Besides,
.        the love that Jesus has for the people –
.        is very overwhelming.
.        And so many people are willing
.        to put themselves in danger for this Man.
.        Isn’t THAT interesting?

BATIA    (sarcastically)  Yes-yes, very – interesting.

ELORA    Then I will go.

BATIA    Elora, you cannot.  They could stone you
.        for disobeying the laws.
.                                                       5
ELORA    I must go.

BATIA    You are unclean.  You will get into trouble.

ELORA    What trouble is worse than this?

(ELORA gets up and struggles to move to the exit.)

BATIA    But look, the strain on your body when you walk-
.        it will only make your bleeding worse.
.        You could DIE just in your efforts to reach Him.

ELORA    Jesus - is my ONLY hope to be healed.
.        And I will do anything - TRY anything –
.        to reach Him.

ANNA     Yes.  He IS your only hope.

(As ANNA helps ELORA leave the tent, BATIA frets.)

BATIA    But this is just the way things are,
.        and have always been - you are leaving
.        while you are still unclean.

ELORA    BECAUSE I am unclean – I must see Jesus.

BATIA    This - this will end very badly, I fear.
.        You don’t even know if Jesus CAN heal you.

ELORA    I have faith that Jesus can.
.        I know that He can.  All I need to do
.        is make the effort to see Him.

ANNA     I will pray that you will make it to Him.

ELORA    Thank you, dear.  (exits)

ANNA     (faces BATIA)  What?

BATIA    What madness!  Why would she even THINK
.        about doing this?

ANNA     Maybe if you saw YOUR need for Jesus,
.        you would do whatever it takes to see Him.