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MAKE-OVER STORY - written by Tanis Harms
TOPIC:        Christian attributes, internal beauty
SCRIPTURE:    2 Cor.5:17, Eph.4:17-32
Style:        satire/spoof on What Not to Wear:
.             hosts tell a fashion victim what would
.             make her more beautiful on the inside
Cast:         HOSTS 1 (Stancy) & HOST 2, WOMAN
Set & Props:  purses, accessory jewelry, hats,
.             scarves, trash can


(WOMAN enters, looking around like she's window-shopping.
She is carrying many purses and wearing a lot of jewelry,
hats and scarves.  HOSTS 1 and 2 jump onto stage.
WOMAN is first shocked, then embarrassed.)

HOST 1  Stop.  WE are the fashion-disaster police,
.       and you are under arrest for breaking the laws
.       on fashion.

HOST 2  We have a report here from your friends
.       who say that you are a complete fashion disaster.
.       And boy – are they right!

HOST 1  Step right over here so we can get
.       a better look at you.

HOST 2  First thing that we notice is all of this –
.       which is just weighing you down.

WOMAN   That’s what I want.  It shows everyone
.       that I’m successful.

HOST 1  It looks more like over-kill to me.
.       Which then - looks like insecurity.
.       What does “success” mean to you, anyway?

WOMAN   (shrugging)  Having many things.

HOST 2  Did you steal any of these things?

(WOMAN hangs her head in shame.)

HOST 1  Well let’s start here.  These really imply        2
.       greed and selfishness.

(HOST 1 takes all purses and tosses them into trash can.
HOST 2 takes off all hats to throw them to the trash can.)

HOST 2  And what do we have going on up here?
.       This pride just makes your head look really big,
.       which distracts from any true beauty you have.
.       Snobbishness is not an attractive look at all.

(WOMAN tries to cover her hair with her hands.
HOST 1 takes off green scarves to add to the trash can.)

HOST 1  Especially with this green shade of envy
.       and jealousy.  This does nothing for you.

HOST 2  And this just screams lies-all-lies!

(HOST 2 takes off all the jewelry and throws them away.)

HOST 1  So can you see how you’d look and feel better
.       if you were truly rid of these things?

WOMAN   Yeah, a little, I guess.  It would be like if
.       a load had been lifted off of me.

HOST 2  What we would want to see, is a person
.       who was willing to work for what you needed
.       and then share with those less fortunate.
.       The only accessory you would really need
.       to be wearing is contentment.

HOST 1  Now, using what we just taught you,
.       we want you to go out and find something else
.       that would work for you?

(WOMAN goes back to rummage through the trash.)

HOST 2  Oh no, wh-what is she doing?  Stancy!
.       We need to go to her aid right now.

(HOST 1 and 2 take the items out of the WOMAN'S hand
and throw them back into the trash can.)

HOST 1  Put - the - envy - down.
.       Have we taught you nothing?
.                                                       3
HOST 2  Stancy, why don't we show her other
.       alternatives which would complement her,
.       and make her look great.

HOST 1  By all means!  So – one classic that works
.       for everybody - is trying on some kindness
.       and graciousness.

WOMAN   (shaking HOST 1’s hand)  Thank you.

HOST 1  Now, as we get closer, and get to know you better,
.       we notice that there still other details
.       which would need to be addressed.  The finer
.       details, such as - what do we see going on-
.       right around here...  (motions to WOMAN'S eyes)
.       What about these dark rings under your eyes?
.       What have you been doing to yourself?

WOMAN   Ah, it’s probably from all the partying
.       and corruption.  Can’t a girl have fun?

HOST 1  THIS kind of fun – does not look good on you.
.       Because even with all the so-called “fun,”
.       you’ve sure got a LOT of frown lines.

HOST 2  Obviously, you need to be wearing joy.

(WOMAN turns her frown into a huge, forced smile.)

HOST 1  Noooo, fake - too fake.  We are talking about
.       inner joy, no matter what.

HOST 2  This can only be achieved by the application
.       of faith and love.

WOMAN   Well, you just have no idea what I’ve had
.       to put up with.  I’m married to such a loser-idiot.
.       And all the people I work with - all morons.

HOST 2  OOOO-kay!  That is not an attractive look
.       at all.  What makes you beautiful are words
.       that build others up.

WOMAN   Ohhh, like, I should support and encourage
.       my husband?  And see the potential in others
.       and praise them when they try?
.                                                        4
HOST 1  Yes-yes. That would look far better.
.       It would also FEEL better to work on these things.

WOMAN   (clenching fists)  I could, but do you know
.       how much effort that would take?

HOST 2  I can see that it would be a lot easier
.       if you weren’t so angry.  Just take a look
.       at those clenched fists in our 3-way mirror.
.       That won't match with anything!
.       In fact, it's down-right scary!

WOMAN   Maybe I want to be scary.

HOST 1  Oooo, so much clashing anger, which is
.       what gives you these ill-shaped eyebrows.
.       You need to forgive-forgive-forgive.
.       I’m guessing you need to forgive a whole bunch
.       of people, and God, as well as yourself.
.       That is the key to any makeup.

HOST 2  What also is standing out, is all these
.       worry lines on your forehead.  I would
.       strongly recommend an injection of hope
.       and the renewing spirit of your mind.
.       You really should not worry about anything.
.       That will destroy any complexion.

(WOMAN’S shoulders sag.  HOST 1 turns WOMAN sideways
and points out her posture.)

HOST 1  May we just add, you can improve any posture
.       by being confident in the Lord.

WOMAN   I don’t think I can pull this look off at all.
.       There's so much to think about – and do.

HOST 2  No, you are so absolutely right.  At least,
.       not on your own you can’t.  Only God can give you
.       a complete makeover.  All you have to do is
.       give HIM your heart.  And He will make you
.       a brand new BEAUTIFUL person, from the inside out.

HOST 1  (to congregation)  Are you - ready to submit
.       yourself to the ultimate Makeover Artist?