.           all rights belong to Tanis Harms –
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TOPIC:        gift of Christmas
SCRIPTURE:    Eph.2:8; James 1:17
Style:        satire/conversation: delivered in
.             a Dr. Seuss poem-style
.       NOTE: you can really have fun with this and
.             go all-out Jim Carrey and/or Dr. Seuss
.             by exaggerating your actions and delivery
Set & Props:  Christmas tree, decorations, old sofa/chair


(TEENS enter to decorate as NARRATOR stands
to the side and speaks.  MINDY is part of this group.  
GREG stands off to another side to watch skeptically.)

NARRATOR   In a youth group - just down the hall
.             and off to the right -
.          Down the stairs – then -
.             around a corner - and out of sight -
.          Was a room full of teens
.             decorating with passion
.          Trying to disguise their furniture
.             of rejected, outdated fashion.

(TEENS step back to admire the tree.  Appalled,
GREG shakes his head.)

NARRATOR   Not yet adults,
.             they did what they could,
.          Then proudly stepped back – and –
.             THERE they stood.
.          Until a young man named Greg –
.             rolled his eyes like a grouch!

GREG       THAT looks really sad!

NARRATOR   He said - as he sank into the salvaged couch.

(NARRATOR says that line RIGHT after GREG says his.
Also, as GREG flops into an old sofa, it would be funny
if the sofa had very little cushion support.
NARRATOR shakes head sadly.)
.                                                       2
NARRATOR   Most days, Greg the Grouch
.             was nasty and loud,
.          So a very quiet girl
.             stepped out from the crowd.
.          Other teenagers liked to call her
.             Mindy Boo-Hoo,
.          But most certainly not THESE kids
.             for they were nice to all - old OR NEW.

(NARRATOR’S last 2 phrases are said in defense of the
group and realizes that they need to get back on topic.)

NARRATOR   Anyway!  (back into character of storytelling)
.          The timid, concerned girl
.             became bold and asked,

MINDY      What’s up with you?

GREG       What’s up with me?  I’ll give you a clue-

(GREG struggles to stand back up from the sofa.)

NARRATOR   Then GREG rose up with an angry-mad clatter!

GREG       Or straight up –
.             I’ll just tell you the matter!
.          (now standing and “preaching”)
.          I do not like Christmas!
.             I do not at all, Mindy!
.          I do not like Christmas
.             when it is still or when it is windy.
.          I do not like it I fear,
.             even if it IS only once a year.
.          I do not like it in a house,
.             I do not like it in a zoo,
.          I do not like Christmas, Mindy Boo-Hoo.

(ALL TEENS rock backwards on their heels in shock at GREG
calling the girl “Mindy BOO-HOO” – because it’s hurtful.)


MINDY      (bravely)  But what about the gift?

NARRATOR   Mindy asked with concern.

(GREG puts up a hand at her.)                           3

GREG       That is the worst part!

NARRATOR   Sneered Greg with a turn.

(GREG turns and paces, to “preach” again.)

GREG       Gifts can be lame,
.             like socks - or a tie!
.          Even the best electronic games
.             become passé or die.

MINDY      (sincerely)
.          I’m talking about Jesus who came to this earth
.          Came as a baby through a virgin birth
.          To die for our sins, and rise again
.          It’s a gift of salvation offered to all men

(GREG stops to think about this, then concedes.)

GREG       Eternal life cannot compare to any other gift,
.             that I know!

(TEENS gather around GREG, some with their arms around
his shoulders as they escort him off stage joyfully,
miming an ongoing conversation as NARRATOR continues.)

NARRATOR   Then the gift of love that was shared –
.             started to grow.
.          And this is a truth,
.             not just for one season,
.          People like Greg the Grouch
.             change with very good reason.
.          This hope and joy,
.             let it be heard in bells ringing.
.          Rejoicing hallelujahs
.             with everyone singing!
.          The celebration of Christmas
.             reminds everyone
.          of death and resurrection,
.             and all that Christ has done.