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OBEY YOUR PARENTS - written by Tanis Harms
TOPIC:       obedience
SCRIPTURE:   Ephesians 6:1; Colossians 3:20; 1 John 5:3
Style:       dramody/conversation: a father takes
.            his son to college for enrollment.
.            When the son doesn't obey his advice,
.            he is ambushed with water.
Cast:        DAD, SON, GIRLS, GUY
Set & Props: water gun


(GIRLS stand to one side.  DAD and SON enter
from other side.)

SON    Okay Dad, please wait right here.
.      I can go register for college all by myself.
.      I am an adult, after all.

DAD    I hope you’re mature enough to realize
.      that you should still obey me,
.      because I still have some advice -

SON    What is it?

DAD    When you go to the office
.      and walk up that big sidewalk,
.      walk WAY around - to the far side.

(DAD motions the path toward the front of the stage.
SON shakes his head in disbelief as he walks away.
Seeing the girls, he decides to walk
right in front of them.  SON trips.  GIRLS giggle.
SON hangs head and quickly walks off stage for a second.
When SON returns, he walks way around and back to DAD.)

DAD    Did you walk around?

SON    No.

DAD    So you tripped?

SON    Yeah.  How did you know?

DAD    Hey, back in the day –                            2
.      I went to school here.
.      The pretty girls like to hang out
.      right over there.
.      You wanted a closer look, got distracted,
.      and so – didn’t see that dip in the sidewalk.

SON    It was embarrassing.
.      I guess I should have listened.

DAD    Okay, let’s go.  Oh! Something else –
.      when we round THAT corner - duck.

SON    Yeah, right.

(DAD and SON turn around to walk out the way
they came in.  As they near the end, DAD ducks,
SON looks back at the GIRLS, GUY jumps out
and squirts a water gun – getting SON in the face.
GIRLS giggle.  DAD smiles.  DAD and SON stop momentarily.)

DAD    Obey your parents in the Lord
.      for this is right.

SON    I get it – I get it.
.      (exasperated)  So what?  For centuries,
.      this is the spot to set up water-gun-ambushes?

DAD    No. I just noticed him there when we arrived.

SON    Those girls keep distracting me.

DAD    Can’t blame things on the girls, son.
.      It’s not their fault you chose
.      to only focus on them and
.      nothing else around you.

SON    I think I got it now, Dad.

DAD    Just remember, I’m always there for you.

(DAD and SON talk as they leave.)