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HONOR YOUR MOTHERS – written by Tanis Harms
TOPIC:        obey and honor parents
SCRIPTURE:    Ex.20:12, Deut.6:16, Matt.15:4, Eph.6:1-3
Style:        drama/conversation: children compare what
.             they are going to give their mothers for
.             Mother’s Day.  They decide that the best
.             gift is obedience because they love them.
Cast:         LORI, CHILDREN 1-9 (combine lines if you
.               have, less, split lines if you have more)
Set & Props:  


(CHILDREN gather on stage.  LORI walks on looking
very sad.))

C 1  Hey, here comes Lori.

C 2  Hi, Lori.  Why are you looking so sad?

L    It’s Mother’s Day, and I don’t have anything
.    to give her.

C 1  Well, I’ve been working on my gift for a long time.

C 2  Oh yeah?  What are you giving her?

C 1  It’s a fancy wind chime that has all the things
.    on it that she likes.

C 3  Huh?

C 1  She likes flowers, so there is a chime piece
.    that is shaped like a flower.  And she likes birds,
.    so one is shaped like a bird.  And she likes
.    butterflies-

C 3  Got it!

C 2  Sounds like a LOT of work.

L    Way too much work.  I don’t have time to make
.    something that fancy.

C 3  That’s why I made my mom a card.                   2

C 4  Mom’s always love that.

L    I’m actually not very good at making things.

C 4  Mom’s don’t really care.  To them, everything
.    is “just lovely” and “absolutely wonderful.”

C 3  Did you make your mom a card?

C 4  Yes.  And our school had a little store of things
.    that we could pick from.  There were some earrings
.    shaped like a cross, so I picked those.

C 3  Oh, she’ll like that.

L    I don’t even really know what my mom likes.

C 5  Dad took me out shopping.  We bought her
.    a gold necklace with a diamond.

C 6  Whoa!

L    Way too much money.  I don’t have that kind
.    of money.

C 6  That’s why I bought her something that didn’t
.    cost so much.  I had to use some of my allowance.

C 5  Oh yeah?  What is it?

C 6  It’s also a necklace, but with beads.

C 5  Nice!

C 7  Dad and I never DARE buy her any jewelry.
.    It never seems to “match.”

C 8  I hear that.  So what did you get her?

C 7  Flowers.

C 8  Flowers are always safe.

C 7  What did you get your mom?

C 8  I bought a card.                                   3

C 7  Cards are always safe.

C 9  And chocolates.

ALL  Oh, yeah, chocolates - gooooood.

C 9  And then if she’s watching her weight,
.    we get to eat them.

L    (looks at C 2)  You didn’t say what you were doing.

C 2  Oh, it’s easy.  I made her coupons.

C 3  Huh?

C 2  There is a coupon that says, “This coupon
.    is good for a hug – and it never expires.”
.    Another coupon says, “I will love you forever –
.    and it never expires.”  And the other one says,
.    “I will always try to obey – and that
.    never expires.”

ALL  Wow!

C 4  That gift sounds awesome.

C 5  My mom would love THAT gift.

C 6  It’s what they really want, anyway.

C 7  That’s the best gift EVER!

C 8  And it doesn’t cost anything.

C 9  And it’s not much work.

C 1  Well, except it is work.  You have to work
.    at obeying her – forever.

C 2  But I want to do that anyway.

C 3  Huh?

C 2  Well, I love my mom, and she wants the best for me.
.    Why wouldn’t I want to try to obey her?
.                                                       4
L    But – is it enough?

C 1  Oh, it’s a lot!  There are actually several
.    verses in the Bible about honoring your mom and dad.

C 4  Mother’s Day is just one day where we make sure
.    that we say “thank you” – because we probably
.    forget to do that on all the other days.

C 2  Exactly.  So by obeying your parents, you show
.    them honor.  And it really is like saying
.    “thank you” to them – every day.

B    Thanks.  I know what I’m going to give my mom, now!

(BOBBY walks off first. CHILDREN follow as C 1 comments.)

C 1  I’m going to add that gift along with the other one.

C 2  Me too.

ALL  (make agreeing comments)
.    Yeah, definitely.  So will I.  (etc.)