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LOVING PARENTS – written by Tanis Harms
TOPIC:        relationships
SCRIPTURE:    Ps.78:1-7; Prov.3:12, 13:24, 14:1, 19:18,
.             22:15, 23:13-14, 23:24, 29:17, 31:10-31;
.             Mt.7:11, 19:14; Mk.10:14; Lk.11:13, 18:6;
.             2Cor.12:14; Eph.6:1-4; Col.3:21;
.             1Thess.2:7, 2:11; 1Tim.5:8, 14;
.             Titus 2:2-8
Style:        drama/conversation: kids discuss how
.             much their parents love them.
NOTE:         Use the appropriate MOM or DAD
.             when you come to it in the dialogue.
Cast:         KID 1-4 (or more)
NOTE:         You can reassign lines in order
.             to allow for more actors.


(KID 1-4.)

K 1   I don’t think my MOM / DAD loves me very much.

K 2   How can you say that?

K 1   SHE/HE does not buy me very expensive presents
.     or toys.

K 3   That is not what love means.

K 1   Isn’t it normal that if you love someone,
.     you want to give them really nice presents?

K 4   I think maybe that is more of a worldly idea -
.     to give someone presents – to MAKE them love you.

K 2   Yeah, the Bible never tells parents to buy
.     their children presents.

K 3   We should love each other – just because.

K 1   Then how do we KNOW that our MOMS / DADS love us?

(KID 2-3 can read off the suggestions below, or you can
have little children enter and recite each idea.)
.                                                       2
K 2   Because they work hard - so we can eat.

K 3   So we can have a house to live in.

K 4   So we can have clothes.

K 2   They have some rules to follow - to keep us safe.

K 3   To help us get along with others.

K 4   To keep us out of trouble.

K 2   They disciple us when we do something wrong
.     so we will remember not to do that again.

K 3   They teach us what is right
.     so we will grow up to be wise.

K 4   They take us to church to learn about God
.     so we can have a personal relationship with Him
.     and have eternal life.

K 2   They live their life to be a good example for us.

K 3   And when they make mistakes, they work things out.

K 4   When we make mistakes, they help us
.     work things out.

K 2   They are patient with us.

K 3   They keep forgiving us.

K 4   Everything they do is to help us have a good life-
.     now - and for when we grow up.

K 2   All of this shows the world how much they love God.

K 1   So MOM / DAD really DOES love me!  I suppose, the
.     way I live my life will show how much I love them,
.     which will show the world how much I love God.