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LIVING WATER - written by Tanis Harms
TOPIC:         salvation, eternal security
SCRIPTURE:     John 4:10,7:37-39; Rev.21:6,22:17; Is.55:1
Style:         allegory/spoof on info-mercial:
.              people advertise the amazing qualities
.              of God's living water
Cast:          PERSON 1 & 2, NARRATOR
Set & Props:   table, pitcher of water, glass


(Like info-mercial, PERSON 1 & 2 step up to the table.)

P1    Hi, I’m (NAME).

P2    And I’m (NAME).

P1    And you’ll never guess what I have
.     to show you today – Water!

(PERSON 1 pours a glass of water and hands it
to PERSON 2 who drinks it.)

P2    Hmm, that is so good.  What is it again?

P1    Water.  And it’s virtually free.
.     But I have something to show you
.     that’s even better.

P2    Even better?  Better than water,
.     or better than virtually free?

P1    Both!  I have LIVING water. And
.     it’s completely free.

P2    Nothing is completely free!

P1    This is!  Drink this and you will
.     never be thirsty again.

P2    It’s not fun being thirsty.  So
.     where is this living water?  Can we see it?

P1    Well, you cannot see it like you
.     can see THIS water. But if you look at me,
.     you can see the joy that I have
.     because of this living water.
.                                                      2
P2    Amazing!  So this living water supplies joy?

P1    And so much more...  You will also get
.     peace, hope, strength, guidance, wisdom –

P2    All that with just this living water?
.     Where can I get it?

P1    This living water is only available through
.     Jesus Christ, who died in our place for our sins.

P2    So it includes a very deep love.

P1    It also includes an all-expense-paid trip
.     to heaven - where you’ll stay in better than
.     5 star accommodations.

P2    Wow!  That’s a lot.

P1    And that’s not all.

P2    It’s already the deal of the century!

P1    Really - when you get this living water –
.     you also get eternal life.

P2    And it’s still free?

P1    Free.  All you do is admit your sins,
.     ask for forgiveness, and put your faith in God.

NAR.  All decisions to accept this living water
.     comes with a guarantee of being sealed
.     with the Holy Spirit, and is not subject to change.
.     Act now – and your life on earth will immediately
.     begin to find blessings, purpose and fulfillment.
.     As well as access to our 24-7 support system
.     intended to offer guidance to find deeper
.     understanding with this instruction manual...

(PERSON 1 holds up a Bible.)

P 2   And it doesn’t stop there.  You will also
.     experience a close fellowship with others
.     within the family of God.

(PERSON 1 puts a friendly arm around PERSON 2
with a smile.)