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POINT THE WAY - written by Tanis Harms
TOPIC:       salvation, be a witness, be ready to share
SCRIPTURE:   2 Tim.4:2
Style:       satire/conversation: a seeker is looking
.            for directions (to someplace) and meets up
.            with people who are fearful, unsure,
.            busy, and prepared


(SEEKER enters and sees FEARFUL walking toward him/her.)

SEEKER    Excuse me, please,
.         I’m searching for the way –

(FEARFUL stops in trembling fear and runs off quickly.
SEEKER balks at this.  Slowly turning around,
SEEKER sees UNSURE approaching.)

SEEKER    Hi, could you help me, please.
.         I am looking for the way.

UNSURE    Ummm, you want to know the way?
.         Are you really sure you want to know that?

SEEKER    Yes. I want to know the way.

UNSURE    Well, let me see if I can explain this right.
.         Hummmm.  I don’t know.  I think it’s...
.         No, that might be wrong.  Maybe...
.         It’s, ah, it’s hard to explain...

SEEKER    (getting impatient)  Seriously,
.         I feel that I need to get there
.         as soon as possible.  It’s important.

UNSURE    Well, ummmm, I’m just not exactly sure
.         how to give the directions.
.         What if I tell you and it’s wrong?

SEEKER    (shaking head, sighing)  I guess I’d rather
.         be told the right directions.
.         I’ve been lost way too long as it is.
.         I don’t need another wild goose-chase.

UNSURE    Oh good.
.                                                       2
SEEKER    How is that good?

UNSURE    I’m off the hook.  So, okay, then,
.         I hope you get it all figured out.
.         It’s, ah, well, it is worth it though.

SEEKER    Yeah!  I’m sure.  Thhhanks anyway.

(While UNSURE doddles off, SEEKER turns around
and sees BUSY rushing past.)

SEEKER    Oh hi – do you know the way?

BUSY      Yes!

SEEKER    Could you help me then?  I –

BUSY      Sorry!  Very busy!
.         Good luck with that, though!

SEEKER    Sure.  Thanks for nothing.

(Discouraged, SEEKER sinks to the floor.
PREPARED walks by and notices SEEKER’s sad expression.)

PREPARED  Hey, are you okay?  You look lost.

SEEKER    I am.  And I’m pretty sure there’s a way.
.         For several years now, I have felt like
.         there’s been something missing from my life.
.         Something big.  Then the other day,
.         I heard a song with words that made me think.
.         So I asked somebody what they meant.
.         They told me that there was a way!
.         And if I found it, it would make
.         my whole life make sense, and have purpose.
.         I wanted to know more, but I never saw
.         that person ever again.  So I’ve been searching
.         and looking on my own.  And when I ask people
.         where I could find the way, they are either
.         too afraid, too busy, or they aren’t sure...
.         Nobody is prepared to let me know.

PREPARED  Well, I know the way.

SEEKER    You do?

PREPARED  Yeah, come on.

SEEKER    You can point it out?                         3

PREPARED  Sure.  I can even walk beside you,
.         if you want.

(As SEEKER jumps up eager and starts off in
one direction, PREPARED points in the other direction.
SEEKER turns around and skips after PREPARED.)

SEEKER    This is awesome!  Thank you so much!