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NEVER TOO YOUNG OR OLD – written by Tanis Harms
TOPIC:        celebrating children, serving God, joy
SCRIPTURE:    Jhn.17:13; 1Cor.5:8; Eph.6:1
Style:        drama/conversation:  children talk about
.             getting older, and that you do not
.             have to stop enjoying life.  As well,
.             you are never too young to serve God.
Cast:         TOMMY or TAMMY (oldest, around ten),
.             SUSIE or STEVIE (youngest),
.             KIDS 1-3 (in the middle of those ages,
.             and if you have more or less,
.             reassign the lines appropriately)
NOTE:         always wait for laughter to stop
.             before speaking again


(SUZIE and KIDS enter playing a game, like freeze tag.
TOMMY saunters on and stands to the side, watching.)

KID 1    Tommy, come on and play with us.

TOMMY    Nah.  That’s for children.

KID 1    You’re only ten years old!

TOMMY    You see, I’m growing up, and I’m getting older.
.        And I kind of hurt my knee the other day.

SUZIE    You sound like my grandpa/ma.

TOMMY    Well, my parents just told me that their job
.        is to teach me things - so as I get older -
.        I can take care of myself.

KID 1    Sure...  But...  Well...

TOMMY    And THAT is supposed to convince me?

KID 2    Yes.  That says - we have a LONG way to go.

TOMMY    We still have to learn how to be responsible,
.        and figure things out for ourselves.

SUZIE    Now you sound like my father/mother.           2

KID 2    But we STILL have a LONG way to go.

TOMMY    Look, dude!  I’m almost a teenager!
.        So little-kid-stuff is just going to be a drag!

SUZIE    Now you sound like my big brother/sister.

KID 2    At least Tommy/Tammy is sounding younger.

KID 3    Check it out.  I just learned in Sunday School
.        that even as kids, we do have responsibilities.
.        Like – we are never too young to serve God.

KID 1    How can we serve God?

KID 3    Like, obeying our parents.

TOMMY    Exactly my point!

KID 3    AND – it does not matter how old you are,
.        we can still have fun.

KID 1    Suzie’s grandpa/ma can still have fun?

KID 3    Well, if we are Christians, we should always
.        have the joy of the Lord.

TOMMY    Ah!  And I remember some of those stories
.        from the Old Testament.  Sometimes,
.        God told the Israelites to have a celebration.

KID 3    Exactly my point!

SUZIE    And like my mom says, “Life in a model apron.”

KID 2    Don’t you mean, “Life in moderation?”

KID 1    Sounds good!...  Whatever that means.

SUZIE    I think it means, sometimes you can
.        have some candy – but not too much.

TOMMY    Okay, I’m in.  Let’s play.

(KIDS cheer and the ALL rush off the stage.)