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HOPE – written by Tanis Harms

TOPIC:        where do we put our hope?
SCRIPTURE:    Eph.1:7-23, 2:12; Col.2:24-29;
.             1Tim.6:17-19; Titus 3:1-8;
.             Heb.6:9-20, 10:19-25, 11:1; 1Pet.1:3-21
Style:        soliloquies/conversation: people from
.             all walks of life explain their hopes,
.             which end in doubt – except for the last
.             person who explains their hope in Jesus
NOTE:         You don’t have to do them all,
.             or you can tweak the lines to fit better,
.             depending on who your audience is;
.             but definitely include the last one.
Cast:         CHILD 1-2, TEEN 1-5, ADULT 1-4


(PEOPLE enter, forming a line which builds throughout.
Each person, except for the last, begins enthusiastically
with a lot of hope which wanes and ends in doubt.)

CHILD 1       I made new friends today!  I just hope
.             they stay my b.f.f.s – like – forever,
.             even though I know they get very angry
.             when they don’t get their way.
.             Like, they have a different best friend
.             every year.  Like – every year!
.             But – they are the cool kids.

CHILD 2       My birthday’s next week.  And I just HOPE
.             that I get __________ (insert desire).
.             I mean, if I do, I’ll be the most
.             popular kid on the block.
.             And I’m going to be so happy.
.             Well, as long as it doesn’t break.
.             Or get lost...  Or stolen...
.             Or someone gets something better.

TEEN 1        I just HOPE I can lose more weight.
.             That SHOULD make me feel happier.
.             Because if I do, I’ll feel better
.             about myself, and I’ll have more friends.
.             Right? I’m pretty sure that’s how it works.
.                                                       2
TEEN 2        I hope Michael notices me at the party
.             tonight.  I would give anything
.             to have him as my boyfriend.
.             It would make my life so complete.  Well,
.             it would definitely get me out of the house
.             more.  I don’t care how much my friends
.             warn me about him.  He can’t be that bad.

TEEN 3        Yep.  I’ve decided.  Drinking’s not enough.
.             I’m going to try drugs next.  I just hope –
.             THAT will help ease the pain I’m feeling.
.             No worries then, right?  If I can’t fix
.             my problems, I may as well add to them.

TEEN 4        I just hope I can get my grades up.
.             I really want to go to UCLA.
.             If I can get there – the sky’s the limit.
.             That would be the answer to everything.
.             Although they say there’s a long
.             waiting list to get in...
.             Yeah, I have no idea what I’ll do
.             if all this doesn’t work out.

TEEN 5        Stealing what I want is easier
.             than working for the stuff.
.             All I hope is that I don’t get caught.
.             And HOPE that I can deal
.             with all the guilt I feel afterwards.

PERSON 1      I’ve got my degree!  Now all I can do
.             is HOPE to get that dream job
.             so I can earn millions - so I won’t have
.             to worry about anything.  And I’ll accept
.             nothing less than management level.
.             I’ve got really big debts to pay off.

PERSON 2      I got that promotion.  Hopefully
.             this now gets me to easy street.
.             With no other attachments or commitments,
.             I will be married to my job, because
.             someday – and it better be very soon –
.             I want to be CEO of this company.
.             All my energy will be climbing
.             that corporate ladder!  I just don’t want
.             to worry about my future.  So, as long as I
.             don’t get laid off, I should be just fine.
.                                                       3
PERSON 3      I’m getting married!  So exciting!
.             Marriage is going to solve everything.
.             I should never be lonely ever again.
.             I just hope we don’t drift apart.
.             I mean, they say about half of marriages
.             end in divorce.  But ours shouldn’t.
.             Probably.  Well, I just hope
.             I’m marrying the right guy.

PERSON 4      No matter what happens in my life,
.             because I have put all my HOPE
.             in Jesus Christ -
.             I have nothing to worry about –
.             I have nothing to fear.

(ALL suddenly look at PERSON 4.  As PERSON 4 exits,
ALL decide to follow after him/her curiously.)