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LOVE TO TELL THE STORY – written by Tanis Harms
TOPIC:        witnessing
SCRIPTURE:    1 Chron.16:24, Matt.28:19-20, Mark 16:15,
.             Acts 1:8
Style:        drama/conversation: people keep telling
.             others things that they love to tell,
.             but when it comes to witnessing,
.             the Christians need to get over their fear
.             NOTE: if you have more actors,
.                   you can make the groups bigger
.                   and split up lines appropriately
Set & Props:  


(UNBELIEVERS stand in a group.  BELIEVER 1 enters
and approaches the group.)

B 1   Hey, guys!

U 1   Hey!  What’s up?  Anything new?

B 1   I just heard a great joke.

U 1   I love jokes.  Let’s hear it.

B 1   Okay, so a lady went to a psychiatrist
.     complaining of a terrible phobia.  “Every time
.     I lay down on my bed I get this terrible fear
.     that there is something underneath my bed.”
.     “Hm,” responded the psychiatrist,
.     “I’ve never heard of such a phobia,
.     but like all phobias it can be treated,
.     but - it will likely take around 20 sessions.”
.     “OK” said the lady “how much is each session?”
.     “Just $100, but trust me, it’s well worth it.”
.     When the lady didn’t come back to the psychiatrist
.     he gave the lady a call.
.     “How come I didn’t hear from you?” he asked.
.     The lady explained, “Well, when I came home and
.     told my husband that it would cost $2,000,
.     he thought he would save some money,
.     and just cut the legs off the bed!”
.                                                      2
U 1   (chuckling)  That’s a good one.

U 2   Brilliant!

(BELIEVER 2 rushes up to the group.)

B 2   Did you hear the news!  We won the game!

U 1   Awesome!  What was the score?

(ALL huddle around to hear the exiting play-by-play.)

B 2   Well, it was at the bottom of the ninth inning,
.     and the score was 7 to 5 – for the visitors,
.     and we already had 2 strikes, bases - empty.
.     Charlie was up next, tapped the ball and made it
.     to first.  Then- Bobby stepped up to bat.
.     Fully aware that Bobby swings at anything,
.     the pitcher became careless and threw the ball
.     right at him.  Bobby got to walk.  Now Donald-

(GROUP groans, knowing Donald has a bad average.)

B 2   Donald steps up to the plate, gets ready –
.     and then a bee, or something, starts to buzz
.     around his face.  He panics and swings hard.
.     It’s a homerun, and we take the game 8 to 7.

U 1   Awesome!

U 2   Brilliant!

(BELIEVER 3 walks in and sees the group.)

B 3   Hey, did you hear?

U 2   Oh?  About Clair?

B 3   Yeah!

B 1   Uh, that – would be – gossip.

B 3   JUICY gossip!

U 1   I LOVE hearing JUICY gossip!  Tell me!

B 3   Well Audrey and Mavis were at the mall,          3
.     just hanging out like they usually do,
.     when Clair walks up to them and starts a fight-

U 2   (happily)  Clair is always bad news.
.     I mean, she’s ALWAYS getting into trouble.

B 1   Sh, here comes Clair now.

(CLAIR enters and notices the group.)

B 2   Hey, Clair, we – ah - heard you got into
.     some trouble.

U 2   Again!

(BELIEVER 1 nudges BELIEVER 2 to be quiet.
CLAIR approaches with some excitement.)

U 1   What’s up?  You going tell us?

C     Yeah, I’ve got some really awesome news!

B 3   Buuuut – didn’t mall security arrest you?

U 2   I heard you were even locked up for a while.

C     Yeah.  I guess it took that whole situation
.     to really grab my attention.  My life has
.     really NOT been going in the right direction,
.     you know, for some time now.  

U 2   You think?

C     Anyway, when I was released and got home,
.     Mom did her usual screaming act and kicked me out.

B 1   On the street?

U 1   So how is this really awesome news?

C     My neighbor saw me and started to chat.
.     She’s always been really nice to me, you know,
.     even when everyone else is avoiding me.
.     Anyway, she shared her awesome story with me-
.     and now I have an awesome story to share.

U 1   Which is?                                        4

M     I became a Christian!  I was so amazed to hear
.     that God loves me so much- that-

(Except for UNBLIEVER 1, everyone else starts to
look away and pretend that they are not interested.)

C     (to B 1-3)  Wait, I thought you three were
.     Christians, too.

B 1   Oh, ah, yeah...

B 3   I just – don’t like to – talk about it –
.     you know – I don’t want to be accused of-
.     ramming it down people’s throats, or anything.

C     Well, you guys did ask me what was new,
.     and SAID you wanted to hear the story.

U 1   We actually did.

U 2   I guess the thing is – I mean – it’s not like
.     a great funny joke, or an exciting sports
.     play-by-play action report, or some juicy gossip-

C     No, it isn’t that. - It’s SO much more.
.     I’ve been saved from all my sins, and I’ve been
.     set free!  My whole life has changed – and
.     now I know that when I die, I’m going to heaven.
.     (to B 1-3)  I’d think that you three would be
.     more excited about YOUR life-changing stories.

B 1   Mine actually happened when I was really little.

C     So, hasn’t God been working in your life
.     since then?

B 1   Yeah, I guess, just don’t really talk about it.
.     Like, what difference would it make if I talked
.     about it?  No one wants to hear about it.

C     I do!  It sure would have helped me and with
.     everything I was struggling through.

B 1   Sorry, I didn’t know.

C     Well, anyway, I’d be more than happy to share    5
.     my story with any of you – if you want...
.     (no one speaks, then-)  Well, see you around.

(CLAIR walks away with a friendly wave.
UNBELIEVER 2 waves her off and exits while talking.)

U 2   No thank you.  See you guys later.

(UNBELIEVER 1 looks in the direction of CLAIR.)

U 1   Uh, wait up!  I really DO want to hear
.     your story!

(UNBELIEVER 1 rushes after CLAIR.  BELIEVERS look
at each other.)

B 1   It’s actually - really exciting, you know.
.     I don’t know about you – but - I could probably
.     learn something from this!

(BELIEVER 1 rushes off to join CLAIR also.)

B 3   (to B 2)  And I owe her an apology!

B 2   We all do.  I suppose if we ever DO share any
.     personal news, it should be our own.

B 3   And it should be – something that builds
.     others up!

B 2   Let’s go!

(BELIEVER 2 -3 exit in same direction.)