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QUENCHING THE SPIRIT - written by Tanis Harms
TOPIC:        quenching the spirit, relationships
SCRIPTURE:    1 Thess.5:19
Style:        allegory/conversation:  each time the wife
.             is excited to serve, she lights a candle.
.             Each time the husband discourages her,
.             he snuffs out a candle.
Cast:         HUSBAND, WIFE, NARRATOR (or Pastor)
Set & Props:  table, 5 candles, lighter, snuffer


(HUSBAND and WIFE stand at opposite sides of a table.
WIFE happily lights all the candles.
HUSBAND stands there watching, looking dubious.)

WIFE     I’m so excited.  I have an opportunity
.        to serve on the ladies committee.

(HUSBAND snuffs a candle with each comment he makes.
And as he does, the WIFE becomes a little sadder.)

HUSBAND  You are going to over extend yourself.
.        You have commitments here at home. (snuff)

WIFE     I’m thinking of taking a meal over
.        to our neighbors.  They just had a baby,
.        and I know how hard it is –

HUSBAND  It’s not up to you to solve all life’s problems.
.        You’re not that good of a cook anyway. (snuff)

WIFE     The church is holding a talent contest
.        at the fellowship night.
.        I’d like to try singing.

HUSBAND  Seriously.  You’re not that good.
.        PLEASE don’t embarrass me.  (snuff)

WIFE     Our son was so cute today.
.        He accidentally fell a few times and said,
.        “The floor really likes me, doesn’t it?”
.        I just cherish to moments I get
.        to help raise our son.

HUSBAND  If you’d watch him more closely,
.        you’d be a better mother. (snuff)
.                                                       2
(WIFE sighs deeply, then tries to cheer up again
and lights two candles.)

WIFE     Old Mrs. Damon has been very sick lately,
.        so I helped clean her house today.

(HUSBAND continues to snuff them out as he comments.
WIFE becomes completely let down.)

HUSBAND  You should spend more time cleaning up
.        our pigsty.

WIFE     Shannon needs someone to talk with.
.        She’s going through some difficult times,
.        so I want to go -

HUSBAND  You should be careful, you know.
.        People are going to think that
.        you are a busybody.

(NARRATOR goes behind the table and lights each candle
with each point.  As he does, WIFE and HUSBAND become
more hopeful.  HUSBAND walks around to stand by WIFE.)

PERSON   (candle 1)  God loves you,
.             LOVE one another;
.        (2)  God wants you to be secure in Him,
.             PRAY for one another;
.        (3)  God wants you to grow,
.             TEACH one another;
.        (4)  God wants you to serve,
.             SERVE one another;
.        (5)  God wants you to obey Him, do not quench
.             the Holy Spirit –
.             but ENCOURAGE one another.