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MATURING   - written by Tanis Harms
TOPIC:       developing your gifts, serving God
SCRIPTURE:   Romans 12:1-21; Ephesians 4:13, Hebrews 5:14
Style:       drama/conversation:  a child wonders about
.            becoming a fireman, doctor and missionary.
.            Parent explains that to do some things,
.            you have to mature first.
Cast:        MOM; CHILD
Set & Props: sofa, book


(MOM sits reading a book.  CHILD walks up.)

CHILD   Mom, can I be a fireman?

MOM     Maybe - when you grow up.

CHILD   Why only when I grow up?
.       I want to be one right now.

MOM     To be a fireman, you have to be strong.

CHILD   I am strong!

MOM     Do you think you could carry Daddy
.       down a ladder?

CHILD   Nooooo.

MOM     Then for sure, you can’t be a fireman - YET.

CHILD   Hmmm... Well, then can I be a doctor?

MOM     Maybe, when you grow up.

CHILD   Why?  Doctor’s don’t have to be strong.

MOM     No, but doctors have to know a lot.

CHILD   I’m smart, and I get really good grades.

MOM     You do.  But a doctor has to know a LOT of stuff
.       about all diseases and medicines.
.                                                        2
CHILD   I know that when you have a cold, you have
.       to get lots of rest and drink lots of fluids.

MOM     Would you know what to do if someone had
.       a seizure?

CHILD   What’s - a-seizure?

MOM     There are many, many books to read and memorize,
.       and lots and lots of schooling to go through.

CHILD   Hmmm.  Okay then.  So - can I be a missionary -
.       in Africa?

MOM     In Africa?  If that is where you are called.
.       When you grow up.

CHILD   I could do that right now.

MOM     You still get homesick when you go to summer camp.

CHILD   But the Bible says to tell others about Jesus.

MOM     (putting the book to the side)  You - are right!
.       You CAN be a missionary right now,
.       right here at home, and at school.

CHILD   Really?!

MOM     Yes.  In fact, we are all supposed to be
.       missionaries.  We are to tell people about Jesus
.       as we go about our lives.  And all we can say
.       is how much we already know.  As you get older,
.       and learn more about Jesus, you will be able
.       to explain things better and better.
.       But God can use whatever you can do - right now.

CHILD   Then, what were you talking about – being called?

MOM     Oh, that.  Well, God has made each of us special,
.       with unique gifts and talents.  So we will all
.       have things that we can do better than some
.       other people.  But that also means, someone
.       will be able to do things that you cannot do so well.
.       Just like... Dad is better at building tree houses
.       than I am.  And I am better at cooking than he is.
.                                                        3
CHILD   That’s for sure.

MOM     And all these things that we are good at doing,
.       we can do them for God.  We SHOULD ALWAYS do
.       these things to serve God and others.
.       Does that answer all your questions for today?

CHILD   I thought parents were always supposed to tell
.       their kids - “You can be whatever you want to be.”

MOM     You can be whatever you want to be.

CHILD   You really mean that?

MOM     God created you with a brain – that you will use
.       to figure out what you are good at – and what
.       you want to do and be.  And Dad and I will
.       support and encourage you in whatever you decide.
.       Any other questions?

CHILD   Ummm, so – can I have a snack?

MOM     I can get you a snack if you’re hungry.

CHILD   Then, yes, you have answered all my questions –
.       for today.

(MOM gets up and leads the CHILD away.)