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JOB          - written by Tanis Harms
TOPIC:         suffering, loss, compensation
SCRIPTURE:     Job 1 - 42
Style:         satire/spoof of "Dr. Phil Show":
.              Job is interviewed by Dr. Will
.              and tells him how he coped throughout
.              his time of suffering
Cast:          Job, Dr. Will
Set & Props:   2 chairs, table


(DR. WILL walks out with a smile.  JOB takes a seat.)

DR.   Hello, welcome to the Dr. Will Show.  Today
.     we have a guest with us, who has gone through
.     some very extraordinary experiences.
.     No matter who you are, I’m sure you will be able
.     to relate with him at some level,
.     even if just a little, but I know you will
.     be able to learn a lot from this man - Job.
.     (sitting own and addressing Job)
.     Thank you so much for being here, Job.

JOB   As you said, Dr. Will, I’m here to share
.     what I have gone through so that others out there,
.     who are experiencing similar things,
.     can learn from my experiences.

DR.   Let’s start from the beginning.  What was
.     your life like before you were hit with
.     all of these - challenges?

JOB   Well, this is in no way bragging or anything,
.     but I was, and still am, a God-fearing man who
.     worked hard, had a lot of things, big house, lots
.     of servants, owned a very large farm... But what
.     I valued most was my wife and children.  I had
.     ten wonderful children:  7 sons and 3 daughters.

DR.   So what happened?

JOB   First, all my livestock was either killed or
.     stolen.  Every animal was gone, and most of my
.     servants were killed.  As well, on the same day,
.     a wind tore down my house and none of my children
.     survived.  All of them died.
.                                                       2
DR.   How did you react?

JOB   I accepted it.  I know that God gives,
.     and God can take away, so I continued
.     to worship God.

DR.   What happened next?

JOB   My entire body broke out in these
.     big horrible boils.  Because I had these
.     huge sores all over my body, I became an outcast.
.     I had to live outside - away from everyone.
.     My wife was quite angry, and really wanted me
.     to be angry with God also.  I told her that
.     we can’t just worship God when things
.     are going well, we need to keep worshiping God
.     no matter what.

DR.   Did only your wife challenge you?

JOB   No, three of my friends came to visit.
.     It was nice at first.  They were there
.     to sympathize and comfort me.  For seven days
.     they didn’t say a word.  I finally had it.
.     I started complaining – big time.
.     I wished I had never been born.  I mean,
.     I had thought that God only blessed the upright,
.     and let bad things happen only to the wicked.

DR.   That’s very understandable.  I’m sure
.     most of us would have felt that way.
.     How did your friends react?

JOB   Eliphaz asked me if I wasn’t trusting God enough?
.     According to him, I should have been happy
.     that God was disciplining me, and I needed
.     to repent so that God could then help me.
.     Of course I was angry with his comments.
.     He just assumed that I was guilty.
.     You don’t think I had already confessed all
.     my sins?  As soon as all this started happening-
.     I went over all my actions - to make sure
.     there was nothing I had done wrong –
.     and not brought before God.

DR.   Most of us don’t need ANYONE telling us
.     when we’ve done something wrong.
.     We usually know.

JOB   Exactly.  Then Bildad said the same thing         3
.     but was even LESS compassionate.
.     Zophar was even harsher.  In fact,
.     he said that I probably deserved to suffer
.     even more!  Who are THEY to judge me?

DR.   And how was that working for you?

JOB   It wasn’t.  None of us are perfect.
.     And none of us can understand God and His ways.
.     God definitely had something to say to us.
.     How can any of us, a mere creation of God,
.     question the almighty God who created everything?
.     He is in control.  AND sometimes God does allow
.     the wicked to get rich and live without
.     much suffering.  So I thought about all
.     the different reasons why I was suffering.

DR.   Or, why any of US could suffer.  So what
.     did you come up with?

JOB   We CAN suffer because of our sins.
.     God then allows consequences in our lives
.     to teach us a lesson.  Sometimes we suffer
.     because someone else has sinned.
.     There is sin in this world.  Bad things happen.
.     These things God allows in our lives in order –
.     to test us.  Not only does this help us
.     to learn something about our relationship with God
.     and how much we trust in God and depend on Him
.     to work things out.  But it can be a way –
.     for the world to see how God helps us.

DR.   (adding)  As a way of being a witness?

JOB   Yes.

DR.   That’s an excellent way to look at it.

JOB   Exactly.  I mean, how could the world
.     ever see how God helps us – if God never
.     has to help us?

DR.   Very good point.

JOB   I did have to apologize to God for
.     throwing my fit of anger and not totally trusting
.     Him to work it out.

DR.   So God worked everything out?
.                                                       4
JOB   And more!  God healed my body.
.     And whatever I had before,
.     God gave me back to me twice as much.
.     Even my children.  My wife and I
.     had 7 more sons and 3 more daughters.

DR.   (pondering)  But that’s not double the amount.

JOB   Ah, you forget – I will see the other ten children
.     when I go to be with God up in heaven.
.     Even if the wicked DO get good things here
.     on earth, they will NOT receive the
.     ultimate blessings that the faithful will receive
.     eternally - in heaven.  And then, for us,
.     there will be sorrows – no more.

DR.   Can’t wait.  But for now, this is Dr. Will saying,
.     “Let God help YOU - through whatever you
.     are going through.  He WILL work it out.”