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JOIN THE TEAM - written by Tanis Harms
TOPIC:       predestination, salvation
SCRIPTURE:   Rom.8:29-30, Col.3:12; 2Tim.2:10; 1Peter2:9
Style:       allegory/conversation:  team players ask
.            players from the losing side to join them,
.            whether they like them or not
Cast:        Players: W-1, W-2, B-3, B-4,
.            can add extras on both teams
Set & Props: could have team jerseys or matching tees
.            W-1 & 2 need white; B-4 needs black;
.            B-3 needs 3 tees (one for underneath, and
.            a black one, a white one)


(Two TEAMS stand on either side of the stage.)

W-1  (to P-2) Hey, we should ask those people
.    from the other team to join OUR team.

W-2  Why?  Do we have to?  I don’t like those people.

W-1  You should talk.  Sometimes you are not
.    that likeable.

W-2  But I’m on your team!  You are supposed to LOVE me.

W-1  I DO love you.  I just don’t always LIKE you.

W-2  Vice versa, Dude!

W-1  There you go.  AND – we ARE supposed to love
.    EVERYONE – even those people on the other team.

W-2  Whatever.

(W-1 steps forward toward the other team.)

W-1  Hey, do you want to come and join our team?

B-3  Why would we want to join your team?

W-1  Because we’re going to win.

B-4  So you say.

W-1  So I know... We have the best coach in the world.
.                                                       2
B-3  I heard you can’t join your team unless you’re
.    chosen by the coach.

W-2  It’s true!

B-4  See, so I can’t, even if I want to be.

W-2  There you go.

W-1  But you can.  Just join! - And then you’re chosen.
.    You’d be on the team.

B-4  You’re making it sound way too easy.

W-1  It is.

W-2  It’s not.

W-1  It IS easy to join the team.

B-4  Don’t we have to try out?

W-1  No.  You just decide to join our team.  That’s it.

W-2  But once you’re on the team, there’s lots
.    of practices and exercises you should really do.
.    And while we’re in the game, we can get hurt –

B-3  We get hurt too.

W-1  We have an excellent medical trainer with our team.

B-3  Really?

B-4  Wimps!  When we get hurt, we just pull ourselves
.    up by our bootstraps and get on with it.
.    No one is going to stop to help us.

W-1  Well our coach also encourages team support.

B-3  Sounds great.  I wish I would have been chosen.

W-1  Like I said, just join, and then you’re chosen.

B-3  (thinking)  How does that even work?

W-1  The coach makes the rules.  Are you’re going to stop
.    to analyze and figure that out, or are you just
.    going to join and make it happen?
.                                                       3
B-3  You’re right.

B-4  Good riddance!

(B-4 joins black team as they wearily exit their side.)

W-1  You just need to get rid of your old jersey.
.    You’ll get a new one here.

(B-3 takes off black tee.  If there’s a coach,
coach can throw B-3 a white tee to put on.
If there’s not a coach, have one thrown in from off stage
or from an unseen person.  B-3 puts on the white tee.)

WHITE TEAM:  Let’s go!

(Entire white team runs off stage, eager to play.)