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OH FATHER   – written by Tanis Harms
TOPIC:        taking God’s name in vain
SCRIPTURE:    Ex.20:7; Deut.5:11; Ps.29:2, 139:20;
.             Mt.6:9; Jhn.9:31; Eph.5:4; 2 Tim.2:16;
.             James 5:16
Style:        allegory/conversation: while children play,
.             they keep calling out “Father”, etc.
.             At first Dad answers, but soon tunes out
.             the calls and doesn’t even react.
Cast:         DAUGHTERS 1-2, DAD; NARRATOR (or Pastor)
Set & Props:  chair, newspaper, (Ken & Barbie) dolls


(DAUGHTERS 1-2 play on the floor with their dolls.)

D 1     Oh, Dad!  Father!

(DAD rushes in.)

DAD     What is it?  What’s wrong?

D 1     (looking up)  Huh?

D 2     Oh, we weren’t calling you.
.       We’re just playing.

DAD     Ohhh, you sure?

D 2     Ah, yeaahh.

DAD     Okay.

(DAD calmly walks to the chair and sits down to read
the newspaper while DAUGHTERS continue to play.)

D 2     Didn’t I tell you to clean up your room?

D 1     But I want to go shopping.

D 2     Clean up your room, noooooow!


(DAD puts newspaper down and rushes to DAUGHTERS.)      2

DAD     What’s wrong, are you okay?

D 1     Dad, we’re JUST playing!

(DAD goes back to sit and read newspaper.
DAUGHTERS continue playing.)

D 2     Okay, now do as I say.

D 1     Can’t I do it later?

D 2     I want you to clean up – now!

D 1     DAAAAAD!

(Concerned, DAD puts down newspaper to listen closely.
When DAUGHTERS continue playing, he sighs and
goes back to reading.)

D 2     You need to listen to me.

D 1     But why don’t you listen to me?
.       I have something very important to buy.

D 2     What could that be?

D 1     I need a party dress for the ball.

D 2     Who said I would let you go the ball?

D 1     But!  Oh Father!  Daaaaad!

(DAD ignores his “name” now and doesn’t move.)

D 2     You said that you would babysit
.       your little brother.

D 1     Oh Dad!  I have this tiara and everything.

(DAD still ignores.  When DAUGHTER 1 puts something
onto the doll’s head, the head comes off in her hands.
For this, probably find a doll that is already broken.)


(DAD completely ignores the cries for help.)            3

D 2     Dad!?

D 1     Father!  We need your help.

D 2     Ah, Dad, now we need you!

D 1     We really need you now, Dad.

(DAD still ignores.  DAUGHTER 1 starts to cry.
LIGHTS fade.)

(OPTIONAL:  PASTOR or NARRATOR steps forward.)

NAR.    This father chose to tune out
.       his daughters’ use of his name in play.
.       Even just the frivolous use of God’s name –
.       is taking God’s name in vain.
.       Are you saying any form of His name –
.       as an exclamation – merely as
.       an empty reaction to something –
.       saying any form of His name without
.       any real meaning or purpose behind it?
.       Does God have to tune out any of your language?