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GREAT COMMISSION – written by Tanis Harms
TOPIC:        spreading the gospel
SCRIPTURE:    Matt.28:19-20; Mk.16:15; Lk.24:46-47;
.             Acts 13:4-5, 15:36
Style:        allegory/mime:  people pass the word
.             along a line by shaking hands,
.             representing the gospel, but there
.             is resistance along the way
Cast:         PEOPLE 1-7 (PERSON 1 represents Jesus,
.                could wear white robe, be tallest one)
Set & Props:  clipboard & pen (or homework),
.             storybook,
.             face-powder,
.             cellphone (also does not have to be real)
NOTE:         if you mime having these props,
.             you can make the work/homework a laptop


PEOPLE 2-7 enter with purpose and stand firm in spots.
Have PERSON 1 standing off stage behind curtain/door.
Diagram can be reversed.

.  P1 /  P2 P3 P4 P5 P6                        P7  \  .

Do not rush through the motions.
Make all motions very deliberate throughout skit...

PERSON 2 is sad and lonely.

PERSON 3 is busy working on work/homework or “laptop”.

PERSON 4 is absorbed in reading a storybook.

PERSON 5 is vainly powdering her face.

PERSON 6 is miming gossiping on a cellphone.

PERSON 7 is very afraid and suspicious.

Wait a couple of seconds to establish characters before
PERSON 1 puts arm out to PERSON 2 to take/shake.
PERSON 1 would have their palm up, which makes it
more gently and inviting.
.                                                      2
PERSON 2 has been looking sad, so when they see
the extended hand, they melt slightly.  
With a smile of hope and joy, take a step toward the hand
and gratefully shakes it.  They can even hug the hand,
then step back, smiling.  PERSON 1 now exits.

PERSON 2 looks around, still smiling.
Seeing PERSON 3 absorbed and frantic in their work,
PERSON 2 holds out their hand to shake,
waiting patiently with a subtly coaxing smile.
Finally PERSON 3 looks up and sees the hand.
PERSON 3 reaches out and shakes it firmly.
Sincerely appreciative, but still business-like.

PERSON 2 now stands very still, blowing head in prayer.

PERSON 3 puts their work away and turns to PERSON 4
with outstretched hand.  PERSON 4 is still reading.
PERSON 4 gets tired and bored and yawns.
As they finish yawning they notice PERSON 3’s hand.
Looking at PERSON 3, PERSON 3 nods reassuringly.
PERSON 4 puts thoughtful hand to their chin,
then decides to shake PERSON 3’s hand, nodding back.

PERSON 3 now stands very still, blowing head in prayer.

PERSON 4 closes their book and turns to
PERSON 5 who still primps and preens in a little mirror.
Unsure, PERSON 4 sticks their hand out.
PERSON 5 gives a brief snobby glance toward PERSON 4,
then goes back to primping and preening.
PERSON 4 quickly pulls hand back, unsure.
Thinking and praying, PERSON 4 nods with resolution
to hold out their hand again.  PERSON 5 stops preening
and studies PERSON 4’s hand, first with disgust,
but then with a pout.  Putting away the makeup mirror,
PERSON 5 shakes the hand with many quick shakes,
now very appreciative and eager.

PERSON 4 now stands very still, blowing head in prayer.

PERSON 5 turns eagerly to PERSON 6 who still mimes
gossiping on a cellphone, but they are getting angry now.
PERSON 5 holds out hand, completely ignored.
PERSON 5 taps their shoulder.  Without looking,
PERSON 6 puts out a “talk-to-the-hand” gesture.
.                                                      3
PERSON 5 looks insulted, then turns back to PERSON 4,
who is praying.  Tapping PERSON 4 on the shoulder,
PERSON 5 spreads out their hands in question.
PERSON 4 motions that they should calm down and pray.
PERSON 5 quickly folds hands in a very brief prayer,
then turns to tap PERSON 6’s shoulder again.
PERSON 6 continues to totally ignore this, but becomes
very angry in their conversation on the cellphone.
Finally hanging up, PERSON 6 folds arms angrily.
PERSON 5 taps their shoulder again.
PERSON 6 shifts and turns body away from PERSON 5.
PERSON 5 taps their shoulder again.

PERSON 4 gently taps PERSON 5’s shoulder,
motioning that they should go into prayer.
As PEOPLE 4-5 pray, PERSON 6 begins to take notice.
PERSON 4 sees this and nudges PERSON 5.
PERSON 5 puts hand out to PERSON 6.
PERSON 6 turns away again, this time not as angry.
PERSON 4-5 go back to praying.  PERSON 6 looks again.
Now both PEOPLE 4-5 slowly put their hands out.
PEOPLE 2-3 also notice and are inspired
to move closer with hands extended.
PERSON 6 turns away, stamping their foot stubbornly.
PEOPLE 2-5 patiently stay there with hands out.
Finally PERSON 6, still not looking, reaches back
to shake someone’s hand.  But looking up,

PERSON 6 quickly turns to PEOPLE 2-5 and points at
PERSON 7.  Seeing that everyone is looking,
PERSON 7 quickly moves away, or exits behind curtain.
Seeing this, PEOPLE 2-6 all pray together.
PERSON 6 poignantly puts a hand to their chest.
PEOPLE 2-6 all nod and go back to praying,
while PEOPLE 2-5 place hands on PERSON 6.

PERSON 7 has come back out again, still afraid.

PEOPLE 2-6 finish praying.  PERSON 6 nods and
looks at PERSON 7, who runs off the stage again.
PERSON 6 slowly walks in that direction, and exits.
PEOPLE 2-5 look at each other with a solemn nod,
and all exit in that direction.