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LED TO HELP – written by Tanis Harms
TOPIC:        helping others
SCRIPTURE:    Acts 20:35
Style:        drama/conversation: family prepares a room
.             as they discuss the expecting teenager
.             who is going to live with them
Cast:         RON (husband)
.             GINA (wife)
.             KERRY (teenage daughter)
.             MATT (pre-teen son)
Set & Props:  table, boxes, baby clothes


(GINA enters with a box of baby clothes, followed
by RON, who carries a bigger box.  They set the boxes
on a table.  GINA starts to sort through the items.)

GINA    I was finally willing to donate these, but,
.       now I’m so glad I hung on to them.  Who knew?

RON     You had to put your hand up, didn’t you?

GINA    No one else was.

RON     You’re not responsible for picking up
.       the slack of others.

GINA    That wasn’t why.  I just felt – led.
.       I really felt led to help.

RON     But, as a married couple, this type of
.       decision should be made together.

GINA    And we did, don’t you remember?  I put up
.       my hand, then turned to you with my
.       questioning look – and then you nodded –
.       with your “okay-let’s-do-this” look.

RON     But – Gina –
.       (watches as GINA admires the tiny clothes)
.       Now I’m getting worried.

GINA    What are you talking about?
.                                                       2
RON     This baby isn’t going to be ours.

GINA    I know.

RON     But you get very attached so easily.
.       I can just see you getting too involved.  
.       And then having your heart crushed somehow.

GINA    That should not stop us from helping others.

RON     You do you realize - this is a huge
.       imposition on our lives.

GINA    I know.

RON     I don’t think you do.  Like - the family trip
.       to Florida – that cannot happen now.

GINA    So we wait with that a bit.

RON     NOW it may never happen.

GINA    We’ve lived this long without ever going
.       to Florida.  I think we’ll survive.

RON     This also means less money for things, like
.       food, and clothes.  We’ll have to rein back
.       everywhere.

GINA    I can certainly wait for sales.  And I don’t
.       NEED the amount of clothes that I normally have.
.       Ron, the decision has been made.
.       You can’t talk your way out of this one.

RON     I don’t think you really get how much this
.       one rash decision is going to impact us
.       and the kids.

GINA    Maybe it’s best NOT to think about that.
.       Think of the dilemma for this poor girl.
.       The imposition in HER life – is forever.

RON     She did this to herself, dear.

GINA    People make mistakes.  And she’s so young.

RON     Exactly!  This girl is the same age as our      3
.       daughter.  I don’t want Kerry thinking that
.       this is a cool idea.

(KERRY and MATT enter carrying boxes.)

MATT    Ooh, awkward!

KERRY   Dad – I know better.

RON     Most kids do, but –

KERRY   I’ve heard all the lectures.  All the possible
.       scenarios.  I’m good.  I’ll be careful.

MATT    Super awkward.  (lifts and motions to box)
.       So, you want this in the room, right?

GINA    Yes!  Thank you for all your help.

MATT    Ah - just how long is she going to stay?

GINA    I – I don’t know.

MATT    You realize - that room was going to be
.       our man-cave.  Us men are having to give up
.       a lot, wouldn’t you say!

KERRY   Oh please, and just where is our woman-cave?
.       Huh?  We don’t have any sort of woman-cave-

RON     All right!  You know, we all are going
.       to have to make some sacrifices here.

(MATT groans as he exits to the other side.)

KERRY   Well, wait a minute, what do we all have
.       to sacrifice?

RON     Well, there will be this person and her baby
.       living with us.

GINA    It’ll be fine!

KERRY   Mom!  You get all frenzied when Grandma
.       stays for more than a week.

GINA    But just think about how much we are helping    4
.       this girl.  She had no other place to go.
.       They found her living on the streets.
.       (close to tears)  I feel like I’m all alone here.
.       I’m just trying to do something good, and do
.       the right thing, and all I’m hearing about is –
.       how wrong it is.

RON     I’m sorry.  I’m just – trying to bring some
.       reality into this thinking.

GINA    We’ll be experiencing the reality soon enough.
.       But what about the reality of this girl?
.       And I know that she “made a mistake” and there
.       are consequences, but... we make mistakes too.
.       What if we had that attitude toward each other?
.       (mockingly)  “Oh, you made that mistake –
.       now you better pay for that - for the rest
.       of your life!”  And – what about this baby?
.       Should the baby have to live on the streets
.       because of someone else’s mistake?

KERRY   You’re right.  I mean, I would hope that someone
.       would do the same for me if I ever needed that...
.       (seeing RON’S worried expression)
.       NOT that I’m planning to live on the streets.

RON     Good, because we have plenty of room right here.

GINA    Which is exactly why we are able to help her
.       in this way.  I don’t want to feel guilty for
.       the blessings that God has given.  I mean,
.       we’re told to share in the ways that we can.

KERRY   You’re not expecting me to be friends with her
.       and hang out with her, are you?

RON     It’s not like she’s going to have a lot of time
.       to hang out.

MATT    (entering)  I made a little toy corner with
.       that bookshelf.

GINA    Oh, that was sweet of you.

(MATT roles his eyes at the compliment.)

GINA    I only expect you to be “friendly” to her.      5
.       We’ll show her love and respect, no matter what.
.       Even if she has a rough edge to her, you know?
.       We’ll just see what comes from that.

KERRY   She has a rough edge?

GINA    I don’t know.  Don’t think that I’m not having
.       second thoughts, myself.  I’m kind of bracing
.       myself for anything.  I’m just saying, if she
.       DOES, don’t let that fool you.  A lot of people
.       remain guarded as a defense mechanism.

MATT    So how do we know that we can even trust her?

RON     The social worker has done some background checks
.       and they’ve disclosed the proper information.

GINA    It’ll be fine!  I’m not saying there won’t be
.       any problems;  but... it’ll be – just –
.       like - having another sister.

MATT    And this is supposed to be a good thing?

(KERRY playfully pushes him lightly.)

GINA    And just think - we’ll have another baby
.       in the house.  It’s been so long since
.       I’ve held a baby.

KERRY   I suppose it’s going to cry and stuff?

RON     And stuff!  Lots of stuff!

GINA    See, another positive thing.
.       (notices the weird looks from everyone)
.       What?  This could provide all of you
.       the opportunity to learn how to change diapers.

MATT    Ach, so awkward.

KERRY   Not to mention, gross!

GINA    Come on, let’s finish setting up the room.
.       They’ll be coming any minute now.

(ALL exit with the boxes.)