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LORD’S ARMY - written by Tanis Harms
TOPIC:        spiritual battle, armor of God, Bible, prayer
SCRIPTURE:    Eph.4:27, 6:10-20, Ps.23:4,34:9,
.             John16:33, 17:13-19, 1Tim.6:9-12, Heb.13:6
Style:        allegory/conversation:  sergeant briefs
.             his scared soldiers on how to fight
.             a spiritual battle
Cast:         DS (drill sergeant),
.             a few SOLDIERS (at least 3)


(SOLDIERS huddle together in fear.  DS walks up
with air of quiet confidence.)

DS     Soldiers! Attention! - What's the matter now?

S 1    There was another shooting in a high school again.

S 2    And I’ve said it before, if you really love
.      your children, you HAVE to hide them away
.      and home-school them.

DS     The objective of schooling is to educate
.      your children in the 3 Rs.
.      So you should really make that decision
.      based on what’s best for your child’s education.
.      It MAY be home schooling, but it may -

S 2    But we fear the random violence –

DS     But you should not make that decision -
.      or any other decision - based on fear.
.      We are to fear no one and nothing.
.      We are only to fear God.

S 1    That would work - especially if we all
.      go live in the countryside.

DS     Do you really think there isn’t any sin or crime
.      out in the country?

S 3    So then – the end IS near.
.      There is no escaping sin.
.                                                          2
DS     There is no escape, because you yourselves sin.

(SOLDIERS gasp.)

S 3    (said with dread)  So the enemy is withIN us!
.      We can’t even trust each other.  Or ourselves!

DS     That’s it.  Fall in.   Troops - listen up!

(SOLDIERS' bodies sag with hopelessness.)

DS     Yes, there is a spiritual battle.  But if you
.      are Christians, then you are in the Lord’s army.
.      And what does that mean?

S 1    That you’re going to teach us how to shoot?

SR 2   Ah, we should be brave enough to point out
.      everyone’s sins?

DS     Negative!  It means: ONE, God has already won
.      the battle and we are on the winning side.
.      Which brings us to TWO:  we should not live in fear,
.      but be confident in the Lord.
.      Which then brings us to THREE:  we should not hide,
.      but be a light to the world.
.      That means - we are to be on the frontlines.
.      The church is not a bomb shelter
.      where we run to and hide.  It is at times
.      a hospital to treat wounds, and heal.  But it is
.      also a place of training to build skill and strength.
.      And it is a rallying point where we can
.      gain wisdom and learn strategies.
.      All of this so we can go out to the frontlines
.      and be brave, effective soldiers.

S 1    So if we’re not going to learn how to shoot,
.      how are we supposed to fight?

DS     So we can stand firm and be protected against
.      Satan’s flaming missiles, God has given us
.      the following armor:  salvation; truth;
.      righteousness; the gospel of peace; and faith.

S 2    Then - we are always just on the defense.

S 3    Oh! Are we going to learn the schemes               3
.      of the devil and go after Satan?
.      Will we be looking for battles
.      and asking the angels to help us fight?

DS     Negative!  God and His angels will take care of that.
.      The weapons God has given us are the following...
.      The Bible:  we need to study it, learn it, know it,
.      and apply it.  And prayer:  be alert and pray
.      in the Spirit - all the time - for yourselves
.      and your fellow Christians.

S 1    So we fight the demons with scripture and prayer?

DS     Only indirectly.  We are to flee from
.      temptation so as not to give Satan an opportunity.
.      We resist the devil by submitting to God
.      and THEN Satan will flee from you.
.      Do NOT rely on your own strength.
.      God wants us trusting in and looking ONLY to Him.
.      When we use the Bible and pray –
.      for ourselves and each other – that the gospel
.      will be boldly portrayed – where ever we are –
.      THAT is the most powerful offensive tactic.

S 1    Ah, witnessing can be very scary.

DS     God is all-powerful, all-knowing and in control.
.      God tells us to be bold and confident –
.      doing everything in God’s strength and guidance.
.      Can you get on board with this, troops?!

S 3    Aye-aye, sir!  That’s totally do-able.

S 2    That’s not so scary at all.

DS     All right then - about face - let’s move on out.

(DS marches out with the SOLDIERS following in line.)