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INFORMATION DESK - written by Tanis Harms
TOPIC:        the Bible, finding truthful answers
SCRIPTURE:    Psalm 19:1-14, 2 Timothy 3:16
Style:        allegory/conversation:  people consult
.             an info desk (representing the Bible),
.             a few people are seekers
.             YOUNG ADULT
Set & Props:  desk w/sign saying “Information”


CLERK     This is what it might look like if the Bible
.         were an information desk.

(CLERK sits at desk.  IDLER is on other side of stage
looking lost, waiting for something, looking at watch.
BUSINESSMAN walks by.)

IDLER     Hey! Do you know what I’m doing here?

BUSINESS  No, sorry, I don’t.  But you can come with me
.         to the information desk to find out.

IDLER     Naw, I’ll just stay here.  Don’t want to miss
.         anything important.

BUSINESS  (approaches CLERK)  I need information
.         on how I can make the most of my money?

CLERK     Give at least 10 percent to God,
.         make sure you provide for your family,
.         give what you can to the poor,
.         remember “life in moderation”,
.         and wisely invest the rest.

(Satisfied, BUSINESSMAN walks away.  CHILD walks past IDLER.)

IDLER     Hey kid, do you know what I’m supposed
.         to be doing?

CHILD     I hardly know what I’m supposed to be doing.
.         That’s why I go to the information desk.

IDLER     Sure, take the easy way out.  Not to worry,      2
.         I’ll figure this out on my own.

CHILD     Good luck with that. (approaches CLERK)
.         My mom told me I had to do my homework
.         and clean my room BEFORE I could play.

CLERK     Unless they tell you to sin, you should
.         obey your parents.

CHILD     Why?

CLERK     They love you, and they want you to learn how
.         to handle life, starting with the smaller things.

CHILD     Why?

CLERK     Teaching you discipline NOW will help you later
.         in life so you can look after yourself
.         and your family.  And if you do your work first,
.         you won’t have to worry or feel guilty –
.         so you'll have a better time while playing.

(CHILD runs off. WOMAN walks past IDLER.)

IDLER     Sorry to bother you, but I need some advice.

WOMAN     Why don’t you join me?  I’m going to the
.         information desk.

IDLER     You, too?  Doesn’t anybody think
.         for themselves anymore?

WOMAN     I think for myself.  I just like to get
.         some truthful advice to help guide my decisions.
.         (approaches CLERK)
.         I’m having a big fight with someone.

CLERK     First, look at your own actions.
.         If you can’t figure out where you might be wrong,
.         ask the person, then apologize for your part.
.         Second, gently let them know how THEY hurt you.
.         Third, whether or not they admit to that
.         or apologize, you must forgive them.

WOMAN     What if I don’t do any of that, or maybe
.         just some of that?
.                                                          3
CLERK     Either way, you will grow bitter and end up
.         being a critical person.  This will hurt yourself
.         and those around you, even the ones you love.

WOMAN     But, I hate this person.

CLERK     Love and be kind to your enemies, this
.         will make them uncomfortable, make them think,
.         and perhaps help them realize their need to change.

(WOMAN walks away.  YOUNG ADULT walks past IDLER.)

IDLER     Hey, I need help!  I used to think that I had
.         it all together, but nothing makes sense anymore.
.         I’m so confused and I’ve tried everything.

ADULT     Me too!  Well, except for the information desk.
.         Someone just told me about it, so I’m going
.         to try that out.

IDLER     Really... Do you think I could tag along?

(ADULT waves IDLER to follow her to CLERK.)

ADULT     Hi, I have a few questions.  I still
.         haven’t found Mr. Right.

CLERK     You need to first ask yourself - are you
.         Mrs. Right?  And then, if you are a Christian,
.         you should only be dating other dedicated
.         Christians.

ADULT     Huh!  Okay, so once I’ve done that,
.         when and how will I meet him?

CLERK     You need to be praying about that,
.         and waiting for God to answer.
.         He knows the future and the best time
.         to make things happen.  Meanwhile,
.         be content with where you are right now.

ADULT     But I want more specific answers.
.         Couldn’t you just predict my future?

CLERK     You should NOT get involved with any sort
.         of fortune-telling or horoscopes.
.                                                          4
ADULT     But it’s SOMETIMES helpful.

CLERK     It is either generalizations, tricks, or
.         it can involve demon activity.
.         And the leader of demons is the father of lies.
.         Go to the God of truth.  God wants you to learn
.         to trust Him, and not worry about the future.
.         Enjoy the present and everything He wants
.         to offer you right now.

(ADULT walks away. IDLER studies the CLERK.)

IDLER    You sure know a lot. But do you know everything?

CLERK    Everything you need to know is right here.

IDLER    But some of your information could be
.        old fashioned and sometimes wrong.

CLERK    Everything is up-to-date, logical and practical.
.        The advice is from God and is always right
.        and perfect.

IDLER    So you say!

CLERK    God tells us to test the advice for ourselves.
.        But more important than the words to give direction,
.        are the words to find purpose in life.

IDLER    Direction AND purpose?!  Have I got a lot
.        of questions for you, then.

CLERK    Well, let's go to your house so you can ask away.

(CLERK and IDLER walk off.)