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IMMANUEL THE BRIDEGROOM – written by Tanis Harms
TOPIC:        eschatology
SCRIPTURE:    Matt.1:18-25, 25:1-13, 1 Thess.4:13-5:11,
.             Rev.19:7-9, 21:1-8
Style:        allegory/mime to music: the Bridegroom’s
.             story and the events of a Jewish wedding
.             ceremony
Cast:         Jesus, Bride, 5 church people,
.             5 wise people, 5 unwise people
Music needed: “Immanuel” words & music by Stuart Townend,
.                ©1999 Kingsway’s Thankyou Music
.               (must purchase music:
go to their site)
.             - Band plays and sings while actors mime.
.             - I have changed some of the words to
.               verse one, dropped the second verse,
.               added an extra verse and 2 choruses
.               in order to carry out the full story
Props:        white robe, simple brides dress,
.             plastic cup, 15 Bibles
.             10 lanterns (battery operated is best),
Slides:       subtle slides or lights of:
.             – bright Bethlehem star
.             – dark green background
.             – Jesus on the cross, red background
.             – tomb, red background
.             – tomb with stone rolled away,
.                 bright yellow
.             – yellow background
.             – black background
.             – sky blue background
Set:          STAGE RIGHT (SR) represents the earth
.             - this area should have a wall behind it
.               where you can have the lights and slides
.               changing throughout
.             – along the back of the wall, have a ridge
.               where Jesus can lie down and not be seen,
.               this can be made by draping black/brown
.               material over some boxes
.             CENTER STAGE (C) represents “passageway”
.               as well as the separation
.             – hopefully there is a door there
.             - have a screen big enough to block exit,
.               or big enough for 6 people to hide behind
.               if there is not an exit
.             STAGE LEFT (SL) represents heaven
.             – constant bright white-yellow background

POSITIONS AT THE VERY START:                            2
.             – Jesus is at stage left (SL) side exit
.             – Bride is at center exit, or behind screen
.             – all people at stage right (SR) side exit
.             – Bibles & lanterns are behind the ridge



(verse 1 - rewritten)
From the glory of His       JESUS enters at SL side.
. throne in heaven
Sent down to earth          JESUS walks behind screen.
. through a virgin birth    Show star slide at SR.
King of heaven now the      JESUS steps out to SR.
. Friend of sinners
Humble servant meant to     15 people enter SR from side.
. share our dearth          Show dark green slide at SR.

(chorus 2)
"Yes, He...                 JESUS walks toward people,
. and He.
..                 then joins people. They all
Joys and.
..                 walk in a small circle.
. I know.
..                 People all stop.  JESUS
Yet His
...                  walks slightly ahead -
. give me.
..                further C – turns, then
I will.
.."                  holds his arms out.
.                           5 church people & one unwise
.                           rush over to him.
(verse 3)
"Through the...             The one unwise evilly kisses
. a friend’s.
..             Jesus’s ear, leads Jesus to
He was.
..                   back of SR. People all gather
. a cruel.
..                around tightly so can’t see
He was.
..                   Jesus hide behind the ridge.
. world’s.
..                Show slide of cross.
He was.
..                   People all face forward, so
. save the.
.."              their backs are to Jesus.
.                           People either sad or ashamed.
(chorus 3)
"He fights...               Show slide of tomb.
. - He fights.
..            People slowly walk forward,
Loosing sinners.
..          like they are in chains.
. claims.
..                 Jesus puts Bibles in sight.
And with.
..                 Show slide of open tomb.
. our souls.
..              Show yellow background.
..                    Jesus stands with arms up.
. by Immanuel.

(verse 4)
"Now He’s...                Church people run to Jesus.
. the place.
..              Jesus disappears behind
Crowned with.
..             screen, and enters SL.
. the highest.
..              Church people find & lovingly
. His own.
..                take a Bible, then turn
Till His.
..                 forward.
. to bring.

(chorus 4)
"Then the...                Jesus beckons with open arms
. as the.
..                 toward people.  Church people
Hope of.
..                  rush behind screen & exit.
. the fear.
..               Show black background SR.
But the.
..                  Bride rushes out to Jesus.
. her.
..                    Smiling, Jesus puts
..                   drinking glass onto the
. to Immanuel!
"             floor, then steps on it.
.                           Jesus puts an arm around
.                           bride, giving her a tender
.                           sideways hug.
(verse 5 – I wrote)
Seven years are spent       Jesus and bride go
. in ceremony               into a prayerful stance.
While invited guests        SR, people get lanterns.
. will make their choice    Wise find & take Bibles.
Despite darkness there      Unwise look at Bibles,
. are those unready         but quickly turn away.
But the wise ones listen    5 wise turn on their
. for His voice             lanterns, then look up as if
.                           listening (don’t over do).
(chorus 5 - I wrote)
At the given time           Show sky blue background SR.
. when the signs are done   Jesus and bride enter
His Second Coming           together.  Jesus puts out
. is announced to all       a hand symbolically pushing
This the wedding feast      unwise out to SR exit.
. for a thousand years      Jesus leads the way,
Giving glory to Immanuel!   wise follow behind.

(chorus 6 – I wrote)        Show yellow background SR.
Having made our choice,     Jesus keeps leading the way
. at the present time       behind the screen and out
Brings about our hope,      into SL side with the wise
. n’security,               people following.  They exit
Then our best reward,       SL’s side.
.   all eternity
Giving glory to Immanuel!
Giving glory to Immanuel!