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OBEYING GOD – written by Tanis Harms
TOPIC:        obedience to God over men
SCRIPTURE:    Eph.6:1, Acts 5:29, Titus 3:1,
.             Heb.11:8, 13:17, 1 Pet.1:13-16
Style:        drama/conversation:  children have
.             a discussion on obedience
Cast:         CHILDREN 1-7
Set & Props:  2 Bibles, 2 pamphlets


(CHILD 1 & 2 walk out from stage right, carrying Bibles
and bulletins.)

C1    I’m still confused.

C2    About what?

C1    Well, the Awana leader said that –
.     as a Christian -
.     I have been set free
.     from my sins and the law.

C2    Yes.

C1    But I should STILL obey the law?
.     Even though I’m FREE?

C2    Yes.  Your sins have been forgiven,
.     so it doesn’t matter
.     what you do or don’t do,
.     you will go to heaven.
.     But what you do or don’t do –
.     while you are still here on earth –
.     that still means SOMETHING.

C1    WHAT does it mean?

C2    There are still consequences.
.     Like, let’s say
.     a Christian stole something,
.     they’d still go to heaven,
.     but here on earth they could go to jail.
.     Look, God still wants us to TRY to obey –
.     with His help of course.

C1    Why?
.                                                     2
C2    Because as Christians,
.     we should be an image of God.
.     It’s like the acorn
.     not falling too far from the tree.

C1    WHAT?

C2    You know?  Like, when people say,
.     “You are so much like your dad.”

C1    Is that actually such a GOOD thing?

C2    Well, it is if you have a good father.
.     And, well, God - is our perfect heavenly Father.

C1    Oh, so if He’s our Father,
.     we should ONLY obey Him.

C2    God is like... the top dog.
.     We should obey Him above all else.

C1    What else?

C2    Seriously, don’t you listen
.     when you’re in Sunday School or church?

C1    I guess I should start.

C2    Look, we’re supposed to ALSO obey authority.
.     That means - church leaders, parents,
.     and the government and their laws.

C1    In that order?

C2    Look, God comes first.
.     If any of those others would tell you
.     to do something that went against
.     what God tells you,
.     then you should NOT obey them.
.     OTHERWISE, we should obey them.

C1    But there are so many rules!  It’s too much.

C2    It’s pretty simple actually.
.     Well, God’s rules are simple,
.     PEOPLE like to make things complicated.

C1    Which rules are God’s?

C2    Basically, it all comes down to:                3
.     love God, love others.

C1    That is really simple.
.     Hey, I’m done reading this.
.     Did you want to have it?

C2    Naw, I have one already.

(CHILD 3 enters from stage left and walks by
as CHILD 1 and 2 start to walk again.
CHILD 1 crumples up the pamphlet and drops it.
CHILD 3 sees this.)

C3    Hey, you.  You do know
.     that it’s against the law to litter?
.     I saw you drop that on the ground.
.     You really should pick it up.
.     You could be fined, you know.

C1    But I don’t want it anymore.
.     I’m tired of carrying it around with me?

C2    It IS the law.

C1    Oh?  But does God support this law?

C2    What do you think?
.     Does it say anywhere in the Bible
.     that we SHOULD litter?

C1    Nooooo.  All right then.

(CHILD 1 picks up the pamphlet and smoothes it out.)

C3    You should really take it home with you
.     and put it into the recycling.

C2    That’s a great idea.

(CHILD 3 exits to stage right.  CHILD 4 and 5 enter
from stage left.  Seeing CHILD 1 and 2,
they approach them like they are really tough.)

C4    Hey, YOU.

C5    Yeah, we’re talking to both of you.

C4    How about doing a really cool thing
.     and helping us out?
.                                                     4
C2    What do you need?

C1    (to C2)  I want to be cool.

C5    We need you to pop into that store over there
.     and get us some candy.

C2    Why can’t you do it?

C4    They already know us there.

C1    I don’t have any money on me.

C5    Well, that’s okay.  We don’t expect you
.     to actually pay for it.

C2    So you want us to steal?

C4    Ah, we really don’t like to call it that.
.     It’s more like borrowing.
.     They have insurance, you know.

C2    But that’s still stealing.

C5    Do you want to be cool, or not?

C1    (to C2)  I want to be cool.

C2    (to C1)  Stealing is not cool.

C4    Ah, and here I thought you two would be cool.
.     Come on, we’ll find some other chumps.

(CHILD 4 and 5 exit by stage right.)

C1    (to C2)  I want to be cool.

C2    Stealing is NOT cool.  It’s wrong.  Look...
.     (flipping the Bible open to Exodus 20:15)
.     “You shall not steal.”

C1    Well, what if our pastor told us to steal?
.     We are supposed to listen
.     to our Sunday School teachers and pastor.
.     It might be for a good thing.

C2    It goes against what God says.
.     Stealing is stealing, no matter what.
.     That’s why you want to study your Bible.
.                                                     5
(CHILD 6 enters from stage left and sees CHILD 1.)

C6    Hey, Mom says you’re supposed to
.     sweep the driveway before bedtime.

C1    Seriously?

C6    Hey, I had to wash the dishes.

C1    But sweeping the driveway?  Can’t it wait?

C6    Mom was saying something about –
.     “do it now – when the cars are not parked on it –
.     because we’re getting company tomorrow –
.     and the dog chewed through the garbage bag –
.     so there’s garbage everywhere.”
.     Anyway, Mom said.

(CHILD 6 exits back to stage left.  CHILD 1 turns
to CHILD 2, trying to reason things out.)

C1    THAT must go against God’s laws, right?
.     I mean, I’ve got to get my sleep.
.     There’s school tomorrow.

C2    You’re going to go straight to bed
.     when you get home?

C1    Well, no, I’ll probably
.     play a few computer games first.

C2    So you WOULD have time to sweep the driveway?

C1    Whyyyy?  Oh let me guess,
.     the Bible tells me to obey my parents.
.     But does it go against what God says?

C2    Well, does it?

(CHILD 1 flips through the Bible looking for something.)

C1    I’m looking.

C2    You’re looking for a verse
.     that says what exactly?

C1    That... sweeping the driveway
.     on a school-night is wrong.

C2    Good luck with that.                            6
.     It’ll be quicker if you just
.     sweep the driveway.

C1    (grunting)  I’m just too tired to do that.

C2    Well, if you obey in faithfulness,
.     I know that God will help you
.     through this - painful ordeal.

C1    What – and are you so perfect?

C2    Nooooo.

(CHILD 7 enters from stage left and looks at CHILD 2.)

C7    Dad says you better come home right now
.     and get your homework done.

C2    Ahhhhh, I don’t want to.

C7    Dad said.

C2    Okay-okay.  (looking up)
.     Lord, please give me strength and wisdom.
.     (to C1)  See you tomorrow.

(CHILD 1 waves, and they both exit stage left.)