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HEALING OF THE LAME BEGGAR – written by Tanis Harms
TOPIC:        healing power of God
SCRIPTURE:    Acts 3:1-10
Style:        drama/conversation: a group of people
.             have witnessed the healing of Bachir,
.             the lame beggar, and tell another group
.             of people about it.
Cast:         BACHIR (beggar), PEOPLE 1-4, EXTRAS
.             (can divide lines if you have more actors)
NOTE:         This skit can be lengthened and
.             joined with “Ananias and Sapphira”


(BACHIR “skips” and dances out.  PEOPLE 1-2 and GROUP 1
follow.  PEOPLE 3-4 and GROUP 2 enter from other side.
Seeing BACHIR run and skip past them, they stop, amazed.)

P3  Say, wasn’t that Bachir?

P4  You mean the lame beggar that sat at the temple gate?

P1  It was!

P3  But – he was – walking –

P4  More like – running – or dancing –

P2  The Apostle Peter healed him.

P4  That can’t be.  Bachir has been lame since birth.

P2  We saw it happen.

P4  Impossible.

P1  You’re calling us liars?

P2  (to P1 & GROUP 1)  It will not help to argue.

P3  We don’t want to argue.  We just want to hear
.   the truth.

P1  Do you really?  You SAY you want to hear the truth-
.                                                       2
P2  (gives P1 a stern look, then turns back to GROUP 2)
.   Apostles Peter and John were on their way
.   to the temple to pray.  Bachir was there at the gate,
.   as usual, begging for money.

P4  People should just learn to ignore the beggars.

P2  Well, they didn’t.  Both Peter and John looked
.   right at Bachir, and said, “Look at us!”

P1  You should have seen Bachir’s reaction.  He quickly
.   looked at them with this surprised expression,
.   thinking he was going to get a bunch of money.

P4  They’re apostles!  Don’t you think they’re rich?

P2  Actually, they are not.  Everything they do is NOT
.   to get rich, it is to build up the kingdom of God.

P4  Yeah, right.

P2  Peter told him that they didn’t have silver or gold,
.   but – what were the exact words? – oh - “but what
.   I do have - I give you.”  Then Peter said,
.   “In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, walk.”

P1  Peter then took Bachir by the hand and helped him up.
.   Bachir’s feet and ankles were instantly healed.

P4  Let me guess, the first place Bachir wanted to go -
.   was that establishment down the street over there?
.   (points in the direction BACHIR went)

P2  No, Bachir followed Peter and John into the
.   temple courts, walking and jumping, and praising God.

P3  Amazing!

P4  I still don’t believe it.

P1  Well, you just saw Bachir – running and dancing.

P2  There were a few others just as surprised as you.

P4  Aaand this is supposed to convince me – how?

P3  Wait, so Peter and John now have some sort of –     3
.   supernatural powers?

P2  Do you not remember Jesus?  There were witnesses
.   when He was put to death, and after three days,
.   Jesus rose again.  He then ascended to heaven where
.   He sits at God’s right hand, and intercedes on our
.   behalf.  So now, by faith in the name of Jesus,
.   Bachir has been completely healed.  But, aside from
.   his physical healing, it’s the spiritual healing
.   from God that is most profound.

P1  Exactly, the power doesn’t come from Peter or John –
.   it is God’s almighty power.

P4  (sourly)  But you HAD to go mention Jesus in this
.   entire explanation.

P2  Of course.  The things that God foretold through
.   all the prophets – God has fulfilled through Jesus.

P3  (thinking)  The Messiah who would - suffer...
.   THAT was Jesus.

P4  (to P3)  You’re not also falling for this, are you?

P3  I’m not falling for anything.  Not only does it
.   make sense.  It is - very clear.  You’re the one
.   falling for lies.  (to P2)  Tell me more!
.   What else did they say?

P2  That you need to repent, and turn to God,
.   so that your sins may be wiped out, that times
.   of refreshing may come from the Lord.

P4  (to P3)  Please don’t fall for this.  Look, they are
.   even involving the GENTILES in all this nonsense.

P2  Don’t you remember the scriptures from the prophets?
.   God said to our father, Abraham, “Through your
.   offspring, ALL peoples on earth will be blessed.”

P3  (to P2)  You must take me to these apostles.
.   (to P4)  I don’t know about you, but I certainly
.   want to hear more.

(P4 stays behind while the rest follow P1 & 2 out.)