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TOPIC:        Biblical view on government, our part is
.             to help the oppressed
SCRIPTURE:    Ex.22:22, Ps.10:18, Is.1:17, Jer.7:5-7,
.             Acts20:35, Gal.3:26-29, Col.3:8-14,
.             Esther 3:1-15
Style:        drama/conversation:  Queen Esther
.             gets a note from her cousin Mordecai
.             about the edict to kill all Israelites.
.             Esther and Hegai discuss this situation
.             and what must be done.
Cast:         ESTHER, HEGAI
Set & Props:  piece of paper, bundle of clothes


(ESTHER wrings her hands and paces the floor, when
HEGAI enters with piece of paper and bundle of clothes.)

HEGAI       (bowing)  Queen Esther.

ESTHER      How is Mordecai?  He did not accept
.           the clothes?  Is he still carrying on?

HEGAI       He is- definitely drawing attention
.           to himself.

ESTHER      But, does he protest against the government?

HEGAI       No, he is not out there protesting.
.           He is simply- challenging all Israelites
.           to repent, and appeal in faith to your
.           Lord God Most High- for deliverance...
.           Oh, and he gave me this note for you to read-
.           immediately.

(ESTHER takes the note to read questioningly.)

HEGAI       Mordecai said it was most urgent.

(ESTHER nods and reads the note, then looks up
with great concern.)

HEGAI       What is it?
.                                                       2
(ESTHER is unsure how to answer.)

HEGAI       I am your humble servant.  You know that
.           you can trust and confide in me.
.           I- I know - that you are an Israelite.
.           And that Mordecai is your cousin.

ESTHER      (affectionately)  He became my guardian
.           after both my parents passed away.

HEGAI       It is about the edict to kill and destroy
.           all Israelites?

ESTHER      It is.  But, what can I do?

(ESTHER gives HEGAI the note to read for himself.)

HEGAI       (matter-of-factly)  You are the queen.
.           Mordecai ORDERS you to see the king,
.           to implore his favor, and -
.           to plead with him for your people.

ESTHER      But... queen or not, he understands
.           that for any man or woman who goes
.           to see the king, who is not summoned,
.           will be put to death-

HEGAI       Unless – the king holds out to him
.           the golden scepter so that he may live.

ESTHER      And I have not been summoned by the king
.           for thirty days now.  I feel that the king
.           will be annoyed - and have me killed.

HEGAI       Even though you are in the king’s palace,
.           this will not protect you from being killed
.           along with all the other Israelites.
.           Either way, you will die.  The king will
.           never go against any of his edicts.

ESTHER      Why would the king even make this edict?

HEGAI       The king gave Haman his signet ring-
.           It is Haman’s edict of genocide!
.           Sealed with the signet ring – it is the same
.           as if the king himself made the edict.
.                                                       3
ESTHER      Then it cannot be undone.

HEGAI       Perhaps something else may be done.

ESTHER      What else CAN be done?  It is hopeless.

HEGAI       You say that your God is most powerful.

ESTHER      Yes.  (sadly realizing)  Why is it
.           that I lack the faith and courage?

HEGAI       Your cousin mentioned that perhaps -
.           you became queen for this very reason -
.           to help save your people.

ESTHER      God puts people into places of power.

HEGAI       Would that not be you?

ESTHER      As my cousin Mordecai has been pleading -
.           we need to repent, and appeal in faith
.           to our Lord God Most High for deliverance.

HEGAI       You have found your strength and courage?

ESTHER      Only with God’s strength and courage!

(ESTHER suddenly speaks with sudden strength and

ESTHER      Please go back to Mordecai and tell him
.           to assemble all Israelites found in Susa,
.           to fast and pray three days for me.
.           We will also fast in the same way.  Yes?

HEGAI       I will do as you wish.

ESTHER      Also tell Mordecai, that after the three days
.           of fasting and prayer, then I will go see
.           the king, which is not according to the law;
.           and if I perish, I perish.

HEGAI       What exactly is your plan?

ESTHER      Faithful prayer!  For wisdom!
.           Courage - strength – as well as wisdom.
.                                                       4
HEGAI       So the answer to everything is faith?
.           And you suddenly just found this faith?

ESTHER      No, I had faith... but I had only been
.           thinking about my own strength.
.           In MY strength, there is nothing I can do.
.           Despite my faith, I am weak.
.           I confess my weakness.  

HEGAI       (confused)  You have now lost your faith?

ESTHER      No, it has only become stronger.
.           It only takes one to recognize and remember
.           that God is faithful and all-powerful.
.           I do not know how, but I do know – that God
.           WILL answer our prayers for deliverance!
.           As King David wrote in the scriptures –
.           “The Lord is King forever and ever;
.           Nations have perished from His land.
.           O Lord, You have heard the desire
.           of the humble;  You will strengthen
.           their heart, You will incline Your ear
.           to vindicate the orphan and the oppressed,
.           so that man who is of the earth
.           will no longer cause terror.”
.           THIS God that King David writes about-
.           who is loving and just -
.           will hear our prayer as well.

(As HEGAI bows and exits, ESTHER kneels to pray.)