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JUDGMENT    - written by Tanis Harms
TOPIC:        God’s judgment of the nations and sinners
SCRIPTURE:    Joel, Zephaniah
Style:        allegory/conversation: person sifts through
.             seeds and destroys the ones that are weeds
Cast:         PERSON 1 & 2
Set & Props:  table, tray of seeds, garbage can


(PERSON 1 enters with a tray of seeds and places it
onto the table.  PERSON 2 enters and sees PERSON 1
sorting through the seeds.)

P 2   Hi, what-you up to?

P 1   Getting ready to plant my award-winning garden.

P 2   So, what are you exactly doing right now?

P 1   I’m sifting through all of these seeds and
.     picking out the ones that are weeds.

P 2   You can tell the difference?

P 1   Oh yeah.

P 2   How?

P 1   From years of experience.

P 2   But - they look so similar.

P 1   No, there are some very obvious differences.  See.

(PERSON 1 holds one up for PERSON 2 to look at,
then throws some of the seeds into the garbage can.)

P 2   (gasping) You’re just going to throw those away?

P 1   WHY would I want to keep them?

P 2   But – you’re just throwing them away, without
.     giving them a chance.

(PERSON 1 looks at PERSON 2 with a confused expression.)

P 1   They had their chance.  They are weeds –          2
.     which develop seeds - which are bad.
.     These came from weeds.

P 2   But – maybe you’re wrong.

P 1   I’m not wrong.  These seeds are from weeds.
.     If I planted them in my garden, they would STILL
.     be weeds.  THAT - would not change.

P 2   But what would be so wrong if you just let
.     a few weeds be planted?  I’m sure there are some
.     weeds that are not as bad as others.

P 1   They are ALL bad.  Obviously you’ve never spent
.     any time at all weeding a garden.  Do you not know
.     anything about weeds?  They are very selfish
.     plants.  They are ugly, spread quickly, and
.     choke out all the good plants.

P 2   That’s just so harsh.

P 1   It IS harsh.

P 2   I mean, that’s so harsh to speak that way about
.     the weeds.

P 1   Look, weeds are bad.  They don’t deserve to live.

P 2   (gasping)  How can you say that?

P 1   Because I love all the plants that I do put
.     into my garden.  There’s beauty and harmony,
.     and lots of color.  I want each and every one
.     of THEM to survive – as well as thrive!
.     I don’t have an award-winning garden for nothing.

(PERSON 2 looks sadly at the seeds in the garbage can.)

P 2   I just pity all the weeds, that’s all.

P 1   Oookay, but – WOW!  These are just seeds.
.     Think – if these were - people?  Like this,
.     God will sift through the nations and the people
.     to judge for all eternity.  Seeds don’t have
.     any choice in what they will be – but people do.