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MIRRORS (video) - written by Tanis Harms
TOPIC:       point out each other’s sins carefully
.            and patiently in love, sin, repentance
SCRIPTURE:   2 Timothy 4:2
Style:       allegory/conversation: "MIRRORS" (people) have
.            different ways of pointing out PERSON'S flaws.
.            Some are better than others.
Cast:        NARRATOR; ANNE; PERSON 1 (rude);
.            PERSON 2 (flatterer); PERSON 3 (honest, nice)
Set & Props: - brush (or something to primp with)
.            - decorated paper bags with holes for eyes
.            - black tape (or a color that stands out)
.            - 3 mirrors (one ugly, one pretty, one plain)
NOTE:        The people hold the mirrors up for Anne,
.            and stand behind them as if the mirrors
.            are speaking.  For puppets, use hand mirrors.


NARRATOR  Sometimes we are to point out
.         the problems in other people’s lives.
.         So we could think of it as if –
.         we are mirrors to those around us.

(ANNE brushes her hair, then stops, there is tape across
her cheek and nose.)

ANNE      There, that ought to do it.  Now,
.         where is that mirror.

PERSON 1  You called?

(PERSON 1 approaches, holding out UGLY mirror.  
ANNE looks into the mirror.  She does not notice
the big piece of tape across her cheek and nose.)

ANNE      Well, how do I look.  I think I’m ready
.         to go out shopping.

PERSON 1  Like that?  You look horrible.

ANNE      What!?  How can you say that?

PERSON 1  Well, it’s true!  You’re hideous!
.                                                        2
ANNE      That really hurts.

PERSON 1  Hey! I’m a mirror.  I’m supposed to
.         let you know how you look.

ANNE      (takes another closer look in the mirror)
.         I guess I AM ugly.  I’m SO ugly!
.         I should never show my face in public
.         ever again.

PERSON 1  Like I said.  But hey, maybe if you do
.         go out shopping, you might find something
.         that could hide your face.  At the very least,
.         disguise it!

ANNE      That does sound like an idea.

PERSON 1  (mumbling as they walk off holding mirror)
.         Yes, see, or buy a bag to put over your head.
.         Do us all a favor.

(ANNE walks over to a table.  There are
a bunch of bags with holes cut out for the eyes
and they are decorated in several different ways.
PERSON 2 stands by with their PRETTY mirror.)

ANNA      Oh, these are so pretty.

PERSON 2  (rushing forward to gush)
.         Oh, but they are  -very beautiful.
.         You will try one on, yes?
.         How about this one, yes?

(ANNE takes a bag to try on and looks into the mirror.)

PERSON 2  Oh, you are such a beautiful woman!
.         Absolutely breath-taking!  Very chique!

ANNE      Well, I don’t know about that.

PERSON 2  You totally are.  Stunning!
.         So much to work with!

ANNE      I just don’t know.  Well, what about that one?
.         Maybe that one over there might be better?

PERSON 2  Oh, yes it would be – much better.               3

(ANNE tries on another bag.)

PERSON 2  Oh yes! So much better!  But baby!
.         You are so spectacular, anything would
.         look spectacular on you!  Like that one,
.         over there, with the very spectacular
.         price tag!

ANNE      Really?

PERSON 2  Oh yes, you simply must try it on.

(ANNE tries on the fanciest bag.)

PERSON 2  Even better!  That is definitely you!
.         You could be a model, you’re so gorgeous!

ANNE      Really?  You’re not just saying that?
.         Because I feel a little ridiculous.
.         I just don’t feel like–

PERSON 2  Oh, no-no-no – do not say!  You are
.         so beautiful!  Really!!!  Absolutely!
.         I have no reason to lie!  I am so jealous!

ANNE      Oh, okay, then...  Well, thank you.

PERSON 2  (mumbling as they walk off holding mirror)
.         Being so fake and shallow – is good.

(ANNE walks away wearing the bag.)

ANNE      I just don’t know about this.

(ANNE sees PERSON 3 holding their PLAIN mirror.)

ANNE      I still don’t know.  What do you think?

PERSON 3  You’re asking me for my help?

ANNE      And you’re opinion.

PERSON 3  About what?

ANNE      How do I look?
.                                                        4
PERSON 3  It’s really hard to tell with that bag
.         over your head.  Why don’t you remove it?

ANNE      I don’t think you know what
.         you’re asking for.

PERSON3   I really want to see your face, though.

ANNE      Well, okay.  You asked for it.

(ANNE takes the bag off and looks into the mirror.)

PERSON 3  Hmm, let me see.

ANNE      Ugly! Aren’t I!

PERSON 3  Well, not exactly.  I can see that you are
.         a beautiful person.  It’s just that –

ANNE      What?  What’s the problem?  Something wrong?

PERSON 3  Yes.  You don’t notice?

ANNE      Notice what?

PERSON 3  That piece of tape on your face?

ANNE      I don’t know what you mean.

PERSON 3  Take a closer look.  See, on your cheek and nose?
.         There’s a big piece of tape.

ANNE      I DO see it.  It’s ugly.  Maybe I should
.         keep wearing the bag over my head.

PERSON 3  No-no-no, that’s just covering it up.
.         Why don’t you take the tape off?

ANNE      Take it off?  I don’t really know
.         how it got there in the first place.

PERSON 3  Does it really matter?  It’s there,
.         and you need to take it off.
.         What are you waiting for?

ANNE      It’ll probably hurt.
.                                                        5
PERSON 3  You’re probably right, but
.         after the little bit of pain,
.         that ugly piece of tape will be gone.

(ANNE slowly takes the tape off.)

PERSON 3  Do it fast, and be done with it.

(ANNE rips it off with a gasp, then looks into the mirror.)

PERSON 3  Beautiful.

ANNE      I feel so much better.
.         I never noticed how much that piece of tape
.         was pinching my skin.  And – and I -
.         I feel beautiful now.  Thank you...
.         for telling me the truth...
.         and in such a nice way, too.